Netflix’s Best Kept Secrets: The 10 Must-Watch Psychological Horror Movies

Are you in a spooky mood and searching for a good thriller that's not an entire slasher film? We got you covered. Recently someone asked, “What is the scariest movie you watched on Netflix. What is the most adult, legit frightening film?”

They continued, “Trying to have a good movie night, and we want to be terrified but worried I'll end up watching something cheesy. Preferably not gore, but more psychological and twisted.” The internet responded with these scariest movies and miniseries on Netflix.

Incantation (2022)

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For Either_Importance627 Incantation, “was a movie that legit made me believe I was getting a black magic spell put on me. You'll understand if you watch it.”

ElaineBenesKennedyJR added, “Definitely, the scariest I've watched in a long while.”

Another user noted, “I can't believe this is so far down. It's the scariest movie on Netflix right now!”

Creep (2014)

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“Many good ones have already been mentioned,” Bison90  wrote, “so I'll throw a wildcard out and say Creep and Creep 2. They are fun and had me sweating/uncomfortable in most of both films. The best part is their run times are 77 and 80 minutes, so back-to-back is pretty easy.”

Redditor Tinybrownsparrow added, “These were great. I was impressed with how well the movies created compelling suspense with surprisingly simple elements.”

Marianne (2019)

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Marianne is a French horror miniseries following a young novelist realizing that the characters she writes about in her horror novels are also in the real world.

The Old Ways (2020)

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The Old Ways is a folk horror film following a Mexican-American reporter returning to her hometown near Veracruz, Mexico, searching for a story on witchcraft. However, the locals and bruja (female practitioner of witchcraft) kidnaps her, believing her to be possessed by a demon.”

His House (2020)

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Anoelr1963 replied, “His House. A refugee couple makes a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan. However, they struggle to adjust to their new life in an English town with evil lurking beneath the surface. So good, great ending.”

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

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Pollo_de_mar answered, “Conjuring 2 was scary to me because it gave me the feeling that these events were real. So I could only watch about 20 minutes at a time and then step away and come back later.” Workthrow3 admitted, “The entire Conjuring series and the Annabelle series surprised me because they're super entertaining and scary.”

It Follows (2014)

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Innocent_not admitted, “A long time ago, I saw a movie named It Follows. Very creepy, indeed.” Mightbedylan agreed, “This is my favorite horror movie of all time. Excellent stuff, and it has a great soundtrack.”

Hush (2016)

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Power_Blonde answered, “Hush is more suspense than scary/horror. However, I enjoyed it because it's scarier. After all, a situation like that could happen. It was a great late-night watch in the dark one weekend for me.”

The Ritual (2017)

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KeriEatsSouls stated, “The Ritual was genuinely creepy at times.” EleanorRigorMortis agreed, “I haven't been that creeped out since The Blair Witch Project.”

Catwoman1948 replied, “Same here. The Ritual was very creepy, very original. And didn't wimp out on The Monster! The Blair Witch scare hits you after watching it, and you are terrified.”

Haunting of Hill House (2018)

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Lottalicious answered, “If you don't mind watching a series instead, The Haunting of Hill House is a phenomenal experience!” Hamptont2010 agreed, “It might be my single favorite piece of horror media ever produced. Of course, I also love The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020), but it's almost more of a love story with horror elements.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of the scariest movies and series to watch on Netflix right now.

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