5 Best Oculus Headsets in 2022

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There is no second thought that Oculus VR headsets are known for advancing the virtual world for us

Today we will talk about the best oculus headsets that you can get your hands on in 2022. Also, if you need further information in terms of tech-related, make sure to check our previous articles as Best WMR Headsets To Buy or Best VR for Gaming.

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Best Oculus Headsets 2022:

Here is our list of the top-rated Oculus Headsets in 2022.

1)  Oculus Quest

Quest 1Why we love it:

  • Lack of wires or other complications in VR experience
  • Seamless tracking without external motion sensors
  • Easy to set up and easy to use

Starting our review for the best Oculus VR headset at number one we have the Oculus Quest, which is our pick for the overall prime oculus headset, even in 2022. It is the second independent VR headset released by Oculus and is still relevant according to modern-day standards. The prime reason why the Oculus Quest is leading the industry is its all-in-one headset, which means everything is already built into it.

Thus, there is no need for cables running around your house, which can diminish your immersion. Similarly, unlike some other VR headsets oculus, you won't need to face the hustle of adjusting the sensors for proper functionality. Another reason why it's different from other oculus headset types is that it has a built-in Gyroscope as well as an accelerometer that allows the controllers to always be accurate.

Now for all causal users out there, this might not be that important but for those who are into playing VR shooter titles, this feature is a game-changer. Although it uses a snapdragon 835 processor with only 4GB of ram, it's able to play any application or game very fluidly without disrupting the visuals. It is truly the best VR headset oculus quest.

This oculus VR headset also offers VR link support which technically turns this device into a VR headset oculus rift. So, as long as your PC has the minimum requirements, you can play all your favorite Rift VR games directly on the Quest. All you need to accomplish this is a USB Type C cable and you are good to go!

You can get the Oculus Quest on Amazon

On top of that, the built-in speakers and the headphones of this best VR headset oculus quest, work perfectly fine, especially for your multiplayer games. Furthermore, not only does it have higher resolutions than the VR headset Oculus Rift S but also it doesn't require a high-end compatible PC to run, which is always a plus for budget users.

2)  Oculus Quest 2

1 Untitled design 18Why we love it:

  • Extremely efficient Qualcomm® Snapdragon XR2
  • Intuitive touch controllers
  • Highly affordable in oculus headset types

Another upgrade from the previous Gen Oculus Quest is the Oculus Quest 2, which is known for its budget-friendly nature. It is also a newer model from Oculus with a couple of upgraded enhancements that the previous models lack, one of which is the resolution. It features a fast switch LCD panel with 1832×1920 pixels per eye. This perk makes it higher in pixel count than other VR headsets on oculus.

Similarly, it has a 72Hertz standard refresh rate that can be boosted up to 90Hz, unlike the VR headset Oculus Rift S. Additionally, the Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best oculus VR headsets in regards to connectivity. You don't require a powerful PC to run it. It effectively runs on the built-in integral hardware so that the users don't have to spend extra cash on potent specs.

On top of that, it boasts an inside-out tracking system, which is accurate for any kind of virtual activity. There are multiple cameras on the outside of each oculus VR headset that allows it to track the room around you as well as the controllers on your hands, leading to enhanced immersion. With the aid of pass-through technology, they can tailor your choice of which VR set to buy.

Ergonomically speaking, it's lightweight in design and exceptionally comfortable to wear. It uses a single Velcro strap on top and then added tightening or tension systems at the backend. Although it doesn't have the same head strap as the VR headset oculus go, you can buy this additional accessory at a decent price.

You can get the Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon

Besides the head strap, you can also purchase a battery pack to make this device last longer. Speaking of which, you will get between 2- and 3 hours battery life out of this device, which is great for an affordable model like this. All in all, no matter which VR headset to buy on Reddit or any other forum you check, you will find the Quest 2 among the top contenders. If you want further information then make sure to check our Oculus Quest 2 Review 【Cheapest VR Yet

3)  Oculus Rift S

Rift SWhy we love it:

  • Reduced screen door effect than other VR headsets on oculus
  • Insight tracking without external sensors
  • Cheapest pc VR headset

When we talk about the best VR headset to buy for PC, there is only one name that comes to mind and that is the Oculus Rift S. Its announcement was not a generational leap from the oculus rift virtual reality headset, however, it's a worthy upgrade.

The main selling point of the Oculus Rift S is its enhanced connectivity. It eliminates the external sensors and equips the industry-leading inside tracking system. It boasts five intuitive cameras that are located on the device itself. While the display system is gradually changed from the regular OLED to a single fast-switched LCD.

This also means there will be a single screen right Infront of you at a higher resolution unlike many VR sets to buy to date. (especially the oculus rift virtual reality headset)

This brand-new LCD screen and a higher resolution will add up to a prime performance in your virtual world. However, the major drawback here is that you can't adjust the respective lenses manually or physically. Additionally, you will get an 80Hz of refresh rate with Oculus Rift S, which is not exceptional but for the price tag, you can't complain much.

It's quite new to the Oculus line-up, however, when you search which VR headset to buy on Reddit, you will find its name. Similarly, there are no built-in speakers with the Rift S, which is a major downfall, however, they support a 3.5mm headphone jack so the general consumer won't face any issues.

