Best Perks for LeBron James – MultiVersus Guide

Here are the best perks for LeBron James in MultiVersus. Make you have these perks before you slam dunk your enemies on the arenas.

While the game has just landed on various platforms, it already started expanding its character roster. With the new character LeBron James, players now have the chance the take the role of the NBA star. He comes with amazing combos and has a great move set that can burst out solid damage. Alongside the King of the Court, we also have a guide for Jake the Dog from Adventure Time.

Here are the best perks for LeBron James and why you should use them.

What are the best perks for LeBron James?

If you want to master the star of Space Jam, you need to keep in mind that LeBron stands out with his ball combos. He is actually a quite versatile character like Shaggy thanks to his basketball-based combo starters.

But for those who do not get accustomed to its fast-paced playstyle, Space Jam's star will not be very effective on the battlefield. Before we delve into that, do have a look at the best perks for LeBron in MultiVersus. Keep in mind that different playstyles go with different perks. But for a more general build, these perks below are the best for the NBA all-star.

Signature Perk of LeBron James

Perks in MultiVersus come in two main categories, Signature Perks and Universal Perks. As you could understand, the former refers to character-specific perks whereas the latter can be used by every character in the roster of MultiVersus.

best lebron james perks

Signature Perk – Hot Hands: Hot Hands is the best Signature Perk for LeBron James as it allows the character to ignite all the damaged enemies in the area. Before that, LeBron should complete a pass to his ally and make sure that the ball is ignited.

Perk 1 – Make It Rain, Dog!: Our NBA star does a wonderful job when it comes to projectiles. As he throws balls all the time, you need to make sure that the speed of your projectile is fast enough to hit the opponents. That's exactly what Make It Rain, Dog! is the best perk for LeBron. It increases the projectile speed of you and your team member by 20%.

Perk 2 – Up, Up and A-Slay: The King of the Court has great attacks that do not only deal solid damage but also knock the opponents backward. That's why we need a perk that increases the damage of such moves. Up, Up and A-Slay increases the damage of these attacks made by you and your team member by 5%.

Perk 3 – Shirt Cannon Sniper: For the third perk, we have another damage booster that will increase the effect of projectiles. As we mentioned earlier, playing as LeBron James in MultiVersus means that you will throw a lot of balls. This great perk increases that ball damage by 7%. It is important to note that the damage increase is only valid for enemies that are far away.

LeBron James Tips and Tricks

These are the best perks for the master of the court. When it comes to his moves, make sure you always use L-Train which sends a shockwave to the opponent. It also serves as a great starter for further combos as it sends enemies into the air.

l-train move lebron james

Moreover, keep in mind that LeBron is great when it comes to aerial combat. As a strong bruiser, he reaches his best when it comes to attacking enemies in the air. Another helpful tip is that you should never stop throwing basketballs at the enemy.

best lebron james moves

Even when you are far away, make sure you are always sending projectiles. As we have equipped Shirt Cannon Sniper perk, LeBron's projectile attacks deal more damage.

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