5 Best Ways To Save on Clothes for Your Kids

Are you looking for the best ways to save on clothes for your kids?

Buying children's clothes under normal circumstances is so exciting more so when anticipating the arrival of the very first angels.

As the child grows from month to month however, the excitement tends to an aloof since the clothes require a series of replacement due to rapidly being outgrown by the growing little one.

Worse still, baby clothes are very expensive and so attractive that you may be persuaded to ignore prices and carry an entire mall home.

Have you been pondering how to minimize expenses on children's clothes for quite a while?

Well, you are just in the right place! Read on and get educated on how to save a dollar on baby clothes and maintain them to perfection.


5 Best Ways To Save on Clothes for Your Kids

1. Buy Quality and Not Quantity

Good quality clothes normally retain color and style for long periods of time when properly handled.

Buy good quality clothes for your first kid and see the magic work itself out (you may end up passing over one cloth to 3 more of your kids without them necessarily getting worn out).

Parents often to boycott quality clothes because of being accompanied with relatively higher prices compared to the others.

It makes no sense to buy 5 sweaters at ago and have them all wornout in a very short period of time, you therefore ought to buy 1 that will be passed on from your kids to your grand kids.

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You may as well opt to re-sell them and get back the value of your money!

It is better to be a minimalist while maintaining quality than buying a lot of low quality junk that will last only a few weeks before getting torn.

As always said, people who opt for cheap things will always incur unnecessary costs.


2. Buy Size Ahead of Your Babies.

As mentioned earlier, the rate at which babies grow is extremely high and you may find yourself having to buy new sets of clothes every other month.

I must admit that babies look so cute and well tending when they are dressed in perfectly fitting clothes (and not so nice in buggie ones).

Slightly bigger clothes can however be good sources of warmth for your little one during the night and on cold days.

You should therefore secure some buggy clothes for your baby and watch them grow into them as time goes by.

The clothes should however not be excessively big as these may cause obstruction in your baby's airway which is so alarming.


3. Buy Used Clothes and Resale Your Old Ones Too

The fact that babies outgrow most of their clothes within no time, parents tend to find themselves stack with piles of clothes that are actually still in good shape.

If you ever find yourself in such scenarios, try and put the clothes on garage sale!

That way, you will not only help a mother save but also get back money to your wallet.


4. Do Your Shopping Out of Season

You may have noticed that jackets and scarfs your size become way too expensive during winter and bikinis too during summer.

This actually implies to baby clothes as well is because most people struggle to buy them in the exact season and the seller to have it in mind that at the time; you have no choice but to buy thus exaggerating the prices. Avoid incurring unnecessary expenses, play your cards clean.

Most of the stores actually tend to sell clothes at giveaway prices when out of season! Be the clever hare!


5. Use Social Media Swap Groups

In this error of technology, things have been simplified for you! Mothers these days create groups on social media more so Facebook and they comfortably swap or even sell items amongst each other.

The items exchanged are normally home items including baby clothes and accessories and these are often at satisfactory prices. Hurry up and join one of these groups. Save a dollar!


Additional Baby Cloth Money Saving Hacks

1. Buy Neutral Clothes.

Clothes with general style and color can be worn by both girls and boys, always opt for the white, green, grey and so on.

Minimize on the pink and blue!! This way you can easily pass down the clothes to your other kids plus; – chances are high that those clothes will easily be bought if you decide to sell them off.


2. Be Creative.

Creative parents always getaway at saving. The creativity could be in making your own baby clothes (crocheting perhaps; buying yarn is sometimes way cheaper than buying already made stuff) or simply restyling the ones you have.


Noticed a small damage on junior's romper? Sew it darling, do not wisk it into the trash can. The baby may have out grown some of some cute rompers as well.

How about make arm and leg openings by simply cutting the cuffs of.


3. Buy Comfortable Clothes.

I have always seen parents buy beautiful baby attires for parties and they put them on their children just a few times. Babies look cute in clothes but not all of them are comfortable.

