10 Otps (One True Pairings) That Get Our Hearts Racing

Shipping is a part of fandom that has spanned decades. It is what makes us come back to these fictional characters that we love and what keeps us engaged in the properties. But it also comes with a problem at times: What happens if our OTP isn’t what everyone else wants? Sometimes, that doesn’t matter. We just flock to them anyway and that’s what makes each ship special. It’s unique to us and our friends and that’s okay!

So let’s talk about some of my favorite ships and why I love them so much. Some will be couples on the shows or in the movies I’m talking about and others are just dreams I foolishly hold on to and both are okay and it’s something we should all embrace.

Peter/MJ  (Spider-Man)

spider man mj
Courtesy of Sony

There is no comic love story quite like that of Peter Parker and MJ Watson. It has spanned decades and has remained a relationship that fans come back to time and time again within the world of Spider-Man. There is something so special about them and, for fans like myself, they have been a couple that I loved from the moment I knew who Peter Parker was. So when it comes to OTPs, they’re on nearly all of my lists.

It’s because they work incredibly well together. Despite Peter’s desire to constantly push MJ away, she keeps coming back to him because she loves him and knows that he’ll fight to protect her even if they’re not together so she would rather get to be with him too and it’s beautiful and fun to see explored on-screen and in the world of the comics. Made only that much better with Tom Holland and Zendaya’s portrayal of them in the Homecoming trilogy.

Sirius/Remus (Harry Potter)

sirius and remus
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Sure, we don’t talk about the Harry Potter series really anymore but if I could buy two characters and have them kiss it would be Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. The two friends of James Potter who came back into the life of Harry when Sirius escaped from Azkaban, the two have had a relationship that led to them understanding one another better than anyone else. And getting to see it actually explored in a Marauders series has been something I’ve been hoping for for years. Now, I just want to write it.

Sirius needed someone who understood him, who didn’t judge him for his family’s name. Remus needed help and someone who wouldn’t turn their back on him once they knew his secret and the two found each other. Fans clung to them and we all spent years wanting to see Sirius and Remus again and that, to me, is a staple of truly brilliant characters.

Rue/Jules (Euphoria)

rue and jules
Courtesy of HBO Max

Right now they might not be that together or in sync with each other but there is something about Rue and Jules on Euphoria that brings you in each week and keeps you hooked to what is happening in their lives. As it stands, Rue isn’t speaking to Jules because of her involvement in the intervention done by her mother. But it was done because Jules cares (despite what her actions may sometimes tell Rue).

The two are a mess at times while trying to sort out their own problems but using the other to try and cope but through it all, their love for one another is clear and even if Jules is cheating on Rue with Elliot, her heart is still set on Rue right now and hopefully, the two will begin to sort through their issues and their lies towards one another to come out healthier on the other side.

Jack/Kate (Lost)

jack and kate scaled
Courtesy of ABC

Back in the days when Lost was releasing weekly, there were two main ships for Kate Austen: Jate and Skate. Yes, I had “Jate is fate” written on notebooks and new that they were the endgame ship for me. And I stood with it until the end of the show because I was convinced that they were meant to be and it came from the mix-matched pairing that they were when you really looked at it.

Jack was a surgeon who struggled with the death of his father and a drinking problem who couldn’t really get his life in order while Kate was a woman on the run from the police who constantly had the world working against her. The two didn’t seem like two people who would go together, not when Sawyer and Kate seemed to be the same, and that’s why I think I liked Jack and Kate more. They balanced each other out.

Finn/Poe (Star Wars)

finn and poe
Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Star Wars was never going to make Finn and Poe Dameron canon but that did not stop me from hoping. The two met in Force Awakens when Poe is taken prisoner and he meets Finn, a stormtrooper who clearly wants out of this world. The two work together to escape from Kylo Ren’s ship and a love story was created. Mainly because of a jacket but you guys get it.

