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The Haunting of Hill House Carla Gugino TV Shows for Fall

Leaves fall from trees, crunchy and gorgeous, Pumpkin Spice features prominently on every Starbucks menu, and a chill hangs in the air. But without a cozy fall TV series, fall can’t hit its full peak. Wondering about the best TV shows for fall vibes? Take a scroll through this list!

1. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

The quintessential fall show, Gilmore Girls, had to go on this list. Set in New England, where the leaves seem to have permanent fall-color in the small, cozy town of Stars Hollow, it follows the lives of a young mother and her daughter. It keeps the audience laughing and warms hearts like a good bowl of soup. Whether watching the Thanksgiving episodes or binge-watching the entire series, this show screams fall!

2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Kiernan Shipka
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn't simply deliver Halloween scares; it also feels like the series where Fall features as a secondary character. And while the chintzier, original show, featuring Melissa Joan Hart, embraced hilarity and hijinks, the reboot features more interesting and creepier plot lines. It could be something about the overcast lighting or the general vibes of Sabrina and her friends, but either way, add this show to the fall must-watch list.

3. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee
Image Credit: Twin Peaks Productions.

An oldie but a goodie!

Sure, Twin Peaks takes place in the dead of winter, but it somehow delivers immaculate fall vibes. The show tends toward the cerebral, but honestly, that makes it so fun. It requires some serious attention to detail to unpack all of the mysteries of the show. Plus, it ticks the box for supernatural behavior and paranormal activity.

4. Abbot Elementary

Abbott Elementary Quinta Brunson
Image Credit: 20th Television.

Who doesn't love Abbot Elementary? One of the funniest shows gracing screens right now, it delivers all the school-fall feelings. Following a group of teachers in Philadelphia just trying to do their best for their students, it gives laughs right alongside poignant moments. Anyone looking for a quick half-hour episode that keeps the laughs coming, give Abbot Elementary a watch!

5. The Chair

The Chair Sandra Oh
Image Credit: Nice Work Ravelli.

Speaking of academic Fall…

The Chair didn't get nearly the hype it deserved when it first came out. Running just one season, it features absolutely iconic acting from Sandra Oh. Fresh off her successes in Grey's Anatomy and Killing Eve, she delivers one of her most raw, honest performances as the chair of a failing English department grappling with personal heartbreak, an adopted daughter she doesn't quite understand, and a coworker who has crossed some boundaries. 

6. Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
Image Credit: Universal Television.

Nothing says “fall” more than football! And Friday Night Lights eats, sleeps, and breathes football – a show that features no shortage of teenage angst and drama. While it might not look like fall on the show (it takes place in Texas; there's only so much they can do!), it still gives those chilly fall night feelings.

7. Outlander

Outlander Caitríona Balfe
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

Any season of Outlander works for fall, but the current season leans into those autumnal crisp mornings and golden leaves. Something about colonial America just smacks of Halloween in New England. Chock full of suspense, romances stretching hundreds of years, and just a touch of magic, Outlander exists for those who loved Game of Thrones but hoped for a little more romance.

8. Them

Image Credit: Vertigo Entertainment.

Spooky, often downright terrifying, Them delivers more than just autumnal aesthetics. Them, Amazon original, follows a Black family who recently moved into an all-white neighborhood in LA in the 50s. Full of suspense and horror and an incredible commentary on racism and how it exists in society, almost like a monster, this terrifying drama couldn’t be more perfect for fall.

9. Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez
Image Credit: 20th Television.

Who can say anything bad about Only Murders! The classic Whodunit has a star-packed cast. Martin Short, Martin Freeman, and Selena Gomez all live in the same apartment building in New York City (one of the most iconic fall locations) and band together in an attempt to solve a murder. Hilarious, irreverent, and just a little spooky, this two-season show makes a great fall watch!

10. Stranger Things

Stranger Things S3-Ep7 Maya Hawke
Image Credit: 21 Laps Entertainment.

Honestly, any of the Stranger Things series works for the fall, but the first two seasons deliver the highest-quality autumnal vibes. Stranger Things manages to echo some of the most iconic horror movie tropes in just an hour-long episode. Paranormal activity abounds, and the reigning Spooky Queen, Winona Ryder, has a starring role. There's no shortage of 80s nostalgia, either.

11. This Is Us

This Is Us Hannah Zeile
Image Credit: 20th Television.

This Is Us tackles the hard issue of family, which somehow always manages to go hand-in-hand with fall. The show focuses on a family of triplets trying to keep their family together while working through some of their old collective scars. More than the family-centric storylines make this show an excellent fall binge. The locations – mostly Pittsburgh, but sometimes New York City – and the seasonal Thanksgiving episodes add to the appeal.

12. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House
Image Credit: Paramount Television.

Based on a classic novel by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House delivers classic horror vibes and nothing but. The darker hue and the fall-colored leaves outside the house emphasize the fall aesthetic, but the scares bring it into the “fall must-watch” genre. At its core, it's an emotional piece about family and how the perspective of childhood changes and shifts over time.

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