The 23 Best Teacher Side Hustles (According to This Teacher)

Are you a teacher looking for the “Best Side Hustles for Teachers?”

As a teacher, here is what I can tell you – we have more time off than just about any other profession out there, mathematically speaking. 

One of the big reasons I became a teacher, aside from impacting the lives of my students, was the flexibility and time off in the summer, which afforded me the luxury to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit. 

It’s also well known that teachers don’t make enough money, and many time commitments go beyond the average teachers’ paid time. 

While yes, there is the two-month summer break and a few other breaks sprinkled in throughout the year, the truth is that if you paid teachers hourly for the work they did each year outside of regular teaching hours… most people would be shocked at how low that hourly amount would be.

So in 2015, after working as a teacher and even an administrator in public education for six years, I decided to start looking into side hustles that I could use to help pay off my wife and I’s student loans. 

With the long summer breaks and the flexibility of having a 190-day contract, I quickly found myself running a digital marketing company and starting a blog that in 2020 made more combined than I did my first year as a teacher! 

Today, I will share some of the best ways for teachers to make extra money and my personal experience with a few on the list! 

23 of The Best Teacher Side Hustles!

Here is quick tip as you read each of these. Bookmark this article to come back to, write down a top 5 list, dig in deeper into the top 5!

1. Beach Lifeguard (Ocean Rescue)

Can you swim? 

If so, one of the best teacher side hustles is for sure being a beach lifeguard or doing ocean rescue in the summer! Ocean rescue means you get in shape and sit in the sun daily, who wouldn’t want that? 

And the pay isn’t too bad either, with the average Ocean Rescue job paying somewhere around $20 an hour. A full-time ocean rescue guard will make $45,000 per year on average. 

Pros Cons
-Get to sit in the sun.
-Live at the beach
-Great hourly pay
-Enjoyable work
-Must be a strong swimmer
-Long days
-Intense workouts
-Demanding work & certification requirements

2. Landscaping

Before starting a digital marketing company or blog, landscaping is how I made an extra $4,000+ every summer. Whether I worked for my brother’s landscaping company or did small projects on my own, one of my favorite teacher side hustles to this day is landscaping – here is why:

Landscaping services are not only in high demand, but landscape companies are continually looking for workers. Their peak seasons happen to be in the spring and summer, which is perfect timing if you’re a teacher. 

However, you can also read here about how you can make $1,000 a month on your own landscaping and working for yourself. Of course, landscaping pay can range based on what you do, but on average, if you work for another company, they pay $15 an hour or more (especially if you can drive). 

Pros Cons
-Low cost to start your own
-Get to be outside all day.
-Feel accomplished
-Pays well
-Manual labor work is not suitable for all.
-Knowledge & landscaping experience is needed.
-Long days in the sun

3. Use Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a platform for educators to acquire and sell resources used in the classroom and at school! 

The Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) website says, “ TpT is the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. We offer more than 3 million free and paid resources, created by educators who understand what works in the classroom.”

Say you have a great lesson that you created or even an entire curriculum that could benefit other teachers. Or perhaps, you have some old posters and classroom decorations you would like to sell. Regardless of the item, you can get compensated for selling resources on the TpT platform. 

Working very similar to Etsy or other online selling platforms, Teachers Pay Teachers allows sellers to have their own online store, and there is a fee for each transaction (it’s how they make their money). 

teaches pay teachers side hustle

The free plan costs 30 cents per resource transaction, and the premium seller plans only charge 15 cents per transaction under $3. You can create your seller account here with TpT and start with the free plan!

Pros Cons
-You can get compensated for the work you have already created.
-Make money while also helping other teachers. 
-TpT is a large platform, which means you can reach many with your resources.
-The free version of Teachers Pay Teachers has limits to what you can do.
-Like any selling site, you will get what you put into it
-Need to sell lots of items to make a significant source of income

4. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is perhaps one of the best side hustles for teachers and let me explain why!

Teachers are naturally great communicators and writers; think about it – we teach others for a living. Blogging is simply a form of marketing that allows for marketing to occur through content and less formal communication styles (Blog posts, social media, etc.). 

Blogging isn’t reserved for a specific niche, meaning you can start a blog on just about anything you would like! Whether it is an education-based blog or a blog about crafts, the options are endless. 

Now, keep in mind blogging is not quick money. Many bloggers market their blogging experience as “Get Rich Quick,” but blogging is anything but a get rich quick. Substantial income is right around the corner if you put in the time to make your blog work. 

