Best Side Hustles for Teens (Realistic Ways to Make Money)

Here are the Easiest Ways and Best Side hustles for teens to start making money now!

Who wouldn’t like to earn the extra money? Especially when you are a teenager, this additional money in your pocket brings a sense of responsibility as well as independence. 

Side hustles bring extra cash in the pocket and the teenager can even start their own business. There are no criteria for being the age of 18. All you need to have is the basic skills. But sometimes it also becomes difficult to select the side hustles that will suit you the best and also would be the one that you will prefer. 

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make money as a teenager

Best Working Side Hustles for Teens 

A detailed description of some of the side hustles that include how to start with, how much you earn, and how it works are mentioned below. These side hustles will not only make the teens earn money but also get knowledge about various streams, and fields.

1. Online Surveys

In their spare time, teens can take up surveys by various business organizations through the website of the organization. It is such a good opportunity to get paid for sharing your opinion with regards to a certain product or service or any other item. 

The surveys can be taken up by creating an email id. The organizations that put up survey needs only a valid email id. And the teen can start earning by taking up the survey.

Some of the sites available on the internet that provide such surveys are as follows:

Survey Website Earning per survey Payment method Rating
Survey Zunkie $ 1 to $ 50 A gift card or cash 5 star
Swag Bucks $ .25 to $ 4 A gift card or cash 5 star
Pinecone Research $ 3 A gift card and Cash 5 star
Vindale Research $ .50 to $ 50 Pay Pal or Cheque 5 star
  • Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a very popular website and provides you earnings up to $ 5 to $ 18 per hour when you stick to highly paid surveys. Most of the websites require people above the age of 18 to take up the surveys but Survey Junkie makes it available for teens above the age of 13 years

The users get 25 points as a signup bonus and once you get enough points they can be encashed through Paypal or a gift card to Amazon or Target. 

  • Swag Bucks

Apart from the survey, there are many other job opportunities on the website. You get $ 5 as a signing bonus. The money can be earned by watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, playing video games, and many more. This is a global website and anyone and everyone from the world can access and earn on the website. This website also offers apps for Android and iPhone. 

There are limits ascertained to some of the tasks. But it has many ways and means to earn money and the user would never fall short to earn. To encash the amount through PayPal at least $ 3 should be there in the account and a minimum of $ 5 for the gift card. 

  • Pinecone Research

To access this website you need to be at least 13 years of age. Once you start taking up the surveys here you are rewarded with money for your opinion. Many business organizations pay you, for sharing your opinion on their products. 

The top brands and others pay directly at $ 3 per survey and the amount can be encashed through PayPal or gift cards

  • Vindale Research

The users earn money by sharing their opinion on various products and services. The signing bonus on the website is $ 1. The earnings are in the form of points and the same can be encashed through PayPal, gift cards, and other modes. The best part of the website is the users can take surveys even more than once. To encash the money you have to have $ 50 at least in the account. 

There are several different online survey options such as listening to music, watching videos, online quizzes, and many more. 

The best part of paid surveys is that they can be done anywhere and anytime while watching Tv, on the go, sitting at home, and earning money. These websites also promote through referral programs and then you can also earn around 10% from the earnings of your referrals. However, it is purely a preferential job

2. Playing Games

Did you know that your greatest pass time can also give you earnings? Yes, playing games can bring you that extra earned money. Creators of games, are now also willing to pay you for playing the games. But be assured that these game playing can be sometimes addictive and dangerous. 

Some of them who get paid to play the games are mentioned below:

  • VeryDice

This game is free to join and also play. Every time you virtually roll a dice, you earn certain points and they get added to the account. These points can then be exchanged for gift cards

  • Long Game savings

Under this game, you have to reach a certain limit set for savings and you get rewarded for making good financial decisions. This fun and entertaining game can be easily played on mobile as well. 

  • App Cent

This app is made for those who love to try new apps. You get paid to play the games with real coins. These coins can then be used for purchasing in the app, PayPal deposits, gift cards, or visa gift cards.

3. Freelance Writing

This is another very good side hustle where you get paid for expressing yourselves and putting your ideas out. There are many magazines available on the internet that pays people for short articles and stories. This is a very creative way to make money. 

Some of such magazines are:

  • CBAY Books

The website is open to putting texts on any topic that the users prefer. If the text is accepted or rejected it is notified in sum time. If accepted you get paid for it. The response time may be delayed due to lots of writing gigs. 

  • Bumples Magazine

It is an interactive magazine and accepts all kinds of genres.

  • Austin Macauley Publishers

It is a unique company that accepts manuscripts in any kind of genre. The teens can share their stories and have a wide base audience. 

  • Spaceports and Spidersilk

The company is into publishing magazines for children and teenagers and accepts all kinds of art and written work.

  • Refractions

Golden Fleece press works under the aegis of this company and accepts any kind of written work. A vast list of content is sought and sold by these people. If you can write especially for children then it is a very good place, to begin with. 

  • Youth Imagination

The audience for this company is teens and so work by teens and for teens is accepted here. If the payment is accepted through PayPal then you also get a bonus. 

So this is a good option for people to work from home and at leisure if you have that knack to write on any topic or content or some specific genre too. 

4. Blogging

Blogging has been a passion for many people and people earn full time and handsome incomes from the same. Teens do spend a lot of time on social media and if creative writing, research-based, or anything is into your minds, this is a good platform. You may earn at the ease of your home and without much investment. 

