13 Best Mediavine Alternatives

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Mediavine is an example of a display advertising network. A display ad network is a program that enables you to manage ads distributed across all content segments, online publications, apps, and other platforms of engagement.

They are dedicated to advertisement management and optimization for a boost in income.

Mediavine is an example of a display advertising network used by bloggers. However, most bloggers are facing a major drawback with Mediavine because of some of their requirements, for example, Mediavine is the one that determines the number of ads you can display on your website or reach the requirement of 50,000 sessions in one month.

Most networks consider page views which are higher than sessions and easier to reach. A page view is how many times someone spends on content on a single page despite the many times they leave and a session is the number of times someone spends on the whole website.

This can be a hard target to reach with Mediavine, especially for new bloggers but fret no more. The following is a list of alternative display advertising networks that perform just as well with requirements reachable by all businesses, big and small.


13 Best Mediavine Alternatives




Previously, the minimum traffic threshold was 10,000 page views but currently, the threshold does not exist anymore.

Ezoic removed this threshold to allow anyone to join and let their customers exercise freedom and transparency while avoiding the industry's long-held policies.

If your website receives less than 10,000 pageviews in a month, however, you join Ezoic through the Access Now Program so they can undergo the training in Ezoic technology. Anyone with more joins through the standard Ezoic program.

Either way, anyone can join this network despite the number of page views they have.

The other requirement is that your website has to be compliant with Google's publisher policies, Google's Adsense policies, and support all Google's supported publisher languages since Ezoic is a certified Google publishing partner.

The content on your site must be informational and rich in entertainment, knowledge, problem-solving, and education.



  • No further or many requirements to join Ezoic
  • Great customer support and service.
  • Despite having a complex setup, it is completely free.
  • You are not bound by a contract in joining Ezoic.
  • They provide high earnings off ads.
  • Allows you to use different methods of payment.
  • The majority of the traffic on your website does not have to be from the USA.



  • You have to wait at least 30 days to start seeing results.
  • The setup is a bit complex and the interface can be confusing.


2. Newor Media

newor media


Users or publishers must have a traffic requirement of 30,000 per month.

Your site has to be Google AdSense compliant.

Your site should not have borderline content such as drugs, guns, sex, or gambling.



  • Their ad catalog is very extensive e.g display ads, native, web ads, sticky ads, video ads, rich media ads, vignettes, and interstitials.
  • They have a full management service of ads.
  • They use header bidding to maximize revenue such that the more companies bid on the ad space on your blog, the higher your revenue.
  • They only take 2 to 4 days to analyze applications.
  • There is no contract required apart from the agreement you sign which has a 24-hour out clause.



  • Customer support is always busy taking a while in responding to your questions.
  • On one page, Newor Media cannot offer more than 6 ads


3. PropellerAds

propeller ads



PropellerAds has no minimum traffic requirements.

Your site should be full of content, not just links and advertisements.

All your blogs should be fully functional at the moment of application with no “under construction” signs.

It does not permit blogs with adult, cultural, political, racial, extreme violence, hate-mongering, or disagreeable content.



  • No traffic or page views requirements making it the best option for small businesses.
  • They have a lot of targeting options and real-time performance measurements which in turn improve your campaigns.
  • There is automated ad optimization which gives accurate and the best conversions as compared to doing it manually.
  • PropellerAds has an online publisher community to help users share ideas.



  • Sites that do not use English tend to get lower revenues as compared to those that do.


4. AdThrive



Your website needs to have at least 100,000 page views each month on Google analytics.

The majority of the traffic on your website should be from the USA. On the analytics, click on the countries and you should see the USA as position one for you to join AdThrive.

Your content must be highly engaging and have an aspect of uniqueness. The long-form kind is highly recommended and acceptable by advertisers.

You need to be accepted by the Ad partners and have zero penalties and infringements with your previous ad providers especially Google AdSense before joining AdThrive.

Your site needs to be secured using HTTPS.



