13 Best Sunglasses For Golf

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The only other thing you need to arm yourself with other than a good arm swing, is sunglasses.

You are depending on your eyes to ace that certain swing, and see the distance without struggle or without hurting your eyes with the sun if it is out.

So it is only fair that the sunglasses you pick are the best armor you can give your eyes because of the following reasons:

  • Sunlightthe sun is a good thing but if you are trying to line up a good shot to the hole, then it can lessen your chances of seeing clearly or impair your eyes from too much sun glare.
  • Your standard visionif you normally have poor eyesight, your vision is primarily impaired, too much light hurts your eyes, then these aspects add to the need of a good pair of sunglasses that will meet all your needs.
  • Your health this aspect of health covers your eyes. There is only a certain period of time your eyes can be exposed to a strong sun. In fact, any exposure of your eyes to a strong sun is not good for your eyes or general health.

It also wouldn't hurt to consider a little bit of swag and style in your golf sunglasses.

The sunglasses you normally use, may not necessarily be the best option for golfing. The best golfing glasses should have clarity that enhances the green, comfort which will affect how well you play and durability especially you play golf more often.


13 Best Sunglasses For Golf

The following is a list of some of the best sunglasses for golf, we are sure will provide only the best to you.

1. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Coming in different sizes and colors, you can be sure to not lack a pair that fits you both in size and preference.

It has timeless design that will favor those looking for both a pair of high performance and style. It has increased contrast which is good for the grass green color, while it can enhance literally any color.

You can switch old lenses for new lenses after some time or for a change of color since they have made available lenses that can be purchased under the same warranty of the sunglasses.

You can also have opticians fill them in with your prescriptions instead.

The nose rim of the sunglasses, angles of the frames, lens shape and cut accommodate any nose shape especially low nose bridges. Low nose bridges tend to have glasses sliding down or sitting too low.

Well, not with this pair!


2. Oakley Portal X Sunglasses

Oakley debatably has one of the best sunglasses released in the market with all kinds of shapes since they can be used in the field and out and about.

While they are enhancing contrast in the field, they undoubtedly enhance clarity at the same time such that you can see bumps and hollows that were not visible without them, whether distinctive or subtle. The tint when wearing them is quite striking as it dims even the strongest of sunlight.

This characteristic however, leads to a darker day when the sun is not out. But when has that ever bugged anyone?

They have installed nose pads that enhance the grip of the sunglasses so that they are intact even when making the most vigorous of swings.

The nose pads and ear socks are made in such a way that when you sweat or they get wet, they increase their grip.


3. Bose Altos

With Bose Altos, you get to enjoy the benefits of audio sunglasses in all ways. They are technology and eye wear in one.

The lenses are interchangeable to not just be favorable to any kind of sport, but also favorable in any kind of lighting.

The frames are also made in every size to fit any face and better yet, you get to pick which frame flatters your face shape.



This pair of sunglasses is also compatible with any blue tooth enabled devices so you can play music while playing golf, pick calls without others hearing and have messages delivered and read to you without having to raise your hands from that golf club.

You will literally be wearing timeless technology while scoring points in golf and look really cool while doing it.


4. Nike Maverick Mirrored

These unisex Nike Maverick Mirrored are designed to add a pop to your golf scene. All their lenses are made to prevent any reflective glare from light and your surroundings.

Its durable nylon frame is lightweight so you can be sure to wear these sunglasses for hours and not get tired of them. You might even forget you have them on.

The frame extends all the way to the temple tips that are covered with a soft rubbery material to ensure a grip that does not hurt and to enhance comfort.

The same temple arms are modified in a way that you can wear a cap or a hat and the fit of the sunglasses will not be altered with.

The nose bridge is equipped with ventilation rubber to avoid the foggy situation which alters with your view.

If your play is going to be on a really hot day therefore being quite a steamy exercise, then these will be perfect.


5. GLCO x Malbon Hampton

These beautiful design was born from a collaboration of Garret Leight and Malbon golf to celebrate golf and a touch of a California cool and style to encourage a more youthful and diverse environment around golf.

The lenses have their logo that is only visible if you breathe to them. Literally playing in style.


6. Maui Jim Ho’Okipa

Maui Jim Ho'Okipa has a very light-weight frame and a saddle-style nose bridge to provide maximum comfort.

You almost would not know that you are wearing them if it were not for the distinctive lens quality vision.

These sunglasses will unquestionably be a favorite to any golfer who is a minimalist and still seeks maximum performance from a pair of sunglasses while looking stylish in a not so flashy manner.


7. Tifosi Rail Sunglasses

When outside, the lenses take around 30 seconds to darken, depending on strength of the sunlight at that particular time.

If you are wearing them indoors or some place like a car, the tint will not change which is pretty good because some sunglasses tend to really darken your day if the sun light goes down even a little bit.

This model also comes with nose pads to prevent too much fogging that eventually fogs up your vision and messing up your play.

These golfing sunglasses are the prefect shades for someone who wants to cover up the most of their faces or has wider face. Unless you also want to go incognito.

This condition is made possible by their oversized rimless design that will not interfere with your vision. This is their most notable and unique feature so if you want sunglasses to perfectly cover you, consider this design.

Other than their infamous oversized rimless design, they have an adjustable nose bridge and temple tips to adjust and adapt to any face shape and size.

It is an outdoor gear that will provide literal full coverage and protection without any optical distortion.


8. Scheyden CIA Golf Sunglasses

If you want a really good looking pair of sunglasses that has a high performance and you have money to spend or are a spend thrift, then the CIAs (Confidence in Action) are the perfect pair.

