10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs

Dreamcast RPGs

The SEGA Dreamcast might not be known for its library of role-playing games outside of Japan, but the console has its fair share of quality RPGs – especially considering the fact that the console was discontinued after less than three years.

The best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs were – like the system itself – ahead of their time. Classic titles like Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star Online were enjoyed on the Dreamcast first, before moving on to other consoles and platforms. In fact, you could say that many of these titles are quintessential Dreamcast gaming experiences. The best RPGs on the Dreamcast aren't from giant franchises like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but they are unique and worth checking out in their own right.

Please note that this list only includes RPGs that were officially released in English. There were some great RPG titles that never made it outside of Japan, but as a recommendation list, we decided not to include them here.

The 10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs:

1. Skies Of Arcadia

Skies Of Arcadia
10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 12

Description: “The age of exploration has dawned and you are about to embark on a magical journey, a voyage of discovery across the vast Skies of Arcadia in search of treasures untold, and where there is treasure, there will be Air Pirates! With over six vast lands to navigate, magnificent ships to fly and customize, a host of weapons and magical spells to be discovered and unique Internet functions to aid your quest, Skies of Arcadia is the most immense gaming experience ever created.”

What The Critics Say: “I am very happy; Skies of Arcadia is not just one of the most beautiful Dreamcast games to play, but one of the most addicting RPG I've played in years.” – IGN

2. Grandia II

Grandia II
10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 13

Description: “Ryudo has been hired to protect a young priestess who must participate in a ceremony to halt the encroaching rebirth of Valmar, the God of Darkness. Embroiled between the forces of good and evil, Ryudo must follow his destiny and save the people he detests so much.”

What The Critics Say: “The great combat system and engaging story truly make the game a gem, not only on the Dreamcast but in the RPG genre as a whole.” – CNET Gamecenter

3. Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online
10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 14

Description: “Pioneer 2 finally completed its long voyage to the new homeworld. But as the ship entered orbit, an enormous explosion shook the entire planet, and all contact with the thousands of people already there was lost. Now, in the first worldwide online console RPG, players from around the globe must unite to discover what has happened.”

What The Critics Say: “This is among the best games, visually, across all platforms. There's really nothing that compares to the visual quality of PSO.” – IGN

4. Shenmue II

Shenmue II
10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 15
  • Genre: Action-Adventure / Simulation
  • eBay: See Pricing

Description: “The epic adventure of Shenmue is re-borne once again as Ryo Hazuki arrives in Hong Kong on his continued mission to avenge his father's death and discover the truth behind the Phoenix Mirror. In a world almost three times bigger than the original, you will have to interact with many people and gain the knowledge you need through a variety of experiences, but beware who you trust.”

What The Critics Say: “Fans of the original Shenmue will be delighted with the sequel while gamers new to the series should be able to get into the game's deep atmosphere with little difficulty.” – Core Magazine

EDITOR'S NOTE: Shenmue II was only released on Dreamcast in Europe and Japan. The game was a Microsoft console exclusive in North America.

5. Shenmue

10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 16
  • Genre: Action-Adventure / Simulation
  • eBay: See Pricing

Description: “The experience begins; A massive and highly detailed 3D world unlike anything ever seen; Real-time fighting with moves learned throughout the game – motion capture with real budo experts; Interact with a huge cast of characters with movements as intricate as a twitch of a finger.”

What The Critics Say: “It's a game rich in story, visuals, and environmental stimuli, but light on overall gameplay. Fans of whodunits and RPGs will take quicker to the game's overall premise, but there is enough to please the casual gamer as well.” – GameSpot

6. Record Of Lodoss War

Record Of Lodoss War
10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 17

Description: “Take control of a mysterious warrior from the past, resurrected to save the future, on a colossal quest filled with pulse-pounding action and high adventure. Join forces with popular characters from the Lodoss universe and combat hundreds of vicious enemies with dozens of spectacular spells.”

What The Critics Say: ” If you like Diablo, you'll like Lodoss. If not, steer clear.” – GameSpot

7. Silver

10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 18

Description: “Silver, a corrupt and sinister sorcerer, rules the land of Jarrah with an iron fist. He and his henchmen have abducted the village women as part of a pact with the almighty god, Apocalypse. Now, only one man can put a stop to Silver and his minions – it's you, David, a promising young knight determined to save his beloved.”

What The Critics Say: “[For] those who do remember it – its great characters and innovative controls – Silver shines bright.” – PC Gamer

8. Armada

10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 19

Description: “Play simultaneously with up to 4 of your friends to blast the alien hordes in this action-RPG world. Use the VMU to store information about your newly acquired technology and skills. Invite your friends to bring their ships to come fight in your game, or just to trade items that you have found.”

What The Critics Say: “On its own, Armada is a good, albeit short, game. But if you have friends with Dreamcast's, especially if they have other copies of Armada, this is absolutely worth your time and money.” – Defunct Games

9. Evolution 2: Far Off Promise

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise
10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 20

Description: “The power to destroy seeks the power to heal. Mag Launcher must choose between his dream of being the world's greatest adventurer or saving his best friend, Linear. At the center of the conflict lies Yurka, a mysterious new force. To survive, they all must learn the difference between what they see and what they believe.”

What The Critics Say: “Evolution 2 definitely has a few faults in its repetition and the fact there is still only one town, but there is something endearing about the whole game… ” – HonestGamers

10. Evolution: The World Of Sacred Device

Evolution: The World Of Sacred Device
10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs 21

Description: “Let the Evolution Begin! Join Mag Launcher in his battle against the 8th Empire; Explore randomized dungeons for a unique experience on every venture; Discover precious artifacts and treasures to earn magical powers and advanced special moves.”

What The Critics Say: “There is no real reason why RPG fans shouldn't go for this one; it's a genuinely satisfying experience, even if it is a bit textbook in execution and scope.” – GameSpot

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