6 Best Websites to Do Your Homework

Are you looking for the best websites to do your homework?

Have you been scouring the internet looking for websites to do your homework online? If you have, look no further because in this article piece, we’ll be giving you really good websites that you can learn from while having fun at the same time.

Here in this article are 6 websites that you can access from many countries all over the world starting from the sixth best to the best website.


1.  PHD Researchers and Writers

Finally, the best website on our list and arguably the best website to do your homework in our opinion, PHD Researchers and writers.

It is listed here as a website where you can have your homework done but this website will also provide services to anyone on a higher level of study such as diploma, degree, masters and PhD.

Most websites out there have a main focus of only providing answers to your homework, but this website has all the services you would need as a student and a worker as well.

Some of the services provided as indicated on their website are writing your tests, doing research for you, project proposal writing, carrying out data analysis for you, editing scripts, proofreading documents and books as well as essay and article writing among others.

The subjects offered are also of a wide variety from mathematics to economics, computer science, English, biology and mechanical science among others.

To gain access to these services, first after opening their website, you will access the menu at the top and register as a client.

The process is very quick and will take you a short time to complete. From here, you can have access to their services.

You can post your question on the page and will receive a response in a very short time. The pricing of work is not fixed and will vary depending on the size of work you want to be done for you, the urgency of the assignment and the level or category of work, either high school, college or university level work.

pricing table

The website does have a minimum price of $18 per page of work submitted and this is the base amount. You will be given a price quotation after submitting your entire piece of work.

Assignments can also be completed much faster on request and at an equally affordable price. Keep in mind though that larger assignments and higher-level work such as PhD research will cost you more than this.

One of the awesome features of this website is their on-page chat, which will allow you get a hold of somebody whenever you may need assistance, a really important gesture.

In addition to all this, if you are someone looking to join their pool of workers, you can also be able to do so.

On the main menu and under register, you will register as a worker. Joining is easy but any level you join has requirements which you must meet in order to be accepted to work as a worker.

For lower levels like high school, you may not need to submit any qualification documents but beyond that, you will be asked to submit some qualification documents in order to be accepted.

This ensures that the website maintains its high-quality standard and delivery rate. The pay is really good as well as the flexible working schedule they offer.

This means that you can log in and work on the go as long as you have access to a computer with internet access.

They also offer benefits to highly productive workers who are also consistent.



  • Affordable
  • Offers a wide range of subjects
  • Perfect for all study levels i.e., from high school to PhD level
  • Live chat on homepage
  • Good pay for their pool of writers



  • Many sign-up requirements for higher level workers


PHD Researchers and Writers ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality work and reliability.

For that reason, it is the website we definitely recommend to anyone looking to have their homework and assignments done for them.


2. Schoolsolver.com

School solver is a website that will deliver top quality answers to students in a short span of time. You will have to sign up on at the home pay and create an account for yourself.

After that, you will be able to access the “ask questions” panel. Students will come here to ask question and then it’s up to experts to answer them.

You will be able to put what you are willing to pay on the question you are asking and it is affordable to. It could go from as low as a few cents to a couple of dollars.

This will depend on how much work you want to be done for you, either a few questions or even a whole assignment all together.

In other words, the more the work you submit to be done, the more you will offer but all with guaranteed top quality answers.

School solver can also allow you to answer questions from other students. You can access that through the answer questions panel on the home page as well.

Here, you’ll be able to see all the different types of questions that are being asked. The questions are all categorized depending on the group they fall under.

The pages of work are so many and you can go on there and do as many as you want depending on your ability.



  • Affordably
  • Allows you to give an offer
  • Large pool of work pages available for tutoring



  • Students are usually willing to pay low amounts


3. HelpWithAssignment.com

This website is very very similar to the last one. Students will come here to ask questions and have their questions answered by top tutors on the website.

Helpwithassignment.com is the number one assignment help service provider. Its prices are quite low, starting at $9.50 per page of homework that you want to be done for you.

This page though doesn’t have a clear sign up button, so the best way to get signed up is to use their on-page live chat platform to get assistance on that as well as ask about anything you would need to know about navigating the site.

This website is highly rated and has a well learned and educated community of tutors who on sign-up are required to provide documents of qualification.

So in this case, it is one which will offer you top quality solutions for your questions.

Again, the prices you will be required to pay are all dependent on the amount of work you want to be done and its difficulty too.

In any case that you want to join their pool of tutors, you could also reach out to them either through their on-page chat platform or directly emailing them regarding job opportunities they may have.



