Best Normal Pokémon of All Time Ranked

By far, the most unassuming and forgettable typing in all of Pokémon is the Normal type. This particular typing often represents the most basic and weakest in the series, such as the rodents and animals throughout the series. However, some Normal Pokémon stand out among the many in existence.

The below best Normal Pokémon of all time top the typing list regarding their flexible movesets, impressive stats, memorable designs, and popularity. Only one Pokémon per evolutionary line made this list, given how many Normal Pokémon exist. 

1. Eevee

Eeveelutions Eevee Pokemon e1698127765584
Image Credit: Nintendo.

No other Pokémon represents Normal typing better than Eevee. It stays this typing but still teaches players the power of this type in its ability to evolve into eight different typings. This gives it so much potential alongside its existing status as the cutest Pokémon of all time.

2. Meowth

Meowth 052 Pokemon e1698127793139
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Meowth showed how amazing and far a Pokémon could go on popularity and writing alone. Though its three different versions feel nice, its cemented its spot near the top of this list with the iconic Meowth in the anime. His unique communication skills and heartbreaking origin story still feel fresh. 

3. Arceus

Arceus Pokemon e1698127830623
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Arceus feels hard to beat in this category as the god of all Pokémon. Its uncanny ability to switch to any typing helps it stand out as the most fluid and flexible Pokémon in existence, which the Normal type emphasizes. 

4. Ditto

Ditto 132 Pokemon e1698127860792
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Ditto has some use in battles with its ability to transform into an exact replica of another Pokémon. However, its true power comes from its breeding potential. Players have the chance to breed Ditto with almost every other non-legendary Pokémon and receive just what they want. This made it a must-have for shiny hunters since Gen 2.

5. Jigglypuff

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Anyone who watched the Pokémon anime series remembers the wild and hilarious Jigglypuff. Its inclusion in the series as this singing Pokémon with a bad temper mixes well with its unique Normal and Fairy typing. 

6. Hisuian Zorua

Hisuian Zoroark and Zorua
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The long-awaited Normal and Ghost typing happened in Gen 8 with the regional form of Zorua and Zoroark. Both excellent Pokémon feel even better than their already phenomenal original forms with this unmatched type combo and ridiculous potential. 

7. Silvally

Silvally Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Silvally, from the outside, seems like a failed copycat of Arceus, which feels somewhat appropriate. That said, it wears this failure well in its striking design of many parts of different Pokémon mashed together. Add in its competitive potential in its ability to use any other typing, and players have a powerful Pokémon. 

8. Meloetta

Meloetta Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Meloetta first introduced the Normal and Psychic type combo in Gen 5 as one of the most beautiful Mythical Pokémon ever made. The fascinating idol aesthetic works well, and it has valuable flexibility in its second form, which features the Normal and Fighting combo instead. 

9. Chansey

Chansey 113 Pokemon e1698127967551
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Chansey often greets players in the games as the healing Pokémon who assists Nurse Joy in Pokémon Centers. Besides this unique status and its goofy but cute design, Chansey also stands out for the level-grinding potential it offers players with its unbelievable amount of XP rewards.

10. Bloodmoon Ursaluna

Bloodmoon Ursaluna
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna arrived in Gen 9, making the already fantastic Hisuian version of this Pokémon even better. The Ground and Normal combo already feels strong, but its incredible stats let it deal tons of damage and take plenty of attacks at the same time. 

11. Snorlax

Snorlax 143 Pokemon e1698128023793
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Snorlax tormented some players in Gen 1 for blocking the road with its sleepy, gigantic body. Outside of its status as a puzzle problem in the games, Snorlax also has some of the strongest stats and movesets in the typing group. 

12. Smeargle

Smeargle Dog Pokemon e1698128052724
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Normal-type Pokémon often offer weird battle gimmicks, and Smeargle fits the bill well. It has only one move in Sketch, but this appears deceptive. Sketch lets Smeargle learn the last move it saw, such as Rest or Thunder. With this unmatched versatility, Smeargle shows up often in competitive battles. 

13. Maushold

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Maushold dominated much of the Gen 9 competitive scene for its bonkers, quirky mechanics. Players get not one, not two, but three or even four total Pokémon for the price of one. This family of mice battles together, and their signature move, Population Bomb, devastates opponents. 

14. Cyclizar

Untitled Project 3
Image Credit: Nintendo.

For those disappointed with Gen 7’s Drampa, the beloved Normal and Dragon-type combo received its better iteration with Cyclizar in Gen 9. The mix of a lizard with a motorcycle makes it quite odd, but an exceptional ally on the battlefield in the competitive scene. 

15. Miltank

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Many Gen 2 fans had a hard time with the second Gym in the game with the infamous Whitney Miltank. This cow Pokémon has powerful stats and moves it shouldn’t have, but it owns this aspect with an iconic place in the series. 

16. Wyrdeer

Untitled Project1 2
Image Credit: Nintendo.

For a long time, Stantler felt like one of the most underused Pokémon in the series until Gen 8 came around and gave it the Wyrdeer evolution. The Normal and Psychic type combo makes it quite powerful and welcome alongside its reindeer-like appearance. 

17. Obstagoon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Dark and Normal received its long-awaited Pokémon with Gen 8 and the release of the Galarian Zigzagoon line. The stand out of the group remains Obstagoon, the new third-stage in this line, with its classic black-and-white aesthetic and Kiss band inspiration. 

18. Pyroar

Pyroar Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Normal and Fire type combination feels odd, but it works well for the first lion Pokémon line in the series. The Gen 6 Pokémon makes up for its previous evolution’s lackluster appearance with a gorgeous mane for the male Pyroar and a flowing ponytail-like set of hair for females. 

19. Deerling

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Normal and Grass feels like a pretty lackluster type combination, but Deerling makes up for that in its unforgettable take on a fawn. It gets even better with the addition of its seasonal feature, which changes its appearance based on the time of year. 

20. Buneary

Image Credit: Nintendo.

One of Dawn’s partner Pokémon in the Gen 4 anime, Buneary, represents the bunny idea well. It and its evolution Lopunny also have a flexible moveset, which helps it rise above many of the other Normal Pokémon. 

21. Pidgeot

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The first major regional bird Pokémon fans discovered in the series, Pidgeot still remains the pinnacle of the bunch. Later, Pokémon copied its style and design without all of the flair and personality. Plus, it helped Ash Ketchum out quite a lot in the original anime. 

22. Audino

Image Credit: Nintendo.

For the most part, Audino feels like the Gen 5 copycat of Chansey. Even still, it features a better design than its healing pink Pokémon counterpart. That said, besides the improved appearance and its awesome Mega Evolution, Audino loses some points for lack of originality.

23. Bewear

Untitled Project2 2
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Bewear takes the idea of the adorable little Stufful and enhances it into a massive stuffed toy come to life. In the process, it has a penchant for vicious hugs, which provides it with the secondary Fighting type. Add in its iconic place in the Gen 7 anime, and it lands on this list. 

24. Wooloo

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Wooloo gave fans a much more understated sheep Pokémon than in previous generations. Its solid and fluffy design helps it look great, which only enhances with the shiny form. In its shiny versions, it embodies the idea of the “black sheep” in the Pokémon family. 

25. Minccino

Untitled Project M
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Cuteness stands out as the one feature of Normal-type Pokémon across the board. No Pokémon match the level of charming designs as these, and Minccino appears as one of the best. This adorable little chinchilla Pokémon shows how simplicity does well.