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The Rock type in the Pokémon series feels like one of the oddest typings in the entire franchise. It has some of the most vital defensive qualities around. But on the other hand, it has some weak Pokémon in terms of movesets and designs. 

That said, these best Rock Pokémon of all time showcase the best parts of the typing. These Pokémon throughout all of the generations of the series represent the pinnacle of what this type has the potential to be in terms of power, moves, utility, visuals, secondary typing, popularity, and more. 

1. Hisuian Arcanine

Hisuian Arcanine
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The original Arcanine rocks but not on the level of its Hisuian form. The addition of the Rock typing alongside the existing Fire type makes for the proper version of this almost legendary creature. It has a glorious and mythological appearance, which only elevates its already powerful status. 

2. Tyranitar

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Tyranitar appeared in Gen 2 as one of the first Dark-type Pokémon ever created. Its stat feels so much better than it should, with fantastic options across the board. This results in one of the most influential Rock Pokémon in the series. 

3. Diancie

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Rock and Fairy sounds like one of the weirdest type combinations in the entire series, but Diancie somehow makes sense with its majestic Mythical Pokémon appearance. It improves with its Mega Evolution but stands tall even on its own in terms of stats and moves. 

4. Tyrantrum

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Tyrantrum and its first stage stand out as the only Dragon and Rock Pokémon in the entire series. It also captures the idea of a T-Rex Pokémon in the best possible way. It has a menacing vibe to it, which matches well with its great strength. 

5. Lycanroc

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Rockruff and its evolution, Lycanroc, stole the hearts of players worldwide when they came onto the scene in Gen 7. These rock Pokémon have three different possible forms for Lycanroc, each with their own lovable traits and set of fans. 

6. Aggron

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 3 pseudo-legendary Pokémon Aggron features the Rock and Steel type combo. This typing sounds fantastic for its defensive potential, and it nails it with only three weaknesses, plus a bunch of resistances. Better yet, it has a welcome Mega Evolution form, too. 

7. Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Paradox future form of Tyranitar almost reaches the heights of the original in terms of design and idea. The robotic version trades out the Dark typing for the Rock and Electric combo, which makes it quite impressive on the battlefield. 

8. Ogerpon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 9 legendary mascot Pokémon from the DLC expansion features an incredible gimmick in its masks, which changes its typing. The Rock-type mask looks a bit weird, but it provides a solid type combo alongside some of the best stats on this list. 

9. Glimmora

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Glimmora stands out with its unique status as the most beautiful and impressive Pokémon for the Rock type in terms of appearance. If players look past that, they’ll also find it has some fantastic utility in Gen 9, which helps it land well on this list. 

10. Nihilego

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The most significant flaw with the Gen 7 Ultra Beast Nihilego remains how it has the Rock typing. Poison makes sense, but Rock feels a bit weird. It makes up for this with impressive versatility, some awesome moves, great stats, and a terrific jellyfish design. 

11. Onix

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Onix debuted at the start of the series with the Gen 1 games. It became one of the most popular and annoying Pokémon overnight due to the first gym leader in the entire series using it as his ace Pokémon. Even beyond this iconic status, it handles most aspects well. 

12. Sudowoodo

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Sudowoodo makes for possibly the most bizarre Rock Pokémon in the entire series. It looks like it should be a Grass type or maybe even Bug or Ground type, but a Rock-type? This unique approach and the brilliant lore behind it sell it as one of the most memorable in this type group.

13. Rhydon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Rhydon and its pre-evolution Rhyhorn felt right when released in Gen 1. They didn’t need a new evolution in Gen 4, which makes Rhydon the best of the trio. It has solid stats, a significant move pool, and a classic design. 

14. Minior

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Minior fits into the unique category of a tiny and adorable little Rock Pokémon. The Gen 7 Pokémon looks like a meteorite from space but holds a fascinating secret in the core form, which offers many different color variants. It has one of the most colorful and surprising designs in the series. 

15. Drednaw

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Drednaw makes up for its horrible first-stage version with a solid evolution. It feels a bit incomplete, like it should have another evolution, but it makes up for that with some impressive versatility and a solid Gigantamax form. 

16. Terrakion

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Rock and Fighting sounds pretty solid as a combination, but it also means Terrakion has a whopping seven weaknesses in total. Even still, it becomes hard to deny the overall power and strength of this legendary Gen 5 Pokémon. 

17. Coalossal

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Fire and Rock type combo feels like an instant classic, making Coalossal one of the strongest in the entire series. If players ignore its horrible design, they’ll find one of the most reliable competitive Pokémon from Gen 8. 

18. Regirock

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Regirock gives the series one of the only Rock-type legendary Pokémon in existence. Yet, it lacks so much in the visual department. However, it makes up for that with some solid stats and a memorable way of first catching it in Gen 3. 

19. Kabutops

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Kabutops and its pre-evolution offered one of the first Rock and Water-type combinations, which feels appropriate for this fascinating fossil Pokémon from Gen 1. It outshines its counterpart in Omanyte by a long shot with its striking appearance. 

20. Geodude

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Geodude stands out as one of the most iconic Rock Pokémon in the franchise's history. Its stance as the annoying Pokémon players often run into with the first generation of games sets it apart. But it and its evolutions don’t have much else going for them. 

21. Carracosta

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This fossil Pokémon feels like one of the most underrated in the entire series. For one, it doesn’t look like a fossil Pokémon with its blue tortoise design. This solid design and the Water secondary typing make it a substantial addition to this group. 

22. Dwebble

Image Credit: Nintendo.

One of the odder parts about Rock Pokémon remains how they lack any cuteness, for the most part. Dwebble represents the one exception to this as the best of its evolutionary line and a surprising Pokémon in its simple and adorable look. 

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