Best Perks for Finn – MultiVersus Guide

What are the best perks for Finn the Human? Here's your guide to mastering the ways of Ooo's mightiest hero in the arenas of MultiVersus.

MultiVersus has taken the world by storm since its launch on PC and consoles. With its amazing character roster of 19, the platform-fighter offers a chaotic rumble of iconic faces that we have seen in various fictional worlds. From DC Comics' Harley Quinn to Space Jam's LeBron James, the new title also gives the chance to take the role of Finn the Human from Adventure Time. Along with his loyal companion Jake the Dog, they have arrived on the MultiVersus to join the fight.

what are the best perks for finn

Finn is one of the best fighters MultiVersus. Especially when you make sure that you have the best perks for Finn in MultiVersus, you will send your opponents to the deadly borders of the arena. Here's what you need to know about this great character.

What are the best perks for Finn in MultiVersus?

Before we elaborate further, know that the best perks for Finn are Wildcat Brawler, Stronger Than Ever, and Slippery Customer. And for the Signature Perk, you need Going Out of Business.

Here's why you need to have these perks when playing as Finn.

Wildcat Brawler

Wildcat Brawler is one of the most useful perks in MultiVersus. It simply increases the melee damage of your team on the ground. It especially comes in handy when playing as Finn. Because the character's playstyle favors aerial combat and fast-paced attacks. When you are in the air fighting against your opponent, you need a damage-dealing team member that keeps the other fighter away on the ground.

the best perks for finn the human

On the other hand, Finn is a quite versatile hero that can also burst out solid damage on the ground. In short, Wildcat Brawler is one of the best perks for Finn and also a great Offensive Perk for other characters as well.

Stronger Than Ever

Stronger Than Ever is a Defense Perk that grants armor for 5 seconds after returning to the arena. This is a key perk for Finn as it offers enough time to get back to the battle after respawning and come up with solid combos. As one of the best ally perks in MultiVersus, it is simply a respawn shield that is quite effective in most fights.

Slippery Customer

We have Slippery Customer for the third perk. As another Defense Perk, Slippery Customer grants a 10% longer dodge invulnerability, allowing you to come up with great combos to send your enemies flying into the air.

What is the best Signature Perk for Finn?

Signature Perks are character-specific boosts or abilities. Unlike Universal Perks, they can only be used by one character. And for Finn, we strongly suggest using Going Out Of Business. That's because this great Signature Perk discounts all of the items in Finn's shop by a whopping amount.

best signature perk for finn

The items in the shop receive a 200 gold discount for 10 seconds when the team member rings out. And the discount lasts until death once Finn reaches 100 damage. We should also note that the perk unlocks at Mastery Level 8.

Adventure Time's righteous hero also has another Signature Perk that unlocks at Mastery Level 10. Called On the House!, this perk grants the player a free gem after landing a charged ground attack. When compared with Going Out Of Business, this Signature Perk remains a bit less effective in the battle. Though, feel free to experiment and find the best playstyle for you.

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