The Best Snacks in Disney World You Must Try

Finding something delicious to eat at Walt Disney World is very easy. In fact, the hardest part is trying to narrow down which treats are the best. To help you with your next visit to the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” here are the 20 best snacks at Disney World. 

The 20 Best Snacks in Disney World You Have To Try

Walt Disney World sign.
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I can't lie; taste-testing countless snacks on my last trip to Disney World was a delicious labor of love. Whether you love a sweet snack, a savory one, or a combination of the two, I've got you covered. To make things even easier, I narrowed down the five best snacks for each of the four parks. Here are my top picks for the best snacks in Disney World. 

Best Magic Kingdom Snacks

best snacks at disney world - magic kingdom
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Fun fact: Magic Kingdom pumps in the scent of tasty treats to encourage guests to try them, especially at The Confectionary. You'll have to walk a bit around the entire park to tick off this list, though. 

1. Dole Whip

best snacks at Disney World - dole whip
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Undoubtedly the most beloved treat in Magic Kingdom, Dole Whip is an absolute delight. Found at Aloha Isle in Adventureland, you can't go wrong with classic pineapple, but keeping an eye out for seasonal flavors like coconut and strawberry is never a bad idea. 

2. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

best snacks at disney world - mickey premium
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Deliciously smooth vanilla ice cream surrounded by a thick coating of dark chocolate is perfection on a stick. Sure, you'll pay a premium price at stand-alone carts all over the park, but they're so good you can find dupes in your local grocery store's freezer section. 

3. Giant Cinnamon Roll

best snacks at Disney World - giant cinnamon roll
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Before a Starbucks on Main Street U.S.A., a coffee shop sold the most decadent of giant cinnamon rolls. These mammoth treats are found at Gaston's Tavern in Fantasyland but are still as delicious. 

4. Cheshire Cat Tail

best snacks at Disney World - cheshire cat tail
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

This treat is ideal for a mid-morning snack, a flaky pastry with a gooey chocolate center topped with icing drizzle in the famous Cheshire Cat colors. You can find it in Fantasyland at Cheshire Cafe near the Teacups. 

5. Spring Rolls

best snacks at Disney World - spring rolls
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Not your traditional theme park snack; all you have to do is look for the lengthy line near Club 33 in Adventureland if you don't smell them first. The Cheeseburger Spring Rolls are a cult favorite, but other flavors are swapped out depending on the time of year and season. 

Best Epcot Snacks

best snacks at disney world - epcot
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Epcot is all about tasting food from around the world, and I am inspired to try everything at least once. While the park's front area offers delicious snacks, these five can be found around the World Showcase. 

6. Peach Boba Tea 

best snacks at Disney World - Peach boba tea
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

By the time I walk the full mile around World Showcase, I'm ready for a cool beverage. My beverage of choice, and I'm not alone in my belief, is the peach Boba Tea from the Joy of Tea kiosk at the China Pavilion. It has just the right amount of flavor and sweetness, and the non-popping boba is a bonus after your drink is gone. 

7. School Bread 

best snacks at disney world - school bread
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

I've actually made a School Bread dupe recipe at home, and it's pretty close, but nothing compares to a freshly made one from Norway Pavilion. The hint of cardamon in the bread, combined with vanilla custard in its center, is hearty and crave-able. 

8. Kaki Gori

best snacks at Disney World - Kaki Gori
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Kaki Gori is a flavorful, icy treat at Kabuki Cafe in Japan Pavilion. We know it as shaved ice, but the tasty kicker is trying it with a layer of sweetened condensed milk on the top. 

9. The Croque Glacé

best snacks at Disney World - croque glace
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Until my last visit, I'd never tried the Croque Glacé at L'Artisan des Glaces in France Pavilion, and I'm kicking myself for not devouring it sooner. A fun spin on an ice cream sandwich, this one offers handmade ice cream of your choice between a brioche bun that's toasty hot. 

10. Egg Rolls

best snacks at disney world - egg rolls epcot
Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Joshua Resnick.

