Best Spider-Man Remastered Tips and Tricks

Here are the best Spider-Man Remastered tips and tricks to master the ways of Peter Parker and turn into the ultra web-slinger.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC has become the second Sony game on PC with the highest concurrent player count. The brilliant superhero title has also received incredibly positive reviews so far. With more than 10,000 reviews on Steam, the game has been rated as Overwhelmingly Positive on the platform.

While a group of players have encountered a controller issue and also shared that they have been experiencing frame drops, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC is sure to expand its domain both on Steam and Epic Games.

In this post, we've compiled the best tips and tricks in Spider-Man Remastered. These tips will help you fight the good fight in New York City as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

15 Spider-Man Tips and Tricks

spider man tips and tricks

1. Progress in the main story to unlock certain gameplay mechanics.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered has a lot to unravel both in terms of story and gameplay. Most of the mechanics unlock as the player progresses in the main story. While the open-world activities seem great to keep you busy for a long time, make sure you follow the main story properly to make the most of the game.

2. Use Electric Punch ability in overwhelming fights.

Spider-Man comes with a wide range of skills that can play a key factor in certain situations. When you are swarmed and overwhelmed by constant attacks, abilities like Electric Punch will deal damage to multiple enemies; allowing you to breathe and return to the fight.

3. Configure Suit Powers and get experimental.

The amazing superhero title also comes with Suit Mods that function as ultimate abilities. After gaining Focus in the fight, you can depend on these ultimate abilities for a greater effect during the combat. From Web Blossom to Blitz, different Suit Mods offer highly effective boosts and more. This is also one of the best Spider-Man tips and tricks.

4. Never underestimate the power of dodging.

The combat of Spider-Man Remastered depends on dodging. It is quite important to master this combat mechanic as it will save you from dying in countless fights to come.

5. Check out Benchmarks and hunt for XP.

From swinging very fast to reaching heights, Spider-Man Remastered rewards the player with extra XP after gaining progress in certain things. Brawling, climbing, swinging and running are some of the things you can do to gain XP in the game.

6. Learn about Suit Mods.

Suit Mods are upgrades that offer extra support to Spider-Man during combat. Every Suit comes with three mod slots, allowing you to enhance your combat skills even more.

7. Let go of the swing when you are close to the ground to gain momentum.

The swinging is the best thing about the game. But make sure you do it right by gaining momentum to increase your speed. Release the swing key when you are close to the ground and send another one to gain momentum.

spider man remastered pc tips

8. Keep in mind that you can fast travel.

While swinging is a ton of fun, note that you can fast travel as well. New York City sure looks great, but you don't have to swing around all the time.

9. Aim your web shots with L2.

Note that you can land on specific places by aiming your web shots. It will also help you distract enemies by making noise.

10. Complete Fisk Base challenges.

Even though you put Fisk behind bars in the first sequence of your adventure, his empire of crime has residues around the city. Called Fisk Bases, these construction sites are filled with enemies and offer a highly rewarding challenge.

11. Use your Gadgets in the battle.

One of the best Spider-Man Remastered tips and tricks is using your Gadgets. From Spider-drone to electric webs, your Gadgets are very important in getting the upper hand in combat.

spider-man tips and tricks

12. Focus on the Webslinger skill tree to increase your traversal skills.

One of the three skill trees, Webslinger allows you to upgrade and enhance your swinging skills. This will not only boost your mobility in the fight but also upgrade your traversal performance.

13. Do not skip the DLCs.

The DLCs offer great storylines that are integral to the base game. Do not miss out on DLCs. This is one of the best Spider-Man Remastered tips and tricks that we can give you.


Here are some great tips for beginners to the game. If you are a new web-slinger and looking forward to becoming a great superhero, try following the tips above.

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