These 14 Reasons Are Why Being a Man Is Awesome

Should we be doubting ourselves or doubling down on manliness? An interesting question is percolating in an online discussion post where guys are sharing the greatest things about being a man. Unsurprisingly, there are a few sarcastic comments here. Being a man is confusing in modern times, with many extrinsic forces sowing doubt and dismay. Whether it is manspreading, mansplaining, or just being manly, men sometimes feel guilt-tripped.

1. Bathroom Wait Times

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Men don't ever seem to have to wait in line! At concerts or large gatherings in general, the wait time for the bathroom is seemingly non-existent for male users. 

2. Being Invisible

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One member says that they feel invisible at times being a man and that if you don't make waves, you usually stay that way! However, they also say it can be the worst thing about being a man, too. 

3. Getting To Be Lone Wolves

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“You can live a completely anti-social life without getting bothered, explains our opening man-poster. I agree that men can withstand solitude more than women, though this is a balancing act. “That's also the worst thing,” adds a responder. “It's so easy to isolate.” 

4. Forgetting To Take Care of Yourself

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Following this theme, feeling superfluous is a common thread in this discussion, with several men sharing their feelings. “Thank God for my wife,” confesses one lonesome soul, “otherwise I wouldn't even care about me.”

Consolation comes from another commenter: “This is real,” concurs the thread. “Are you me?”

5. Being Able To Be Alone

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“I noticed that I went a whole week talking to nobody,” says the next poster. Nothing beats peace and quiet; a day fly fishing; or a round of golf. We all enjoy our own company sometimes — perhaps too much in certain cases. 

6. No Expectation To Share Emotions

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In the West, revealing one's emotions is taboo. “People expect you to be more simple and stoic,” explains one guy. “This can be a hindrance when you want to be empathized with over the complexity of existence and mortality.”

This assessment is honest. Men can cry at beauty without being sad. 

7. Lower Expectations The Older You Get

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“I feel like a single man over the age of 35 just needs to be not disgusting to be attractive if that makes any sense,” is our next bloke's burst of wisdom. At 35, men have more money, a career, and a stable life.

However, I feel he is setting the bar low here — we should all aim for our best. 

8. Not Getting Pregnant

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Mothers have a tough job — far tougher than fathers. “You can't get pregnant,” says a full-blooded male, grateful for his lack of fallopian tubes. He fails to mention that we cry when our zipper gets caught. 

9. Parkour!

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“The world is our toilet,” boasts someone who appreciates the benefit of relieving oneself in a standing position. The comment's first reader couldn't resist adding to this. “And our playground,” says this cheeky chap.

While I believe women can seek adventure, none were present for The Office‘s parkour moment. Maybe this is just natural selection, though. 

10. Being Able To Become a Giga Chad

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“Rapid muscle development,” says the thread's resident Chad. Men develop upper body strength faster than women — this is why we always receive jar-opening duties with such aplomb.  

11. Just Chilling Is Easy

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Jerry Seinfeld once joked that women always ask their men what they are thinking as they stare pensively into the ether. “Nothing” is his punchline. “We're just walking around and looking around.”

Men find relaxing easier. “You can think about nothing, stare into the void, and feel at peace,” confirms a fellow daydreamer — this is a man after my own heart. 

12. Needing Purpose

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Men love to be active, whether in mind or body. Sitting around and relaxing is fun for a short time, but we all crave some form of duty. “Even as a teen, I felt great pride in being able to fix things,” explains one of us. He is all of us. 

13. Being Adventurous

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We love adventure or excitement. I find beach holidays difficult sometimes, as there are so many hours to fill. I would much prefer a kayak expedition or a trekking holiday. Meanwhile, my wife can lie in the sun like a reptile and not move for hours, just listen to music and bake. 

14. The Bro Code

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“Bro code,” shares the next bro. He means the secret omerta amongst male friends where each other's peace, sanctity, and reputation stay protected. The bro code is a spectrum; at one end, you have “I'm Spartacus,” while at the other, you have “Snitches get stitches.”

So, what do you gentlemen think? What is the best thing about being a bro?

Source: Reddit.