Egg Rolls? I know you can get them in practically any city. Still, the pork and vegetable style from Lotus Blossom Café in China Pavilion makes this list because of their affordability and heartiness. If you're not starving, add some Duck Sauce over the top, and they'll make a light meal. 

Best Disney's Hollywood Studios Snacks

best snacks at disney world - disney's hollywood studios
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Lights! Camera! Snack-tion! I may sound corny, but there are plenty of great snacks at Hollywood Studios if you know where to look. Of course, you may have to befriend a superhero or make an out-of-this-world trip to get them. 

11. Lunch Box Tart 

best snacks at disney world - lunch box tart
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Since Toy Story Land opened in 2018, the Lunch Box Tart at Woody's Lunch Box has been popular, no matter the tasty interior. While you can't go wrong with the classic Raspberry Tart, the seasonal flavors are just as sweet. 

12. Jack-Jack's Num Num Cookie

best snacks at Disney World - Jack Jack's num num cookie
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Jack-Jack may be the smallest of “The Incredibles,” but his Num Num Cookie at Pixar Place is quite the opposite. A massive chocolate chip cookie, it's served warm with its chips melty and delicious. 

13. Blue & Green Milk

best snacks at disney world - blue green milk
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

The “Star Wars” franchise is larger-than-life, and fans demand true immersion, especially in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Blue Milk, along with its Green Milk counterpart, is offered at the Milk Stand and is a non-dairy frozen treat with a fruity essence to keep them happy and hydrated. 

14. Totchos 

best snacks at disney world - totchos
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Tater Tots covered in chili, queso, and sour cream may sound like a full meal, but it's a snack in Toy Story Land. Of course, they are decadent enough to keep you full for a while, but if you have family that loves sharing, a few bites will also work. 

15. Outpost Popcorn

best snacks at Disney World - outpost popcorn
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

You'll have to make another trip to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and head to Kat Saka's Kettle for its Outpost Popcorn, but I promise it's worth the walk. With two flavors, both sweet and savory, it's crunchy, savory, and sweet at the same time. 

Best Disney's Animal Kingdom Snacks

best snacks at disney world - disney's animal kingdom
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Another great Disney Park to taste test food from all over the world and beyond, Animal Kingdom is an ideal park for snacking as it's the largest of all of the Disney World theme parks, so you'll expend plenty of calories trying to see and eat everything. 

16. Chicken Fried Rice

best snacks at disney world - fried rice
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

If I have to make a plea for the best snack at Animal Kingdom, it's the Fried Rice at Yak & Yeti Quick Service. Considered only a snack on the Disney Dining Plan, a serving is large enough for a meal for me. 

17. Pongo Lumpia

best snacks at disney world - pongo lumpia
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

If a spring roll filled with pineapple cream cheese sounds like it's up your proverbial street, you're among friends. Found in Pandora – The World of Avatar at Pongu Pongu, it's crispy and creamy at the same time. 

18. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich 

best snacks at Disney World - ice cream cookie sandwich
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Hit the right side of the park at Dinoland U.S.A. and Dino-Bites for the best ice cream sandwich in the parks. Two freshly baked cookies surround a large scoop of ice cream, and that ideal combination will make me buy one every time, even if the ice cream melts before I get to my table. 

19. Night Blossom 

best snacks at disney world - night blossom
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

Another tasty snack from Pongu Pongu in Pandora – The World of Avatar, this boba-style frozen drink is sweet compliments of the apple and desert pear slushy and the passion fruit popping pearls on top. While I enjoy the non-alcoholic version, it can be made with liquor. 

20. Buffalo Chicken Chips

best snacks at Disney World - buffalo chicken chips
Image Credit: Karyn Locke.

So big it eats like a meal, the Buffalo Chicken Chips from Trilo Bites in Dinoland U.S.A. are hearty enough to make into lunch. While it does claim to be Buffalo-style and spicy, it's “Disney spicy,” so I had no problem delving into them. It's worth noting that they are very salty, so make sure you have a glass of water to wash them down – you'll need it. 

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