Use these resources to help you if you’re considering starting a blog:

  1. Avoid these common blogging pitfalls.
  2. Start a blog with Bluehost and come up with a domain name later.
  3. Do some research
  4. Be patient and avoid these mistakes.
Pros to Blogging Cons to Blogging
-Can be extremely lucrative
-Flexible (on your own time)
-You can own a viable business blogging
-Use blogging skills to create other streams of income (Freelance work)
No guaranteed money (or success)
-Requires a good amount of time
-Like running a small business, so not as simple as other teacher side hustle ideas
-Technical knowledge takes time to learn 

5. Rideshare & Delivery Gigs

By now, you are aware of all the possibilities that come with owning a car in the digital age. Like your classroom, your car is now a tool. Only this tool can make you money when you deliver food, groceries, or even people! 

Ridesharing and delivery side hustles are some of the most popular right now, due to the fact that the money is fast, the hours are flexible, and you can do it whenever you darn well please! 

Your options for using your car to make money include:

  • Ridesharing with Lyft or Uber
  • Delivering groceries with Instacart 
  • Delivering food with GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, & More

The average delivery driver and/or rideshare driver can make anywhere from $10-$15 on average, with the potential for more during peak hours and bonuses. 

Note: You can also rent your car out to others on apps like Turro or if you’re wild enough, wrap it for money! Not kidding – you can own a billboard-like car! You can check out these best delivery apps here. 

Pros Cons
-Fast and reliable money
-Flexible hours and timing
-You can do it whenever you want
-Wear and tear on your car costs you in the long run
-You have to meet car requirements, can be time-consuming to make a substantial income.

6. Digital Marketing

The word digital marketing describes any online or computer-based marketing. Typically, the most common forms of digital marketing include:

  • Social media marketing (more on this later)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) with content
  • Website design
  • Email reach & email copy
  • Video production 

Digital marketing happens to be by number one way to make extra money as a teacher and there are a few reasons for this: 

  1. I am able to do it on my own time and the workload is flexible
  2. I can determine the amount I charge and how many clients I work with
  3. I enjoy the work (I help small construction companies with their online presence) and I can provide a ton of value to my clients
  4. I am able to run my own small business registered as an LLC

There are many routes you can take to make a digital marketing company work for you, but it first starts with knowing what you’re good at (or would like to be good at), followed by landing your first client. 

Most clients will pay anywhere from $100 to $400 for social media work, $600-$1,000 for a new website, and monthly marketing packages can vary from $250 all the way to $2,500. 

How to land a client 101: Consider working for someone you know for FREE for a little, then use that experience to land your next client, and repeat the process. 

Pros to Digital Marketing Cons to Digital Marketing
-Can be very lucrative.
-You own every piece of it. 
-Can be fulfilling working with clients
-The pay is determined by you
-Technical knowledge required.
-Operating expenses of running a small business.
-Highly competitive.
-Need to get your own clients.

7. Get Paid to Shop [Instacart]

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Are you a teacher who happens to love shopping? If so, you can get paid to shop for others and make extra money in the process! 

We all know teachers do not get paid enough, so the shopping habit and impulse buying is something we must all rid ourselves of. That said, what if you could shop and spend other people’s money for them? 

Let me introduce you to Instacart, the grocery shopping and delivery app that pays you! Here is how it works:

  1. Sign-up to become an Instacart shopper
  2. You can choose to be an in-store shopper only or someone who shops and delivers. 
  3. Go through orientation
  4. Start shopping and making money! 

Each delivery is guaranteed $5 minimum and full-service shopping is a guaranteed $7-$10

Pros Cons
-Provides consistent opportunities to earn
-Flexible hours and work
-Tips for deliveries 
-Limited to location
-Have to use your own car (wear and tear). 
-Earning potential is capped at what you can do per hour

8. Flip Furniture & Sell It Online

Teachers love crafts. OK, maybe that was a bit of a blanket statement, but considering some teachers make crafts, do artwork, and even teach shop – what better way to make money then to flip furniture and sell it online? 

Whether you finish old dresser’s, restore tables, or you can even create your own items – you can sell it online during the summer (or year round) on websites like:

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Offer Up

If you’re seriously considering this teacher side hustle, be sure to check out this free ‘Fleamarket Flipper’ webinar where you can learn how to make it an extremely lucrative side hustle! 

Pros Cons
-Get paid to restore furniture or create things
-Can do all of your selling on social media and free platforms
-Can be time-consuming work
-Need to be consistent on selling platforms
-Profit margins can be small depending on how you operate

9. Pool Services

When are pools open? The summer. When are teachers off? The Summer… catch my drift?

Whether you start your own business offering “Pool Opening” and “Pool Closing” services, or you simply work for a pool service company as a pool maintenance person, you can make some extra money doing so!

Most technicians can make $15 per hour or more and if you decide to start your own pool service company, you can charge $200+ per service call. A pool cleaner can charge $50-$60 per hour.

Pros Cons
-Fairly flexible weekday hours
-Plenty of openings and demand
-Get to be outside while making money
-Pool service companies are not as simple as it may sound.
-You will need equipment, technical certifications, and insurance to do it on your own

10. Tutoring Online

Teachers and tutoring, makes sense right?

