5 Best VR Desktop Apps to Use in 2022

I hope you agree with me when I say:

Virtual reality is not only changing the way we interact and play games but also the way we work and socialize

One of the significant ways you change your work environment is using a VR or, precisely, a VR desktop app. These types of applications let you use a desktop VR headset and change the scenery at will, giving you ease of mind.

There are dozens of great VR desktop apps out there, each with its own set of functionalities, making the whole process of choosing the best VR desktop app a bit difficult.

This is why today we will review most of them individually, so at the end you can answer questions like what is the best VR app? Also, make sure to check our previous articles as 6 Best WMR Headsets To Buy in 2022 or 10 Best VR for Gaming. If you want to find a good VR headset for your PC first check this article out. So, let's get into it!

Best VR Desktop App 2022:

Here is the list of the top VR virtual desktop apps currently available:

1)  Virtual Desktop

capsule 616x353 e1614330259583Why we love it:

  • Highly compatible with Oculus gear
  • Top-notch visuals than any other app
  • Easy to use and adjust

At number one spot, we have the Virtual Desktop, which is our pick for the overall top VR desktop app. It will allow you to easily access your desktop PC from anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection), which means that you can play your VR games pc without any complication.
Besides, it's currently available for $6.99 as best steam VR desktop utility, so will get the most out of your time while spending less. It is also worth noting that this virtual desktop gear VR also supports Mac now along with 3D SBS movies.
And if you're into a bit of versatility, then you will be glad to know that you can access multiple monitors at once by using the VR desktop app. It is easy to set up and use, and the user navigation offered by this VR remote desktop is one of a kind. You can find everything you need right on the spot compared to many free desktop VR apps.
Although most users complain that it lacks a proper controller channel, it shouldn't be much of an issue for the price tag. Furthermore, this utility allows its users to lock on the desktop VR headset for better visuals and provide extensive settings to change the size, curvature, and distance of the display.
These perks are quite helpful for productivity and even for entertainment. This VR virtual desktop also lacks social functionality; however, it does include a 360-degree video and photo viewer. Videos can be streamed directly from the web or accessed via file according to one's preferences.
All in all, there might be various similar applications to this. However, most of them will require you to sideload an application using ADB, which is kind of annoying. So, when you as what is the best VR app? The answer is simply the VR desktop app. Get this VR desktop app today, and change your experience.

2)  Bigscreen

header 1 e1614330396511Why we love it:

  • Great emphasis on social VR interaction
  • Significant for watching movies
  • One of the free desktop VR apps

Watching movies is nothing new and has been there from the get-go. That's because taking any movie or TV show and putting it up to the size of a movie theatre is widely appealing. However, the technology surrounding this dilemma has never been there, except now. This is the reason why Bigscreen come into place.
It takes the great part of many apps' video watching functionality and builds upon it, providing ultimate experience. It's also compatible with most desktop VR headsets, including the Oculus Go, which is the best VR system. If your currently short of budget, you will be glad to know that it a free desktop VR app, making it a perfect 10/10 VR remote desktop app in our diary.
One of the biggest appeals for this VR desktop display utility is its ability to watch the movies you rent with other people of your choice. You can even create and join rooms with other random people, making it one of the top socializing virtual desktop VR free applications.
The two primary ways of watching movies in Bigscreen is through the screen share VR desktop display mode and straight out running it on VR headset for pc. Once you load out any other apps in it, you will notice that the controls are responsive, no stutters, as well as no resolution drops.
It may be one of the finest VR apps in terms of entertainment. However, the navigation might be a bit of hustle at first glance. Using controllers, Bigscreen has dramatically upped their game by integrating laser pointer, unique interference, and a hand-held keyboard.
This is beneficial for those who want to enjoy VR games pc without any complication. So, make sure to check How to Install Beat Saber Custom Songs in this regard. In conclusion, it's one of the best virtual desktop VR free apps with tons of features under its belt. Besides, the level of detail it provides is undoubtedly out of the world.

3)  Immersed VR

1 r4 p0WBDPfSDNRb s 0YRw 1 e1614330533463Why we love it:

  • Supports multiple tracking pads
  • Highly efficient for productivity
  • Cutting edge VR conference included

When it comes to what is the best VR app? The general answer may be complicated as you think. However, one of the finest VR virtual desktops that is often mismatched is the Immersed VR. It is a virtual reality productivity app that mainly focuses on increasing the workflow at the individual level.
This virtual desktop gear VR was launched first in July back in 2020, and it's usable on both Oculus Quest 1 and 2 and Oculus Go (which is the finest VR system). Like many steam VR desktop utilities, it requires a desktop application to be installed on your computer to allow cloud-based streaming.
In contrast to that, you can also do WIFI direct as another option. In terms of latency, Immersed VR can work surprisingly well as compared to many VR desktop apps.
Furthermore, this application allows users to work solo using different virtual screens or collaborate with others for virtual whiteboard sessions. When we talk about the best VR apps, it holds as a strong contender. The primary reason for this due to it allows mapping of your physical keyboard in your virtual environment.
So, enable it in your settings and calibrate it physically by pressing certain keys in a specific order. Although it may lack keyboard collaboration, this functionality is still in development to expect better results in the near future. It's an all-around VR app that we highly recommend to our viewers at the end of the day
Additionally, its impact can be significantly increased as you try to answer what VR should I buy? Also, make sure to invest in featured headphone straps for optimal concentration..