Many bloggers around the world have started this for time pass and then turn into entrepreneurs. Monetization through Blogs is a process that takes time. Maybe if you start now it would take a year or two to earn money consistently from it. Blogs are a real source of information. 

Blogging can be a real business and a passive machine for earning income. Social media presence plays an important role when you are blogging. It would be a very good promotion platform for your followers through your friends and family. Design your blog through some graphics and web designing and kick start.

To start blogging, the user would need a domain name and host for publishing. There are numerous courses on how to create a blog step by step and turn it into a business that includes basics such as writing content, getting traffic, making money through affiliate marketing, and many more. 

5. Social Media Manager

Managing others' blogs is also a task that teens can take up. Normally people look for experienced people who are seeking for such task. So when you have hands-on social media platforms and have good communication with your followers, then that is an added advantage. 

Under this work task, a person has to handle various social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. A daily posting has to be done on social platforms and respond to comments and questions. You have also to design newsletters that will bring popularity to the website and positive reviews as well. 

To understand the working under this category, the users can go through the manuals and free material available on the internet. If affordability permits, then there are many paid courses also available and compiled by the experts. 

The more the experience the more you earn from this job. Employers are more interested in knowing how you manage conversations, traffic, and engagement. Maybe with low experience, the start to the job may be less. But eventually, with a strong reputation, you may earn more than $ 50 per hour.

6. Caring for lawns

Lawn mowing may not be interesting but it certainly brings a lot of money. The major reason for this is that:

  • Lawn work is required for the entire year and does not depend on seasons. 
  • Unless you are doing professional-grade work, it does not require much experience. 
  • The job may be just beside your neighborhood

And the icing on the cake can be if you know to operate gardening equipment such as lawn and gardening tools, trimmers, edgers, lawnmowers, and many more. But even if you don’t know they are very easy to learn. Along with the earning, it also gives a lot of exercises and helps you keep yourself healthy and fit. 

7. Delivering newspapers

Normally this job gets ignored, in the run of more modern and creative work. However, this traditional job is one of the best means to earn cash and is flexible. This is a very good side hustle job as it can be done before the school hours or early morning or maybe in a shift. It all depends on the guidelines of local newspapers. 

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8. Party Character

Many of us have seen characters at the local fair or carnival, or the local pizzeria. This job is one fun job being dressed as famous characters, and become the center of attraction. It is fun and also can be promoted on social media in your different avatars. 

It is a very easy way to earn money and the price rewarded is decent. The earnings expected from this job are between $ 50 to $ 200.

9. Washing Cars

Washing cars is also a very decent way to earn money. You may have to invest in the cost of drying towels, wash mitts, soap, and some other material. You may put up signs to advertise yourself or you may even put them up on social platforms. You may also make your friends join for more fun and entertainment while doing the job. The person can expect almost between $ 5 to $ 20 per car. The prices may also depend upon the other activities such as waxing the car and tires, vacuuming, and others. 

10. Babysitting

This is a very traditional job yet a highly paid one. A person can earn between $ 8 to $ 10 per hour with babysitting the children even at a younger age. The babysitting opportunities can be locally found at the online portals. Also if you know the family well the mothers can normally trust you for the baby and the job.

11. Creating crafts or Artwork

The teens normally have craft-related hobbies such as making hair bows, creating sculptures, decor items, or wood furniture. Some of the creative crafts that can be created and earn money out of selling them are mentioned below:

  • Printable designs on window stickers or clothes
  • Hair accessories or scrunchies
  • Jewelry
  • Hand sewn backpacks, jackets, patches
  • Chunky Knit blankets
  • Designed coffee mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Baked goods such as brownies or cookies
  • Pottery
  • Digital artwork
  • Knitted scarves

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The sale can be done through a flea market or yard. Such products are normally in demand as they are handmade products. Teenagers can take advantage of their potential, imagination, and skills to open a marketplace and with an online platform, it can be sold around the globe. Apart from skill-enhancing, you may also be benefitted from experience in customer management and service. 

12. Tutoring

Tutoring is a very simple and easy job when you are a student. When you have a handful of knowledge on a subject matter why not share with other students to cope with the difficulties they face and also make money out of it. 

It is a flexible job and you also gain experience and enhance your communication skills. This job is highly flexible and in the process, you can also prepare for yourself. Sometimes even schools offer tutoring jobs and you can take advantage of the same. 

The best part is there is no investment apart from your knowledge and the tutor should have certain behavioral traits such as being strong, helpful, and friendly. 

13. Performing arts

Even small-town people are highly creative and artistic in various performances such as music, theatre, and dance. Many theatre performers require volunteers and also offer paid assistant jobs or backstage requirements. There can be an art gallery and local museums which may want to purchase your artwork. Also, many community contests give rewards and prizes for talent shows, artwork, and many more opportunities.

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Wrapping up: Easy Side Hustles for Teenagers

There are several other side hustles such as working as a camp counselor, selling photos, designing T-shirts, scavenging for recyclables, live streaming and the list goes on. The side hustles for teens can be turned into a real business and may be very profitable in long term. So it is highly recommended to focus on your skill, interest, creativity, and talents. 

Any creative hobby including painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, sewing, graphic design, web design, photography, and many more can be monetized. Every activity can be put to beneficial use and earnings can be created out of it such as moving furniture, haul, bake sales, working in food restaurants, and many more.

However, it should be noted that even the easiest job could become difficult if you don’t enjoy the work. So it is essential to analyze your interests and preference and then go for your job.