15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games

Dreamcast Fighters

The SEGA Dreamcast was truly ahead of its time in terms of hardware, but it's also fondly remembered because of its fantastic library of quality games. And perhaps no genre was better represented on the console than fighters.

The best fighting games on the SEGA Dreamcast were both entries in beloved franchises as well as the beginning of entirely new ones. And despite the Dreamcast's relatively short lifespan, there were absolutely a ton of fighters released for the console. In fact, several of these entries are simply considered must-have Dreamcast games.

Please note that this list will only include one game from a given franchise, but we will add any relevant entries (i.e. prequels, sequels, etc.) too, so make sure to look out for the “Other Great Games In The Franchise” section under select titles.

The 15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games:

1. SoulCalibur

15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 17

Description: “This is a tale of souls and swords, transcending the world and all its history, told for all eternity… The greatest weapons-based fighter returns, this time on SEGA Dreamcast. SoulCalibur unleashes incredible graphics, fantastic fighters, and combos so amazing they'll make your head spin!”

What The Critics Say: “The number one reason to buy a Dreamcast.” – IGN

2. Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 18

Description: “Street Fighter Alpha 3… scores a triple K.O.! New world tour mode and other enhancements! The perfect version of the arcade blockbuster!”

What The Critics Say: “I played this so much about a month ago I got blisters. This game is blissful in every way… A quintessential, must-have fighting game.” – IGN

Other Great Games In The Franchise: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

3. Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 19

Description: “The world's most insane tag-team fantasy fighter is bigger than ever! An unprecedented 56 characters include the debut of Jill from Resident Evil, Servbots from Mega Man and Cable from Marvel Comics fame. Experience arcade-perfect fighting with 3 on 3 tag-team battles, unbelievable control, and hyper-fast animation. Pick a fight with legendary Capcom characters and Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe and prepare to be amazed.”

What The Critics Say: “With insane amounts of selectable characters and play options, what can possibly be done to top it?” – GamePro

Other Great Games In The Franchise: Marvel vs Capcom: Clash Of Super Heroes

4. Dead Or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 20

Description: “The world has become a very chaotic and disoriented place ever since the tragic murder of Fame Douglas, the sponsor of the legendary ‘Dead or Alive 1 World Combat Championship.' We must now rely on you to ensure that the world returns back to a state of peace.”

What The Critics Say: “Unlike many other games, Dead or Alive 2 stands out in the polish department. It's not enough that the in-game character models look better than the prerendered intro movie models from DOA, but they also look better than anything this side of SoulCalibur.” – GameSpot

5. Guilty Gear X

Guilty Gear X
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 21

Description: “It is the 22nd century. The world has just achieved peace after defeating a diabolical Gear (one of a breed of futuristic diabolical weapons) in a fighting tournament. Now comes word that another one of these mighty Gears has developed a will of its own. Even its own creators have been unable to destroy it. Now all of humankind has been called upon to stop this dangerous beast in its tracks. At stake is a huge reward…and the fate of the human race.”

What The Critics Say: “It's a graphically remarkable yet otherwise conventional 2D fighting game that plays well, sounds good, and offers a memorable lineup of cool characters.” – GameSpot (reviewed on PS2)

6. Virtua Fighter 3tb

Virtua Fighter 3tb
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 22

Description: “The legend continues. The fighting game that revolutionized the genre returns in its most powerful incarnation yet. Who will emerge victorious in the Third World Fighting Tournament?”

What The Critics Say: “… Virtua Fighter 3tb is a nearly perfect port of an excellent game whose ideas and innovations are no longer the trendsetters they once were. For Joe Blow on the street, SoulCalibur is still the better choice, but Virtua Fighter fans will find all they need neatly wrapped in this package. Highly recommended if you know what you're doing.” – GameSpot

7. Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 23

Description: “The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the premier mixed martial arts event in the world. There are no flying chairs or unrealistic moves. Spectators expect and demand to see true-to-life combat. Now, the ultimate fighting event comes to the Dreamcast as the most realistic fighting game ever created.”

What The Critics Say: “Easily the most realistic, and definitely one of the most fun, fighting games to ever come along.” – Daily Radar

8. Power Stone 2

Power Stone 2
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 24

Description: The world’s most revolutionary fighting game does it again! Power Stone 2 takes go-anywhere, grab-anything combat, and introduces awesome new innovations to the hit arcade fighting series. Now, up to four players wage insane battles in fully interactive, multi-level stages. Master over 120 different items used in battle – weapons, vehicle traps, power-ups and more! As if chaotic swashbuckling battles weren’t enough, combine forces with other players to battle monstrous bosses to win the game!”

