Best Managed WordPress Hosting: Bigscoots Review

You may or may not have heard of Bigscoots as a hosting provider. In my opinion, Bigscoots is the best managed WordPress hosting in 2021.

Why Was I Looking To Refresh My Host?

Early on in 2021, bloggers were constantly talking about the upcoming Google update in May. Google was keen to give users on sites better experiences. So site speed and useability on mobile would be their focus.

My site speed was poor, even though my host had given me a dedicated server. When I asked for help, the communication was inferior, and often site fixes took over a week to come through. 

After a conversation with a fellow blogger, I realized I wasn't getting value for money – or site speed. She was appalled at how long my host would take to help me. 

So in March 2021, I took the leap to Bigscoots managed WordPress hosting, and I haven't regretted it.

Bigscoots Review: Why We Like Them

Free Site Migration

From the very beginning, it was impressive customer service. My blogger friend told me her site took ½ an hour to migrate. I wondered if that was even possible! 

But after registering that I wanted to migrate my domain, the process only took an hour. The main thing with my site was that Bigscoots had to do it slightly differently because I had no access to my own Cpanel at that point. 

An hour for the migration was still crazy – the best thing was that they were so communicative throughout the process.

Free Staging Site

I couldn't believe the speed difference between my old host and Bigscoots. But the Google update was looming, so I switched my theme to Astra. 

It was a theme, so many people were using it because it wasn't bloated with code. 

To do this without completely breaking my site, I asked Bigscoots to set me up a staging site. That way, I could see the new theme's effects on pages and content. 

Setting up the staging site was super fast too. It took about 5 minutes from writing the ticket!

Easy To Use Custom Cpanel

Everything on the user dashboard and CPanel is so easy to use. I also have access to my PHP files because now I am learning code with a course called WP Rockstar, I want to be able to customize my site more. 

The great thing about the managed side of this hosting is that if you screw up your site, they fix it in a matter of minutes for you.

Great Customer Support

This needs repeating – the customer support is incredible! You raise a ticket on the dashboard, and within minutes you are on a chat ticket with someone keen to help. This is the absolute best thing about Bigscoots apart from the speed. 

They save you so much time also. The other week I was trying to figure out how to link my Google Workspace to a new site, and they stepped in and helped within a couple of minutes. 

With previous hosts like Bluehost, or the host I had pre-March 2021, the response time wasn't as fast. This would lead me to spend hours trying to find the information online.

Great Performance

Hosting is a significant player in your site speed. I rarely get below 98/100 (desktop) on google speed insights now.

Check your site speed with Google Speed Insights today.

My sites so far haven't had any downtime, so I'm giving Bigscoots 100% for this! 

Between March 2020 and March 2021, my site was down for about two days. So this is a big win for me!

Managed WordPress Hosting Is Fantastic!

You get most of the benefits of your own private server without the massive price tag. Bigscoots offers what's called a Virtual Dedicated Server. It's fast and stores enough data for my three sites to function well. 

Oh yes – I migrated ALL my sites to Bigscoots because I was so pleased with them.

You Can Add on Extra Sites Cheaply.

The plans at BigScoots are based on the number of sites you want to host with them. This means that the lowest plan is only for one site. 

But what if you have two sites and don't need the next plan for ten sites?

They have an option where you can add additional domains to your hosting plan for just $9.95. 

So this is precisely what I did!

Bigscoots Review: What We Don't Like


It really is all I can criticize Bigscoots for. For a beginner blogger, managed WordPress hosting could look a bit pricey. It could be worth checking out their shared hosting options here.  

I'm so happy with the customer service and site speed I've gotten. My sites are now growing and receiving more traffic without downtime. 

Bigscoots managed WordPress hosting is for you if you know you need to scale your blog, but your hosting is not giving you the speed you need to:

  • Build traffic 
  • Keep visitors on your site for longer
  • Help you rank higher on Google

Should You Move Your Sites to Bigscoots?

If the price ticket is within your budget, then absolutely go for it! I now have the peace of mind of having a supportive host who is there 24/7 to help me if I need it. (I no longer feel like a small fish in a big pond). 

Their faster site speed load time is worth the money, especially with Google looking at site speed when ranking your site. 

In summary, although Bigscoots is not the cheapest managed WordPress hosting ever, the advantages of speed, customer service, and uptime justify the cost entirely. For me, it's the best investment I made in 2021 for my business.

Find out how Bigscoots could help scale your site.