Finn wears Poe’s jacket, Poe meets him again and literally bites his lip about it, and thus a new OTP was born for many fans. They bicker like a married couple, constantly fighting while still caring about each other, and the two have a dynamic that all good OTPs do. If only we got to see them actually kiss each other in the sequel series. At least we’ll always have both John Boyega and Oscar Isaac fully embracing our love for it.

Ben/Leslie (Parks & Rec)

ben and leslie
Courtesy of NBC

If there is one love that I want, it’s the love between Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope. Parks and Recreation was a beautiful show that understood the beauty between everyday life and the magical aspects of romantic love that we all search for. Ben and Leslie started as enemies, she hated him because she thought he was trying to destroy everything she loved about her job and Pawnee. But as the two met and understood each other they started to fall in love and it was easily one of the greatest comedy love stories to see.

Maybe it’s because Ben Wyatt is a perfect man or because they are brilliantly matched but watching Ben and Leslie fall in love and be there for each other has inspired myself and so many others to find that kind of love for ourselves and if i had a quarter of what Ben and Leslie had, it’d be worth it.

The Doctor/Clara (Doctor Who)

doctor and clara
Courtesy of BBC

There is a strange aspect of Doctor Who that we can all agree on: The Doctor and his companions are often shipped together. Whether it actually happens on the show or not is a completely different story. But with the Doctor and Clara Oswald, the two have a relationship that does feel very much like something the Doctor clung to even after his regeneration.

The two cared about each other in a way that really worked on the show. When the eleventh doctor (Matt Smith) regenerates into the twelfth (Peter Capaldi), the “new” doctor tells Clara that he isn’t her boyfriend and he’s telling her that for himself more than her and it’s the most beautiful version of an OTP. I miss the two constantly because they just understood each other through two different regenerations because of Clara’s history with the Doctor and while I love many different pairings for the Doctor, there is just something about Clara that I like most of all.

Han/Leia (Star Wars

han and leia
Courtesy of Lucasfilm

“I’m nice men” may have been a messy response but it started a lof that never went away and that love of Han Solo and Leia Organa has stayed with me throughout most my life. Han Solo is a hermit who was thrown into this battle between the rebels and the Empire. He felt responsible for Luke Skywalker and it extended to Leia and he slowly wanted to be a better person for Leia and thus their relationship began and throughout the original series, we got to see the two flirt and grow in their affections for one another and it is one of the best examples of how long an OTP can stay with us.

Han and Leia weren’t perfect and they didn’t pretend to be. They were flawed and a mess and they made mistakes but they still came back together time and time again and it’s one of the best love stories out there.

Diana/Steve (Wonder Woman)

diana and steve
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

A relationship that has quite literally fought against death time and time again is Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. The two met when Diana discovered the world of men and when she lost him, they came together once more throughout the comics and in live-action through the Gods, a magic stone, and more. The two were, in the world of the comics and even in the Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and then the subsequent Wonder Woman 1984.

There is something timeless (literally) about Steve and Diana. The two have fought through being separated time and time again only to come back to each other. They care about one another and love the other enough to know that sometimes, it means they won’t be together all the time but that love and that respect for one another will always bring them back together. I could watch a million things about WonderTrev and it would never get old.

Harley/Ivy (Batman

harley and ivy
Courtesy of HBO Max

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have an interesting dynamic that works for both their characters in a beautiful way. With Harley, she’s so intelligent but had consistently picked the wrong person for her (IE. the Joker) and so when Ivy came along, it was a change of pace in the best way. Granted, they are both technically villains in the world of Gotham but the two work together to help balance their more chaotic urges out.

Ivy is a scientist and Harley is a doctor and the two paired together make for the smartest chaotic couple out there and in shows like Harley Quinn, we get to really see why fans love them both so much. I hope that sometime soon we get to see them in live-action together but, in the meantime, we can just continue to love them in the animated world and wait until Margot Robbie gets her dream.

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