We won’t spend a lot of time here simply because every teacher knows that one of the best ways to make extra money is to tutor kids. Whether you tutor one on one with students in your community or go with an online platform, you can make anywhere from $20-$50 per hour depending on who/what you tutor.

Read this full article here that details the best online tutoring jobs. Online tutoring companies include: 

  1. VIPKid
  2. Wyzant
  3. Chegg
Pros Cons
-You’re a teacher already, so this is simple
-Get to work in different fields of study
-Teaching kids all summer isn’t always fun (teachers need breaks)
-Limited per hour in what you earn
-Highly competitive 

11. Work in Catering

More of a great part-time job to do on the weekends, catering is an ideal option to make extra money if you’re a teacher. Considering most teachers are friendly and warm, they are the ideal fit for catering companies. 

Working events such as weddings can pay exceptionally well and with tips, an educator turned part-time caterer on the weekends can easily make $150 per event. 

Pros Cons
-Fun work 
-On your feet and active
-Typically get paid in cash
-Can earn quite a bit of money
-Most events occur on weekends
-Very active way or earning extra money
-Must deal with people 

12. Become a Freelance Writer

Teachers are great writers. We write reports, we teach kids how to write, and we are masters at analyzing documents and coming up with content ideas for students. All this to say, writing can also be a lucrative teacher side hustle! 

In fact, freelance writing is one of my favorite side hustles simply because it is so flexible, I generally enjoy writing, and it pays very well! On average, a 1,000-word blog post goes for $50 and up! Depending on the scope of the project, you can easily make $150 or more for a single blog post!

Freelance writing is actually one of the fundamental money makers for me as I typically earn between $500 and $1,000 per month freelance writing! A single blog post can take 30-60 minutes depending on your experience! 

Pros Cons
-Flexible, can be done anywhere. 
-You can charge whatever you would like. 
-Must find steady work, which can be difficult. 
-Writing can be time-consuming

13. Become a Real Estate Agent

Now, I should probably rephrase this and say “Learn to become a great real estate agent,” because simply getting your real estate license doesn’t mean you will make money. 

Real estate is a tough industry that is somewhat saturated (but what isn’t these days?). Needless to say, real estate agents must be personable, diligent, organized, and go-getters. If you’re seriously considering being a real estate agent, start with the steps to becoming an agent. 

Income for a real estate agent truly varies, but 1-3% on each sale can add up depending on your success. 

Pros Cons
-Real estate agents who perform well, earn well
-You are commission-based, which means you can make more
– Not as simple as just “Getting into real estate” 

14. Look Into “We Are Teachers”

Somewhat similar to how Teachers Paying Teachers works, We Are Teachers is an online platform where teachers can also collaborate and exchange resources. 

You can make money as an influencer with We Are Teachers here or even pursue working for the company in several capacities.  

Pros Cons
-Affiliate type income is passive
-Can work in the education space 
-Must have a large following to make affiliate income
-It’s not something you just do like Instacart or surveys

15. Babysitter & Nannying To Make Extra Money!

In my opinion, you really have to love kids if you can teach all week and then go babysit at night or on the weekends. BUT, if that sounds like you, then babysitting or nannying in the summer is a great side hustle idea for you! 

Teachers who love watching kids for others can be paid well and in addition to simply networking yourself, you can also use online platforms to find families to work for such as: 

Pros Cons
-Can be fun if you love kids!
-Get paid under the table or through apps
-Plenty of opportunities to babysit
-Don’t get a break from dealing with kids! 
-You have to make money actively and based on someone else’s time. 

16. Manage Social Media Accounts

Managing social media accounts is one of the best side hustles for teachers. There is quite a bit of flexibility because of all the available scheduling features in addition to being able to most of your work in just a few hours per week. 

Most social media managers can charge $150 per social media channel per month. A viable small business option, a good social media manager can earn quite a bit of side money when they know what they’re doing.

Social media management options include:

  • Scheduling posts on Facebook 
  • Pinterest VA 
  • Making graphics for social media
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Growing Instagram accounts
Pros Cons
-Flexible, simple, and can be done from your phone. 
-You can have ongoing income with monthly clients
-Highly competitive field
-Social media technical knowledge is a must to get results 
-Have to land own clients 

17. Work in Sales

Landscaping, digital marketing, blogging, and exterior remodeling sales are all my summer side hustles! In fact, I do each summer, though the time spent on each vaires. 

Regardless, working in commission-based sales positions is one the BEST ways to make money. You can read an entire article that I wrote here as to why, but when you sell things like roofing, siding, windows, doors, cars, software, and so on, you ultimately get paid for your performance. 

With companies not risking anything by having you sell for them, you’re free to do as you please if you can find the right fit. I have a friend who owns a roofing company who needs help every summer with gutter leads. He pays me 10% of whatever I sell. There have been days where I have made $700 before lunch.  

