These 10 TV Theme Tunes Might Be the Best Ever

Television has gifted us with some fantastic theme tunes over the years. But, of course, we all have our favorites, which can depend on many factors; the era we grew up in, the kind of shows we like, the sort of shows we've been exposed to, and our music tastes, for example.

Redditor u/u/Feisty_Affect_7487 asked, “What is the best TV theme tune of all time?” Here are the best answers.

1. Knight Rider

u/alexRr92 answered, “Knight Rider theme song,” prompting u/moofacemoo to reply, “I know that ‘this' is now hated on reddit, but this. Listen to it by itself with headphones, it's genuinely a masterpiece in maximising notes whilst using very limited instruments (80's keyboards are very limited, if you think otherwise ask yourself why they are so recognisable).”

u/Full-Bluebird385 replied, saying, “Also makes a fantastic phone ring tone. When I was a kid, we all dreamed of having a car like Kitt.”

2. DuckTales

u/SuperBowlMovements suggested “Duck Tales.”

A couple of users chimed in with lyrics from the tune, with “Low-Confusion-7858” saying “Woo-ooo” and u/MrDundee666 replying, “Life is like a hurricane..!”

3. Doctor Who

u/Bongoeagain answered, “Doctor Who,” and u/FatComputerGuy replied, “If you take into account the story of how it came to be recorded for the show's premiere in 1963, this would win hands down. Even without that it's still a very strong contender.”

The story, in a nutshell, is that Delia Derbyshire (assisted by Dick Mills) used musique concrète techniques to realize a score written by composer Ron Grainer well before the availability of commercial synthesizers.

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

u/laglagoon answered, “Prince of Bel air [sic],” and while nobody else suggested it and nobody responded to it, we had to include it here because it's iconic.

Of course, DJ Jazzy Jeff produced the song, while Will Smith performed the often-imitated rap for it.

5. The Simpsons

u/Whitney-Sweet suggested “The Simpsons opening theme.” u/hmischuk humorously replied, “That's the one that goes “Simpson, Homer Simpson. He's the greatest guy in history…” right?”

u/Whitney-Sweet was obviously referring to the brilliant theme composed by Danny Elfman.

6. The A-Team

u/Odd_Adhesiveness4804 answered “The A Team,” and Assman1792 said, “The theme to A-Team never fails to get me pumped up!”

u/Maverick78V went a step further and recited the lyrics to the theme, “In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit…”

7. X-Men: The Animated Series

Several users put this one forward, with u/DougGTFO answering, “X-Men (90s Animated Series),” u/ChambaMamba saying, “X-men animated series for me,” and u/ThomasB66 suggesting “90's x-men cartoon was pretty awesome.”

8. The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero was a particularly popular choice. u/Xernomis suggested “The Greatest American Hero,” and u/friendofwillam said, “Greatest American Hero.

u/Full-Bluebird385 answered, “Greatest American Hero. Brought back to popular consciousness with George Costanza's answering machine message. Which I used to have with a buddy as our message.”

u/NeuHundred said, “Greatest American Hero. Because it might be one of the only ones that works as its own song.”

9. Game of Thrones

u/Embarrassed-Bar-9745 answered, “Game of Thrones,” prompting u/PrayStrayAndDontObey to reply, “If there was one thing in Game of Thrones that didn't downgrade in quality, it was the music.”

u/JollyStoner also responded, saying “Wiener wiener wiener…” referencing the hilarious parody of the Game of Thrones theme tune from South Park.

10. Friends

u/Whitney-Sweet answered, “Friends: “I will be there for you…””

u/PrayStrayAndDontObey said, “Friends. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing theme song, but it is as iconic as the theme songs from Pokémon and Game of Thrones.”

The song was, of course, released as a single in 1995 by pop rock duo the Rembrandts.

What would you add to the list?

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