4)  Windows Cliff House

maxresdefault 7 1 e1614330953625Why we love it:

  • Immersive VR experience
  • Easy to navigate
  • Highly intuitive in performance

If you are tired of a traditional VR headset for pc that offers the same VR remote desktop display and wants an immersive yet highly productive experience, then the Cliff House by Windows is made just for you.
Windows call its VR experience mixed reality because it is integrated with a hollow lens, so it goes in and out of existence whenever the user desires. This best VR virtual desktop's central selling point is that it uses no sensors integrated, and the entire system is based on high-end tracking.
This will lead you to better visuals so that you can perform daily tasks without any hustle. On top of that, just like your desktop interference, it gives the ability you to customize your surroundings, providing extra ease of mind.
The pop-up windows are floating-based, and the entire Start menu follows a 3D aesthetics. It is equipped with motion controllers so you can instantly teleport to the desired spot in your virtual environment. You can even adjust different apps in various areas inside the Cliff House, which is useful for those who want to keep organized.
If that's not enough, you will praise the direct implementation of window-based features such as Cortana. So, use your voice commands in a virtual space and get the desired results. And if you're a writer, you should benefit from the definite keyboard system.
Generally speaking, Windows Cliff House is absolutely free of cost, but the catch here is that they are only compatible with Windows Mixed Reality headsets. However, this virtual desktop VR free is worth the price if you want the ultimate experience

5)  Moonlight Player

1 cSkxPW7XJezgMdnc7E5yHg e1614331048906Why we love it:

  • One of the smoothest remote desktops
  • Compatible with Oculus VR headset for pc
  • Ultra-high 4K resolution

The benefits of technology are limitless, which is the reason why you can get a free wireless virtual desktop VR windows 10 on either your computer or laptop using the Oculus Quest called Moonlight Player. Millions praise it because it supports a decent WIFI connection with up to 4K resolution at smooth 60 FPS.
This is currently one of the best VR apps free of the cost compared to other alternatives that cost you anywhere around $20. On top of that, it works wonders on Oculus Quest, which is the greatest VR system in terms of performance.

Using Moonlight virtual desktop on your computer gives you endless possibilities while being impressed in the VR space.
You can use it on your Oculus VR headset to play games, watch your downloaded movies, browse videos on YouTube, complete your assignments, edit videos or have a virtual space to relax. Most of the applications like Virtual desktop require you to install a separate software on your PC, while others like Bigscreen may be free, but the frame rate they provide is horrendous.
However, Moonlight player gives you extra freedom of mind and even provides you with better resolutions, or you can say better frame rates. Additionally, it uses the Nvidia game stream to send the image, which is built-in to the GeForce Experience software. Yes, the only requirement here is to have a PC or a laptop with Nvidia GPUBut if you can tackle this issue, your good to go!
To access the internal applications, you can either use your keyboard or even the built-in mouse support, which has two different mouse modes. So, when you ask yourself, what is the best free VR app? Then you need to consider Moonlight Player. Its installation is pretty straightforward, and the clarity it provides is truly phenomenal.


So, these were our thoughts on the five best VR desktop apps that are widely recommended in 2022. Honestly, if you ask us what is the greatest free VR app? We could say that it depends upon your preferences. If you can pay a bit, then you should definitely go for services like Virtual Desktop.
In contrast to that, for those currently struggling monetarily, apps like Moonlight Player are game-changers. Before choosing VR desktop apps, you should definitely ask yourself, what VR should I buy? each of them is compatible with their own set of software.
There is no second thought that Virtual Desktop is currently the strongest contender on the market due to strong visuals and easy-to-use interference.

Q1, Where's my desktop in VR, and how can I find it?
Most of the time, you can't view your VR pc desktop due to improper settings. To view your desktop in VR, use the preferred controllers and enter the VR dashboard. Then select the desktop window located in the far-right section.
Q2, What is the best VR headset for developing apps?
Both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are strong contenders for developing apps. However, the Vive wins the race because of dozens of positive reviews on multiple surveys.
Q3, How to open desktop up steam VR?
Many VR game opens on desktop through steam VR by pressing the system button on the controller.