Best Perks for Shaggy – MultiVersus Guide

What are the best perks for Shaggy in MultiVersus? Here's your guide to the perks and abilities of the iconic character of Scooby Doo.

The smash-hit platform fighter of Warner Bros. invites players to a total cluster of constant punching and kicking. MultiVersus brings the most iconic faces across various fictional worlds into various stages. From Adventure Time‘s magical Jake the Dog to Scooby Doo's goofy guy Shaggy, the new title offers a ton of fun with its great character roster.

In this extensive guide, we have offered a list of suggestions for the best perks for Shaggy. Do have a look at the other section where we break down his best moves. Let's dive in and see what Shaggy offers in combat.

What are the best perks for Shaggy?

Before we proceed with the most effective perks to equip while playing as Shaggy, you need to know that the main perks come in two categories, Universal Perk and Signature Perk. Universal Perks can be used by every character in the game, whereas the latter is character-specific.

Best Signature Perk for Shaggy

When it comes to Shaggy's Signature Perk, we suggest One Last Zoinks as it boosts rage after receiving a stack of 100 damage. Though you can also go with Hangry Man as it allows you to eat your sandwich to charge the Rage bar in an instant. This is especially better for builds that are less aggressive and more defensive.

best perks for shaggy

Perk 1 – Lumpy Space Punch: This perk grants a 5% damage increase to you and your team member when making aerial attacks. We also have Make It Rain, Dog!

Perk 2 – Kryptonian Skin: The incoming damage of your opponents will be reduced by 4% for you and for your team member. This Universal Perk is one of the best perks not only for Shaggy but for all characters.

It is simply a 4% shield that is active at all times. With Krypton being the home planet of Superman, the Kryptonian Skin means that your skin is thicker, rendering you more resistant to enemy attacks.

Perk 3 – Last Stand: Last Stand offers a damage boost of 10% after receiving more than 100 points of damage. It is such an effective perk for last-hit moments, making it quite similar to a berserker perk. If you want a last-minute damage boost, you can't go better than Last Stand.

These are the best perks for Shaggy if you are looking for a more general build. For normal attacks of Scooby Doo's always-hungry companion, have a look at our MultiVersus guide below.

Shaggy Best Moves and Abilities

This hilarious guy from Scooby Doo comes with four moves that alternate in the air. He also has four special attacks and one passive attack, It's, Like, Off-The-Charts.

That's A Jab Man – Neutral + Attack: This chargeable punch is one of the best blows of Shaggy especially when it is wound up.

best shaggy moves

Ultra-Hungry Combo – Side + Attack: Shaggy bursts into a combo of one-two punches that ends with a great headbutt.

Like, Overhead Swing! – Up + Attack: Hence its name, this move makes Shaggy charge an overhead swing that does solid damage.

Power Stop – Down + Attack: Shaggy performs a solid stomp to break enemy armor.

shaggy moveset

Here are the best perks for Shaggy along with his best moves and abilities.

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