Best Soulslike Games of All Time Ranked

Best Soulslike Games

FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series revolutionized the action RPG genre. With its rich worlds and high difficulty, fans adore every game to come out of the studio. But what about Soulslike games not from FromSoft? 

Many copycats exist, but they lack the flair and style of the real deal. However, these best Soulslike games of all time try their best to capture the feel and challenge of their inspiration. While not perfect, these best Soulslike games of all time offer the closest possible experience to titles like Bloodborne and Elden Ring

1. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Image Credit: Electronic Arts.

No other game takes inspiration from FromSoft and translates it into its own unique experience better than Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The sequel to the excellent first game improves upon every element of the original. 

The combat feels better, deeper, and more engaging with the numerous lightsaber styles. The worlds look and run much better than the buggy first game, and players have tons of content to do. But above all else, this game offers the finest storyline and set of characters, which feels far too often missing from FromSoft-like games. 

2. Lies of P

Lies of P
Image Credit: Neowiz.

Lies of P wins for the most straightforward, high-quality copycat interpretation of the FromSoft gameplay style, in addition to the most bizarre premise. This game features a sinister take on the story of Pinocchio. This game excels at not just gameplay but its disturbing creature designs and engaging lore. 

3. The Surge 2

The Surge 2
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

The Surge 2 does what any sequel should do: improve upon the original in numerous ways. The ambitious and gorgeous sci-fi world feels massive, with tons of thrilling challenges, better gameplay, and even more robust character customization than the first game. 

4. Nioh 2

Nioh 2
Image Credit: Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

Team Ninja improved upon almost every aspect of this series with the second iteration. The better levels, smoother combat, and swift pace make for one of the most challenging games in the genre. If players want a brutal title to spend time with, they should check this one out. 

5. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
Image Credit: Square Enix.

This game is Dark Souls meets Final Fantasy in a surprising way. Though its bonkers characters and story feel forgettable, the gameplay offers some of the deepest and most enjoyable in the genre. Players battle against classic enemies from the core series while often switching between iconic job classes like Dragoon, Red Mage, and Thief. 

6. Code Vein

Code Vein
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment.

This anime-style Souls-like game looks quite different from the others on this list. It has an appealing art style with its range of colors and intriguing characters. Players looking for more depth beyond challenging gameplay should check this one out. 

7. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary
Image Credit: Ska Studios.

The simplistic 2D graphics, with its moody style and dark aesthetic, hides the excellent gameplay underneath. No other 2D title in the genre captures the punishing but rewarding gameplay of the FromSoft games as well as this one.

8. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Image Credit: Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

Wo Long’s most significant asset remains the stunning ancient Chinese setting. Players take the role of a nameless soldier in the midst of the Three Kingdoms period and battle against well-designed mythological creatures. 

9. Hellpoint

Image Credit: tinyBuild.

This FromSoft copycat takes a sci-fi horror approach. Its unique setting looks fantastic, while the gameplay feels pretty typical. That said, it improves when players engage in the game with co-op multiplayer, exploring the world and battling enemies with a friend. 

10. Vampyr

Image Credit:
Focus Entertainment.

This bizarre take on the genre sets players as a vampire. The combat feels hefty and imperfect but similar enough to FromSoft games. Its most impressive part comes from the vampire powers, learning about random NPCs and satiating hunger by feeding on them. 

11. Thymesia

Image Credit: Team17.

This game feels pretty typical for a copycat title in its slashing gameplay and fluid stamina-based systems. However, its lore and world stand out among the more generic locales in these titles. It features an intriguing story about regaining memories and saving a lost kingdom.

12. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight
Image Credit: Team Cherry.

Renowned by many as one of the best 2D action platformers of all time, this title takes some inspiration from the Souls games. It has unforgettable bosses, a grim world, and familiar mechanics when players perish in battle. But it has a better and more welcoming balance in its difficulty, which feels great.

13. Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3
Image Credit: THQ Nordic.

This third entry in the Bible-inspired apocalyptic title follows Fury as she goes on a quest to defeat the seven deadly sins. Her method for doing this mixes puzzles and FromSoft-style challenging combat for a unique approach to the end of the world. 

14. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Image Credit: Electronic Arts.

Respawn Entertainment, known for first-person shooters before this, showed the award-winning studio’s diversity with this Star Wars game. Instead of traditional action combat, it features challenging lightsaber mechanics and a limited health bar with all of the classic tropes from FromSoft titles.

15. Tunic

Image Credit: Finji.

This cutesy storybook-style game mixes elements of the puzzles from games like The Legend of Zelda and the unforgiving combat of FromSoft games. Players looking for a more lighthearted and appealing world should give this fascinating indie game a look. 

16. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen
Image Credit: CI Games.

This 2023 game rectifies the issue with its predecessor, which stood as one of the worst copycats in the genre. This sequel improves its gameplay, making it feel tighter and more enjoyable. It still fails to deliver a standout performance, but its multiple endings and unique magic help.

17. The Surge

The Surge
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

The Surge became one of the first major games inspired by the Souls genre, but it took a unique direction. With a more sci-fi junkyard approach, it features one of the strongest areas for a Souls-like, with its similarity to the initial area in Dark Souls

18. Nioh

Image Credit: Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

One of the first copycats of the FromSoft games, developer Team Ninja showed how the Souls magic could show up in other games. This also means it lacks some of the refinements and quality of the other games higher on this list. 

19. Remnant 2

Remnant 2
Image Credit: Gearbox Publishing.

By far the most different game on this list, Remnant 2 focuses more on guns and ranged weapons, though melee combat has a place as well. Despite this potential genre shift, it takes more inspiration from the Souls games than anything else, with its immense lore and memorable bosses. 

20. Blasphemous

Image Credit: Team17.

This pixel 2D experience looks quite different from the 3D games FromSoft makes, but it feels similar when players engage with it. The hack-and-slash combat takes considerable skill to master in this complex and striking world. 

21. Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell
Image Credit: Playstack.

This indie title feels like one of the most blatant attempts to capture the FromSoft style. Everything from the grim fantasy world to the strange creatures you face, it lands near the top in terms of copycat looks. But it doesn’t quite have the gameplay heights of other similar games.

22. Death’s Door

Death’s Door
Image Credit: Devolver Digital.

This top-down, colorful indie title looks like a fairy tale coming to life. Players embark on a journey to get back their stolen souls. It adds a fascinating and vibrant world to explore, which matches well with the challenging bosses and unforgiving gameplay. 

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