  • Customer support is always ready to answer your questions.
  • They always pay on time and have always been consistent.
  • The approval process is easy and fast.
  • The quality of advertisements by AdThrive is excellent.
  • Their analytics are easy to track, use and read.



  • There is no community help or community groups to join.
  • The traffic requirement is a bit high for most bloggers.



5. Monumetric




You require at least 10,000 page views to be considered which is easily attainable compared to the Mediavine traffic requirements. The traffic minimum requirements however depend on the program you wish to join i.e

  • Propel program – 10,000 to 80,000 page views per month.
  • Ascend program – 80,000 to 500,000 page views per month.
  • Stratos program – 500,000 to 10m page views per month.
  • Apollo program – 10m plus page views per month.

Your site needs to be accepted by the ad partners.

Your content needs to be original and deemed valuable by the consumers. The topic you talk about should neither be disrespectful nor offensive.

You need to have at least 6 ad slots on both your desktop and your mobile.

Hand over a one-time setup fee of $99 from your credit upfront or they will deduct it from your first earnings.

The sidebar of your blog should at least be 300 pixels wide for them to get space to place their highest-performing ads.

Your blog must be a blogger website or a WordPress website.



  • You can message, email, or call the customer service team at any time and they will serve you efficiently in any situation.
  • Their dashboard is quite easy to use, control, and understand.
  • Monumetric has a high ad revenue and you get paid for both the pay-per-view and pay-per-click revenue models.
  • They provide high-quality ads that will not slow your whole website down.
  • You have the freedom to choose what type of ads you want popping up on your website.



  • It can take up to three months to get approved on monomeric.
  • The commission generated from the referral programs lasts for only one year.
  • You have to pay $99 as an implementation fee which can sometimes reach new bloggers who just want to get started.


6. Media.net




The first thing you need to be considered for Media.net is to have a minimum traffic of 10,000 page views per month. They however accept bloggers with lower page views sometimes as long as it is a reasonable number.

The majority of your website's traffic must come from the USA, UK, and Canada.

Content on your website should be of high quality and original. Low quality will not attract any traffic so you will not be considered if you do not have premium content.

The content on your website should be written in English else your website will not even be considered.

Your website should have excessive advertisements.



  • Their ads are not annoyingly intrusive and they are of high quality so as not to slow down your website.
  • The ads adjust to the content on your website i.e if your page's content is about food, then the ads will adjust and be about food which in turn increases your views, reads, and clicks.
  • Setting up ads using media.net is easy.
  • You can easily manage 3 sites and run ads on all of them by using one media.net account.
  • You will have control over what kind of ads get displayed on your website, what color you want, and other ad display settings.
  • Their interface is user-friendly and especially easy to navigate through making it easier to manage ads and have fewer technical issues.



  • Revenue reports might take some time before they are displayed on the dashboard.
  • net only processes their payments in USD and most bloggers who are not from the US get stuck in the currency conversion steps.


7. Taboola



You need to have a traffic minimum of 1 million page views to be a part of the Taboola network.

Anyone who wishes to be a part of the Taboola experience has to at least be 18 years of age.

You have to be able to prove that you own and manage the website in question.

You need to own the content on your website with no copyrighted content.



  • Their statistics are generated in real-time making it easier for users to track their analytics and traffic.
  • The payments are also generated on time.
  • Taboola allows publishers to filter and block content they wish to.
  • The ad formats they use are quite diverse.
  • Their ads are of high quality.
  • The templates they provide are suitable for mobile monetization.
  • Taboola does not have any language restrictions for the content you publish on your site.



  • Taboola has only one method of payment: Payoneer.
  • Taboola does not have a free trial.
  • The only supported language is English.
  • The minimum traffic required is hard for small publishers hence not being able to be a part of the Taboola experience.


8. AdSterra



AdSterra changed its traffic requirements to none to allow small businesses to join.

Any site that is recognized to have faked traffic, cannot be allowed.

A website with adult, drug, or illegal content is immediately canceled.