The decentered nylon composite lenses provide optical clarity that truly imitates the amount of money you spend on these sunglasses.

Even for sensitive eyes, the lenses leave them relaxed right at the edge of comfort.


9. Tifosi Swick Sunglasses

Tifosi swick sunglasses collection has a variety of colors for everyone. Every taste in sunglasses is accounted for here in terms of the good selection of colors, durability, comfortability and the weight.

They are mostly light weight though which is the recommended standard for easy maneuvering without getting distracted by the slipping of the glasses or adjusting them.

You put them on and it is almost like you do not have them on. The other reason the collection is said to account for every taste is because of their unisex design.

Your partner can borrow your pair of Tifosi swick sunglasses and they would look just right on her or him. There is not one design made for this collection and all of them are pretty cool.

The best part is, they are 100 percent UVA / UVB protected with scratch-resistant lenses.

The frames are also equipped with a hydrophilic rubber nose piece for a firm yet comfortable grip without the tiniest slip during golf playing or sport of any kind.


10. Callaway Sun Gear Golf Sunglasses

They have polarized lenses to cancel out any glare that can distract you and make you lose your concentration, or be hurting to your eyes and light weight frames for a comfortable wear.

This lens' quality does not affect your ability to see slopes, hinder your depth perception or ability to read other features on the field.

The lenses will also give you 100 percent protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Down to the nose pads, they are existent to provide a tight grip like in most sunglasses and fit different face and nose sizes the same way: which is perfectly and the right way.

When purchasing Callaway Sun gear Golf Sunglasses, you get extra accessories to make your experience better and keep the sunglasses in top shape.

These accessories include a lens cloth, a carry pouch and a hard case with a hanging clip. Other than all these benefits, they are also super groovy.


11. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

They say to get anything of good quality, you have to be willing to spend a lot on that particular item. It is not always so.

Duduma polarized sports sunglasses are offered at the cheapest price there is whilst offering quality. So anyone on a budget but needs sunglasses that will still meet that high standard, Duduma sunglasses are for you.

The lenses offer 100 percent protection against UV, UVA, UVB, and UVC rays which is more than most sunglasses offer.

Despite their fair price, the lenses will not scuff since they are scratch-resistant and are multiple so you can choose your favorite.

The frames too come in different color combinations and are light weight and durable. They are equipped with nose pads that make your sunglasses hold on just right to your nose without any irritation.

They may not be the most stylish or expensive, but they offer literally everything you need to play your golf effectively without any distractions.


12. Vuarnet ICE Polarized Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses have an eye-catching unique style rounded up in its high performance. If you want style incorporated in your eye wear game, get this pair that will look good on any face.

The mineral glass lenses filter bright light, are polarized and they offer protection against UV rays. Their unique feature is the maximum protection offered on the sides.

The eye glare is blocked from all sides by the lenses and the side panels on the side. The pair offers the ultimate protection even in the most harsh of environments so any day is play day with Vuarnet ICE polarized sunglasses.

If at all you get to a point where you need your peripherals clear, the side panels are easily removed.

The frames are made of high strength nylon so you can be assured of their durability.


13. Ray-ban Sunglasses

Ray-ban recently released a pair of sunglasses with 24 carat gold plated lenses and they sold out almost immediately.

This pair is a similar version that is gold-colored instead, on the frames that are very light weight, almost like they are not there when you put the sunglasses on.

Both the frames and lenses give out a pilot-like style that gives full coverage for anyone including those with wide faces.

They are a fashion statement that will look good on anyone and offer maximum protection at the same time. After all, who does not look good in gold?

The fact they are gold-colored might lead you to think that they are quite expensive expect that, they aren't.

The price is similar to the prices of all the other sunglasses listed here.


Conclusion: 13 Best Sunglasses For Golf

If you do not have eye health issues and you cannot seem to make up your mind on what pair of sunglasses to pick, look around at what your friends are wearing or inquire of what type they are going to use.

The list above has undoubtedly listed some of the best sunglasses for golf so the only problem would be choosing the right pair from the list.

Think about the problems you have been facing when playing golf like missing out the hole because of the glare of grass green, and problems you would want your sunglasses to solve like protection from ultraviolet rays which is a critical factor to consider.

If you have at least narrowed down your options from above, the rest should not be hard to eliminate till you get down to the one pair that is right for you.

Other factors to consider that will help can be:

  • The fitEven after getting down to the best golf sunglasses ever, they cease to be the best option if they do not fit right. Think about it, you are taking full swings making drastic body swings so they should fit right. You also do not want a pair that slides down every time you move, or worse, when you are about to take a swing.


  • The cutthe cut of the lenses can get as crazy and wild as you want it to be when you are picking a pair for other activities like just looking good or stylish. But any exaggeration of a cut will distort your vision, especially during movements. A cut might make you misinterpret the position of the golf hole too. Let the cut of the lenses be as smooth as possible and lined up well, on the edges and in the lens to ensure zero distortion when looking straight up ahead.


  • Tint tint will obviously be a part of the sunglasses so make sure you purchase a pair with a tint that does not mess with your natural vision. Some tints will also mess with the green of the field, create more contrast on other stuff on the field such that you end up focusing on them or mistaking them for the hole, and therefore giving you lost points. Get a tint that will contrast the green more, or enhance it.


  • Prescriptionthe best way to go about this, is to find the right pair for your eyes while putting into consideration the above tips, and then forward them for prescription.

The sunglasses you end up choosing for golfing should have these qualities and have the Three Point Fit that governs literally any eyewear: should touch (not loosely or too tight), the bridge of the nose and behind each temple.

I hope you found this blog post on the best sunglasses for golf helpful.

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