What The Critics Say: “It’s in full-on four-player mode that Power Stone 2 attains genius status. As long as you’ve got three mates up to speed on the game, you literally won’t be able to put your joypads down.” – Games Radar

Other Great Games In The Franchise: Power Stone

9. Fatal Fury: Mark Of The Wolves

Fatal Fury: Mark Of The Wolves
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 25

Description: “10 years have passed since Terry Bogard won the King of Fighters Tournament. Since then, many warriors from around the world have been honing their skills, waiting for a chance to win the greatest title a fighter can earn. Now invitations have been sent to 12 new contenders from around the globe – signifying the end of their wait and the chance to take part in the toughest contest of martial arts known to man. Only one fighter walks away unscathed, the rest face certain destruction.”

What The Critics Say: “One of the best 2D fighters ever made… It’s got everything you could want: nice graphics, spot-on control, solid play mechanics, and it’s loads of fun to play. It’s nice to have a fighting game that requires some real strategy.” – Planet Dreamcast

10. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 26

Description: “Let's get ready to rumble. 16 fighters who are ready to get down and get it on. An arsenal of taunts and verbal assaults. In-game announcements by Michael Buffer. Low blows, lunging hooks, overhead punches and more. Hidden combo moves for crushing punishment. Rumble power unleashes extreme moves. Arcade, championship and training modes. Create and save your ideal boxer.”

What The Critics Say: “In the end, Ready 2 Rumble is a fantastic game in almost every sense of the word.” – GameSpot

Other Great Games In The Franchise: Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2

11. Project Justice

Project Justice
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 27

Description: “A group of long time friends now unite in the pursuit of honor and excellence. Setting all past rivalries aside, they band together to uncover the mystery behind an unusual series of events. Join over 20 playable characters, each with their own unique skills and custom attacks, as they compete in 3-on-3 battles in beautifully rendered 3-D worlds. Assemble your team and perform incredible fighting combos all for one united goal… Project Justice!”

What The Critics Say: “Delivers hilarious fighting action for those that never took high school too seriously.” – IGN

12. Capcom vs. SNK

Capcom vs. SNK
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 28

Description: “Two monster corporations at war. One solution. A massive martial arts event, Millennium Fight 2000, is organized to settle the score and eliminate all conflict between the two parties. Many of the world's most famous warriors have joined and the public is going mad with anticipation. Join over 25 brawlers from Capcom's legendary Street Fighter and SNK's world-renowned King of Fighters series' as they fight for universal domination. Capcom vs. SNK… the ultimate collision of strength and power.”

What The Critics Say: “Put simply, this is the best 2D beat-em-up that we've played on any format so if you're a fan of the genre and choose to veer away from stunning 3D fighters like SoulCalibur, this is the game for you.” – Games Radar

Other Great Games In The Franchise: Capcom vs SNK 2

13. Tech Romancer

Tech Romancer
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 29

Description: “Monstrous mechanoids battle in sprawling 3-D environments, dwarfing cities and obliterating buildings. Discover hidden power-ups to upgrade weapons, repair damage and enhance robot agility. Unlock and view the complete original Tech Romancer anime movie and play Sega Dreamcast VMU mini-games anytime, anywhere.”

What The Critics Say: “A game that carries the level of polish, playability, and fun that Tech Romancer does deserves to see a handful of sequels, each building on the mythos established here” – GameSpot

14. The Last Blade 2: Heart Of The Samurai

The Last Blade 2
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 30

Description: “More than a dozen Samurai blade masters are summoned to compete in a challenge that has only one victor – and no other survivors. The Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai recreates 1864 Japan in all its feudal glory. Players are swept into 1-on-1 deathmatches against the living and the dead in a quest to bring honor to their master's clan. Each character wields their favorite weapon with a deadly accuracy that is sure to leave the players breathless – all in a split second! Practice each of the lightning-quick moves to perfection, or else prepare to be counted amongst those slain in battle.”

What The Critics Say: “It's a piece of 2D history, and one that no DC owning fighting fan should be without.” – Gaming Age

15. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
15 Best SEGA Dreamcast Fighting Games 31

Description: “The arcade fantasy fighter from the incredible comic book series! Unleash your character’s inner persona in the famous sand attack. Experience super story mode loaded with mini-games and other dangerous quests. Classic comic book style animation combined with Capcom’s signature gameplay.”

What The Critics Say: “… JoJo's Bizarre Adventure offers fine-tuned Capcom quality with a twist, along with a unique storyline and great control. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is accessible to both newbies and hard-core gamers alike, which alone is worth its weight in gold.” – GameSpot

Honorable Mentions

That's our list for the best Dreamcast fighting games, but those are far from the only genre titles available on the console.

Here are just a handful of recommended titles – if interested, click the links to see pricing at eBay:

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