15 Best Songs To Listen to on Night Drives

For many people, driving and music go hand in hand. After all, it's easier to have a memorable driving experience with the perfect soundtrack – especially at night. So recently, music fans worldwide engaged in an online discussion to assemble the ultimate playlist for nighttime driving. 

1. Kavinsky – “Nightcall”

For many drivers, the debate over the perfect nighttime soundtrack begins and ends with the Euro-house classic “Nightcall.” Countless people swear this track elevates any drive to the next level.

2. U2 – “Where The Streets Have No Name”

There isn't a more suitable nighttime driving song than this U2 hit. From the pounding bass lines to the trademark U2 echo guitar work to the singalong factor, it doesn't get any better than “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

3. Phil Collins – “In The Air Tonight”

It's an anthem for many people, not just for nighttime drivers. Nevertheless, this iconic song – and its accompanying air drum sequence that every person has mastered – will turn any drive into an unforgettable one. 

4. Pink Floyd – “Us and Them”

While people argue that any Pink Floyd track is worthy of being part of a nighttime soundtrack, “Us and Them” stands above the rest. “I was driving back to college from home one night on a nearly deserted interstate with the moon shining bright, and it was an almost ethereal experience with this song on blast,” remembers one fan. 

5. The Midnight – “Days of Thunder”

Much like Pink Floyd, The Midnight is a band tailor-made to be the soundtrack to your nighttime commute. “Honestly, you could pick any song by The Midnight, and it would be great night driving music,” declares one man, before ultimately settling on “Days of Thunder.”

6. The Cars – “Moving in Stereo”

When you name your band The Cars, you have to consider at least that your music will be blasting from the speakers of many automobiles! So while they have plenty of hits, “Moving In Stereo” is the preferred choice for drivers to get their adrenalin pumping. 

7. Don Henley – “Boys of Summer”

Something about driving at night makes us all wax poetic about teenage relationships gone awry. “The video is all driving around at night, and you can feel the loneliness of an unrequited love,” states one fan. 

8. Eve 6 – “Open Road Song”

This deep cut from a band primarily viewed as a one-hit wonder will make any timid driver put the pedal to the floor. The rhythmic guitar and pounding drum line will evoke all sorts of emotions as you drive through the night. 

9. The Pixies – “Where Is My Mind?”

Some songs aren't meant to make you smash your car's accelerator when you hear it. Instead, some make you think, and others can put you in a peaceful trance (while not distracting you from driving). This Pixies smash hit is a perfect example of the latter. 

10. Smashing Pumpkins – “1979”

Music fans are near-unanimous in their overwhelming love for this song – and for a good reason. “If you can, drive around someplace with streetlights while listening to it,” explains one woman. “It just fits the nostalgia for the suburban ennui of youth found in the song. All of the album Mellon Collie is great for an evening drive, but ‘1979' is probably my favorite nighttime wandering song.”

11. Gerry Rafferty – “Baker Street”

There are songs, and then there are songs with perfectly-timed saxophone solos. “Baker Street” is one of the latter, and according to countless music fans, that's all it takes to put this track in the upper echelon of fantastic nighttime-driving tracks!

12. Foo Fighters – “Everlong”

As arguably one of the best modern rock songs ever made, “Everlong” begs you to sing along at the top of your lungs as you fly past a speed limit sign. While maintaining complete control of your vehicle, of course, because you're a responsible driver.

13. Tracy Chapman – “Fast Car”

According to one Chapman fan, this song will not only guide you along your journey but also make you shed a few tears along the way! “This is the best driving song ever,” confesses one woman. “I only listen to it during night driving. And it makes me bawl and weep every time. It's just such a heart-wrenching story.”

14. The Wallflowers – “One Headlight”

Sure, the song is pretty on the nose, as the lyrics directly reference a car's “one headlight,” but the people have spoken: this is officially a tremendous nighttime-driving song. So who am I to argue with the people?

15. The Cure – “Pictures of You”

Any melancholy song makes for a perfect nighttime-driving soundtrack, and “Pictures of You” fits the bill perfectly. While many of The Cure's tracks are upbeat hits that wouldn't be out of place on today's pop radio stations, this sad song will hit you in all the feels throughout its duration. 

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