Best Perks for Arya Stark – MultiVersus Guide

What are the best perks for Arya Stark? Here's your guide to mastering the ways of Lady Stark from Game of Thrones.

MultiVersus continues to invite a ton of new players into the rumble. Its amazing character roster includes iconic faces across universes. From Scooby Doo's Shaggy to Adventure Time's Jack the Dog, the platform fighter brings our favorite characters together for hectic brawls in various arenas. And one of those characters is Arya Stark who belongs to the Assassin class.

In this guide, we focus on the best perks to use while joining the battle as Arya Stark, the Lady of Winterfell.

Best Perks for Arya Stark

One of the best perks for Arya Stark is Betrayal. This solid Signature skill offers a chance hit a team member to make them enraged. The damage and the attack power increase when a character enters the enraged status, making them more dangerous for the enemy. Arya can teleport to her dagger to receive the same buff as well.

best signature perk for arya stark

Percussive Punch Power: This perk increases the damage of knockback attacks that launch enemies into the air horizontally. This perk favours the fast-paced aerial playstyle of Arya Stark. It is especially great for Assassin characters as it offers a 5% damage increase to knockback attacks.

Snowball Effect: Snowball Effect is a solid Universal Perk that is great for Arya and her iconic sword, the Needle. With this perk equipped, you and your team member deal %7 more damage to the opponent with the highest damage.

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings: This perk is not only great for Arya but it is also one of the best perks for Assassin characters. As these characters are keen on coming up with solid aerial attacks, Second Wind refreshes the special attacks made in the air after eliminating an enemy.

Universal and Signature Perks

Keep in mind that perks in MultiVersus come in two categories. There are Universal and Signature perks. Players can use the perks in the Universal category for every character in the game.

They offer more general boosts instead of favoring the distinctive abilities of each character. Signature Perks, on the other hand, are special to that character only. Lady Stark, for example, comes with two unique skills and those are Trophy and Betrayal. The former unlocks at Mastery Level 10 and allows the Stark warrior to steal the face of her opponent.

In order to activate Trophy, Arya needs to knock out her enemy first. Then she can obtain their enemy's face as she has done several times in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.


These are the best perks for Arya Stark. If you want a character that is especially great at fast-paced aerial combat, the fierce warrior of House Stark is a great choice. If you enjoy characters that depend on traps and tricks like Arya, give Harley Quinn a chance as she is also great when it comes to attacking from behind.

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