  • They have a referral program that lets you earn 5% more.
  • AdSterra supports multiple languages.
  • AdSterra does not have any traffic limitations.



  • AdSterra has no web support channel.


9. SHE media




Your traffic should be geared towards a female audience since it is a media network that caters to female audiences so if your blog is female-oriented, then you are on the right path with SHE media.

Your site needs to have been online for ninety days or so.

Your site has to attract more than 20,000 visitors per month and allow people to comment on your posts.

The majority of your audience has to come from the USA.



  • Their payment threshold starts from $20 which caters to all kinds of site performances.
  • They charge no fees when becoming a part of them.
  • The maximum page views required are relatively low.
  • Their setup is really easy.



  • You are bound by a long lock-in contract of one year. A lock-in contract binds you to a certain period and needs a 30-day notice when you are leaving. As long as the period is over.
  • Your site visitors are only based on one demographic: females.
  • If you are rejected, you have to wait up to 6 months to reapply.


10. Infolinks

info links



Infolinks has no minimum traffic requirement. They welcome all kinds of publishers despite their site sizes.

You should have at least 5 to 6 blogs that are error-free and decent.

Your content should not be offensive, illegal, or negative.

Have a Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer on your site.



  • You can partner with other ad networks for better monetization.
  • Their approval period is not more than 48 hours.
  • There are no setup or hidden fees.
  • They have a wide range of fully customizable ad formats.
  • Their cost per click is relatively lower.



  • People find sticky ads intrusive when using a mobile.
  • They do not have the best ad quality.



 11. Pop Ads

pop ads


They have no minimum traffic requirements.

They accept all adult and non-adult sites and all kinds of niches.



  • With pop ads, you have a lot of control over the number and the type of ads you want to appear on your website.
  • Their ads are more unique since they are pop-up ads while the other networks use embedded ads.
  • They are very particular about where your traffic comes from.
  • You will not be charged any fee.
  • It caters to both desktop and mobile traffic.
  • Pop Ads has no lock-in contract.



  • Their reports are not as detailed as those of other networks.
  • Pop-up ads are not suitable for all blogs as much as they are preferred by readers.



12.Google AdSense

google adsense


A minimum of 15 to 20 articles have to be published on your website.

As usual, your site has to comply with the AdSense program policies which might change with time so you have to agree to keep up with the changes.

You should not have any copyrighted content or image published on your site.

Your content should be of high quality, and unique with original content to attract an audience. Google will decline your application immediately even with high traffic if they find stolen content, thin pages, scraped content, or content that does not provide any value to the reader.

Make sure you have uploaded an SSL certificate on your site.

Ensure you have created a Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About Us, and Contact Us page on your site.

You have to be 18 years and if you are under, you can sign up with a parent's or guardian's Google account. Payments will be made to their accounts too.

Your website has to be at least six months old.



  • Your ads will be created by Google to save you time as you use that time to optimize your designs.
  • You can place ads on more than one site from a single account making it easier to monetize all your businesses through ads.
  • It is completely free to set up.



  • You will only get your earnings generated when you reach at least $100.
  • You cannot use any other ad network apart from Google.


13. AdPushUp




It does not require any minimum traffic requirement. It does, however, expect your website to drive $1000 per month for you to be considered.

You must adhere to the terms and conditions that give clear guidelines on prohibited content.

The publisher must be 18 years of age to receive services from AdPushUp.



  • The visual editor allows you to test various layouts.
  • You are given full control over your website.
  • It allows header bidding to allow multiple partners to bid on the publisher inventory at the same time.



  • The ad revenue is $5000 per month.


Conclusion: Best Mediavine Alternatives

Out of these Mediavine alternatives, you still have to choose the right display ad network for your blog or content.

They provide targeting options so before anything else, consider your target audience and then define your traffic sources.

The best display ad network should be able to support your business strategy and be aware of what kind of traffic it provides and if it is the kind of traffic you want for your blog.

Mediavine has higher earnings than any other network which makes people want to be part of it.

The aforementioned Mediavine alternatives will provide just as much if not the same.