What is the essence of dressing an innocent kid like a bride and have them cry all through the period of wearing it as a result of discomfort.


4. Make Clear Lists on The Exact Clothes You Need.

By doing so, you will be able to limit yourself to only what you want and also save yourself the pinch of having similar clothes filling up you munchkin's wardrobe unnecessarily filled.

Avoid buying unplanned for things.


5. Accept Clothes From Friends and Family.

This technically does not apply to everyone. But if you do not mind receiving clothes from colleagues, then go ahead and do so. You will save yourself a fortune!


6. Stick to Stockings for The First 9-11 Months.

Does it make sense buying shoes for someone who is not walking? Babies do not really need shoes at these months, so do not splash that dollar away.

Stocking are ideal foot warmers and are way more comfortable than shoes but if you really cannot wait to see your little one  have one later; buy a pair or two only.


7. Choose Clothes That Are Very Easy To Maintain.

These are baby clothes for Christ's sake!! You need not buy Chiffon, silk zibeline or satin for a toddler. It really makes no sense!

Buy simple easy to maintain organic materials like cotton, microfiber and so on. Do not complicate your life.

Look for simple clothes that will reduce the number of trips you make to the Laundromat near you.


Tips on How To Maintain Baby Clothes

Saving money on baby clothes sometimes requires your cautiousness as well.

These few tips should help you keep baby clothes for a quite a longer period of time.

1. Do Not Buy Brands.

You are dressing a baby for Christ's sake!! Why opt for expensive brands that will only be noticed by sheets covering your little one.

Not everyone is going to notice them and even if they did, the baby will not be able to take the compliment.


2. Wash Baby Clothes Separately.

 Baby clothes usually have unique textures that can easily be ruined when mixed with adult clothes and most adult clothes normally fade.

Just wash them separately and ensure to wash them according to color variations.


3. Wash The Clothes as Soon as You Can.

Babies are known for easing themselves every other time and this can get annoying if you are the type who does not maximally depend on diapers.

Weaning babies are at a point worse because they seem determined to smudge food and dirt all over their clothes.

Endeavor to always do the washing as soon as you can since the more the stain stays in it, the more likely it is to retain the stain and look horrible.


4. Follow Washing Instructions.

People often tend to ignore the wash instructions attached on their clothes because they simply do not mind or rather have no time for such, forgetting that baby clothes have unique texture.

If you are sticking to saving some money on those little clothes, you must read the instructions to wash as instructed and avoid burning down a cute pierce before the little one even gets to wear it.

Most humans are not good at following instructions but try to make a difference!


5. Store Outgrown Baby Clothes in Vacuum Containers.

Even as most people opt to use boxes to store out of use clothes, vacuum containers do it quite better since they completely lock out moisture and dirt that can be potential cloth contaminators.


6. Let People Know.

Most people these days opt to keep pregnancies secretive, forgetting that they could actually be gifted some free baby items; clothes inclusive.

Sometimes even after giving birth you can freely talk to friends and family in cases where you fail to find cheaper attires in baby stores.

Friends and family are quite day savers at this!


When Is The Perfect Time To Buy Baby Clothes

1. Avoid Last Minute Shopping.

Always try to do your shopping as early as you can; do not wait for your baby bump to weigh you down before you buy the baby's clothes (this is actually a little similar to off-season shopping).

Store keepers sometimes take advantage of ‘desperate shoppers' by charging them higher than usual. This actually applies to all baby accessories.

The best time to start shopping for your soon to come bundle of joy is after the first three months since at the time even the gender of the child is known.


Conclusion: 5 Best Ways To Save On Kid’s Clothes

Babies cannot dictate what they want or do not want to put on. Considering this fact; there are many other ways you can save on those tiny clothes depending on your own level of creativity and flexibility. Just keep in mind to have enough clothes since babies often get messy but do not use this as an opportunity to fill up the house with unnecessary baby clothes.

I hope you found this article on the best ways to save on kid’s clothes helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which saving hack are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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