Pros Cons
-Exciting, fun, and get to talk to people
-Can make a substantial part-time income compared to working hourly
-Can’t be afraid to talk to people
-Have to be at the mercy of the client and “on-call” quite often

18. Coach Travel Sports

My friend who is a PE teacher once said he made over $20,000 one year coaching elite travel soccer. Insert jaw drop emoji. 

In all seriousness, coaching travel sports is a great way to make money especially if you like coaching. As a high school coach you won’t make as much, but on the travel circuit where parents pay for their children to play AAU sports, you can get compensated quite nicely. 

For example, a baseball coach can make $200 all the way to $800 one weekend at a tournament. So if you like coaching sports, consider this teacher side hustle!

Pros Cons
-Coaching sports is fun 
-Give back to your community and make some beer money in the process
-Deal with parents of players
-Travel schedule is packed 

19. Fill Out Surveys Daily

Filling out surveys is not just a way for teachers to make extra money, but for anyone! 

That said, with so many survey sites, or as I like to say “Market Research” opportunities, the fact of the matter is that survey apps and sites don’t pay that well. 

Can you make money with surveys? Yes, and survey sites are legit! However, there are better teacher side hustles on this list that can earn you more money. Surveys are easy to complete when you’re bored or have some spare time since they are quick. 

If interested check out the following survey sites:

Pros Cons
-No experience required
-Surveys pay fast via PayPal or gift cards
-Can do when bored or stuck somewhere and have time to spare
-Quick money
-Surveys don’t pay well
-Can take a long time to make enough money to cash out
-There are better ways to spend your time

20. Freelance Editor

English teachers and teachers in general make great freelance editors! Think about it, teachers grade student work all day, everyday. 

Freelance editing is a great way to make extra money if you’re a  teacher and you can land gigs for freelance editing on websites like UpWork and Fivver. The average, full-time editor makes $65,000 per year. As a freelance editor, you could charge $30 per hour and up, depending on your expertise! 

Pros Cons
-Freelance editors who are good at what they do can make a significant income
-Work from anywhere
-Instead of grading a student’s paper, you’re now editing other documents
-Can be tedious type of work 

21. Virtual Assistant

Teachers are typically highly organized, Type-A personalities. This makes them the ideal candidate for becoming a virtual assistant for small business owners and online entrepreneurs. 

If you’re task-orientated and can manage a few spinning plates at a time, you can work as a virtual assistant completing a number of tasks while getting paid $15-$25 per hour on average.

As a blogger, I regularly use virtual assistant and there are courses online that can't teach you how to become a great VA! 

Pros Cons
-Freedom to work where and when you wantYou can dictate the scope of work and workload/hours.  -Tasks can be very mundane and boring. 
-Must be able to manage a heavy workload. 

22. Sell Courses on Udemy

Teachers, what do we do all day? We teach! 

So why not make some videos of you teaching something that you’re good at and sell the course on Udemy?

Perhaps you know a niche marketing technique or you even have some insider tips for other teachers. Either way, if you can teach others (which you’re a teacher, so of course you can!), then you can use apps like Udemy to make money selling online courses! 

Pros Cons
-Can be passive income
-Can keep 97% of sales when you use your own referral link 
-Highly competitive
-Must have technical experience and also be an expert in what you’re selling

23. Walk Dogs for Neighbors

Teachers are friendly and they love kids. In fact, some teachers miss their students over the summer. So what better way to make money and enjoy some company than to walk your neighbor’s dogs!?

Dog walking is a really simple and enjoyable teacher side hustle that is rewarding. You can charge $10-$15 per walk and most walks are roughly 10 minutes. Some pet owners will pay you more to walk or to even hang out with their pet for longer durations of time. 

Pros Cons
-Fun, flexible, and you’re outside
-Get to work with pets
-Can get paid quickly on PayPal or Venmo
-You can work for an app like Wag or Rover
-You have to pick up dog poopNeed to know how to work with pets
-Some people are super weird with their pets
-You will need to find a substitute if you need a day off (like teaching)!

Final Note.

Teachers make the best side hustlers! 

When it comes to finding the best teacher side hustle or even just ways to make extra money there are certain things that teachers do exceedingly well and should be noted:

  1. Teachers are strong communicators with personable skills
  2. Teachers are great at teaching and explaining things
  3. Teachers are friendly and highly organized
  4. Teachers are good at managing time

These four characteristics make teachers highly coveted for many career fields outside of teaching but also, these same qualities can be leveraged to make extra money in the summer or year-round! 

Many teachers have side hustles involving real estate, small businesses, or tutoring that allow them to make extra money in their spare time! Hopefully, this list provided you with some ideas for your summer break of making extra money! 

Question: What teacher side hustle would you add to this list?

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