In contrast to that, the headphone is quite adjustable and comfortable to wear. This is a significant improvement from the oculus rift virtual reality headset.

You can get the Oculus Rift S on Amazon

It is lightweight and won't disrupt your VR experience at all. It also incorporates a better headband to support your gaming needs. You will also get high-end touch controllers so that you can interact much more vividly with your surrounding world. In conclusion, it's the best VR headset to buy, an upgrade from the original Rift headset.

4)  Oculus Go

Oculus GoWhy we love it:

  • Crystal clear display
  • It supports potent Built-in audio
  • Highly portable in ergonomics

At number 4 spot on our review for which VR set to buy in 2022, we have the best all-in-one budget VR headset solution renowned as Oculus Go. Straight off, it's very pleasing to look at and use. It's a classic-looking gadget with nice muted grey color in the design.

There is no obnoxious logo or vivid styles all over it, which makes it a sleek unit. Its also equipped with Go remote which is the official controller for this device.

On top of that, it has an intuitive trackpad on the controller which is consistent and accurate with the trigger. Just like any best VR headset to buy in 2022, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you won't face any complications.

Also, one of the great things about it is that it has a proper audio device that fits right into it, which gives you the right spatial 3D audio experience.

Besides that, there is a micro USB port for charging this beast up. It weighs around 1.3 pounds which is quite ideal for any user. At the same time, this device maintains its stature so you won't feel it unevenly on your head. The Oculus Go is not only ideal in weight in size but also highly efficient when it comes to adjustability.

You won't have to regularly change the head straps at all, it will fit just right onto your head. When we think about which VR headset to buy on Reddit, we will probably think about names like the Rift S, however, the reality is far different from that. The Oculus Go archives dozens of positive reviews from multiple platforms, which speaks for its legitimacy itself.

You can get the Oculus Go on Amazon

For all those VR enthusiasts that are concerned about the visuals, they will be glad to know that it features a dedicated display. This means you don't need to put your phone each time in the VR headset to run it. Speaking of visuals, it has 2560×1440 across the one LCD panel each size, which operates from 60-70Hz depending on the app or game that your running.

5)  Oculus Rift

RiftWhy we love it:

  • Low-latency tracking system
  • Compatible with dozens of games
  • Ergonomically stable

When it comes to which VR set to buy or which oculus is best? There is no true answer. However, one contender which has really aged well for its top-class functionality is the Oculus Rift. It is equipped with two OLED displays, both integrating at a resolution of 1080×1200 in each eye, which gives you a total of 2160×1200 resolution.

This means you will get high-quality visuals; however, you will need some serious PC power to run it. The screen itself is bright and clear as you can expect from a top-of-the-line OLED display but you do get a bit of distortion from the lenses, so watch out for that.

Just like any other model on our list, it's extremely comfortable to wear and it even has a memory form at the front, to provide you the extra ease of mind. On top of that, it does include a separate set of built-in headphones which devices like the HTC Vive currently lack.

These earphones are also suited for prolonged gaming sessions, so if you're into VR gaming, you want to get them. Additionally, the movement of the motion controllers of Oculus Rift is very genuine. They are just really intuitive to use and the hands they generate in VR experience become a living extension of your body.

Similarly, you will get a magnetic holder with an oculus rift headset that is highly accessible during usage. Unfortunately, one of the major downsides of the Oculus Rift is its external sensors. You will get 2 of them in the packaging, which is frankly fine for a front-facing experience but for the apps and games which induce full 360 rotation, they won't be enough.

You can get the Oculus Rift on Amazon

All in all, whenever you ask yourself which oculus is best? Always remember that there is a gadget like Rift, which is easily one of the top Oculus headsets on the market. Speaking of which, you can check our previous reviews like 12 Best VR Headsets of 2022【For Gaming & Movies] for bonus information


So, these were our thoughts on the best VR headsets by Oculus to date. We tried to give you a brief outlook on what to expect on almost all of these headsets. If you still confused and ask which oculus is best? Well, the general answer is not easy to tailor as there are different factors in place.

Some of them like Oculus Quest is renowned for their tracking while others such as the Oculus Go benefit the user in terms of compatibility. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences as well as budget range, but no matter which Oculus you choose, you will be provided with a supreme VR experience that many competitors currently lack on the market.

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Q1, What are the best headphones for oculus rift S?

We all know that the Rift S doesn't include built-in speakers, which is a major downfall. To compensate for this, you will require third-party headphones for oculus rift s. If that's the case then the Sennheiser HD 25. It is the best headphones for oculus rift s, currently on sale.

Q2, Do I have an oculus ready laptop?

Most virtual reality headsets in general require powerful hardware to run. To know if your laptop or PC supports its functionality, make sure to check out the official Oculus Ready Program.

Q3, Are most oculus go reviews positive?

There is no doubt that a stand-alone Oculus headset is definitely worth the price tag. You can easily find dozens of positive VR headsets reviews for this product, including from one trusted platform such as Reddit.

Q4, What is the best VR system for the most advanced VR today?

Anything above the latest i7 with RTX 2060 will give you unprecedented performance on any advanced VR headset. So, make sure to opt for these configurations, if you have the budget.