  • Easy to navigate website
  • Very affordable



  • Not easy to sign up as a tutor
  • High requirements for tutors


4. Tutor.com

One of the most popular tutoring sites on the internet, tutor.com is an amazing website for doing your homework for sure.

Tutor positions on this website all range from all sorts of levels, all the way from kindergarten level all the way up to university or college level coursework.

They’ve got all sorts of different subjects on there including computer science calculus, physics, accounting, biology and many more of those popular subjects students always need help with.

Payment on this website just like the others will depend on the assignment size and difficulty as well. One thing for sure is the quality of answers for assignments submitted is really top quality with guaranteed results and value for your money.

The tutors are really good and committed to their work. Application to this website is really easy as well. You will just access it through the main menu at the top and sign up as a student.

If you’re a tutor that’s also looking to join tutor.com, you may also sign up through the same menu, and become a tutor button.

You will fill out a form of application, do a subject exam, a background check then you can start tutoring. It is a pretty lengthy procedure as compared to the previous websites listed above, more like a job, but it is worth it for sure.

This website has some really good incentives added to the payment you can earn from work done.

For every high level consistent work you submit, they will give you some incentives and bonuses with that.

You can also check out our comprehensive tutor review here.


  • Various tutoring levels available
  • Top quality assignment answers
  • Many incentives and bonuses for tutors



  • Pretty lengthy process to sign up for tutoring job
  • Varying pay for tutors


5. TutorMe.com

Very similar to the last one we’ve listed, tutorme.com is a totally reliable website you can use to do your homework.

TutorMe.com has a wide variety of subjects including Python, instrument lessons such as piano lessons, library information science, English, statistics, algebra, computer science, and many other lessons you can be tutored on.

If you want to get started, you can just scroll right down to the bottom menu and browse tutors to select which subject you would like to be tutored on.

Payment on this website is on hourly basis though, with students or customers on here having to pay depending on the amount of time they spend being tutored on the website.

The payment is affordable though, which is a plus combined with the fact that the tutors will deliver quality works as well.

Same as the other websites as well, you can also sign up to be a tutor in case you’ve got what it takes. Just scroll down the home page and at the bottom menu and under partner with us, select “become a tutor” and from there, follow the steps given to apply.

You’ll start your application, fill out some basic information about yourself including education and work experience, select the subjects you have mastered and an teach from the over 300 different subjects options they have on the website.

You will then be able to connect with students once you’ve been approved because the website will start sending students your way.

Start tutoring students and get paid each week. One small difference with this website though is that it has a base amount of pay (set pay rate).

This set pay rate per hour is $18, inclusive of bonuses they will give you. They also give you a very flexible schedule and you can do it anywhere in the world as long as you have computer access to a computer with good internet connectivity.

This is a really good website and one you should definitely checkout.



  • Well learned and qualified tutors
  • Affordable for short assignments
  • Top quality work
  • Flexible working schedule for tutors
  • Very good pay for tutors



  • May be pricey for long assignments and classes because of the hourly payment terms
  • Requires top qualifications to work as a tutor


6. Studypool.com

Last but not least, one of the best tutoring websites and in our opinion the best website on this list, studypool.com. This website is known as a micro tutoring company.

Basically, this means that it is meant for quick tutoring projects and homework help.

It is marketed as a tutoring company but most of the students that use this websites have one aim which is pretty much having their assignments and homework done and completed.

So most of the tasks are relatively quick but you can hand in some bigger ones now and again.

Bigger and tougher assignments will call for a higher price since they will require more time to complete so do keep that in mind as well.

You will put up a question and tutors will have to bid on your question. In many cases, you will go with the cheapest price bid as it fits within your budget and then on accepting the bid, the tutor will start answering it right away.

Alternatively, instead of taking the smallest bid, you can also have a look at the tutors’ profiles and decided which tutor you will want doing your assignment for you depending on their reviews, completed homeworks and all that stuff.

Similarly, studypol.com is a really great website for working as a tutor as well. It is very flexible and this allows you to sign in to work whenever you are free and have time to spare and make money.

Signing up is quite simple.

What you do is access the top menu, click on the “Become a Tutor” button and apply right there. People on this website earn up to $7,500 a month working from home tutoring students and that goes to show how good this can be.

The highest earner has made over $645,000 from this website as a tutor which I just absolutely insane showing you how much money people can make from this website.

This is why Studypool.com is our number one pick for the best website to do your homework and we highly recommend it for students looking for websites to do their assignments as well as anyone looking to become a tutor and help people with their homework while earning really good money for it.



  • Top quality tutors
  • Highly rated with top quality homework results
  • Very good rate of delivery
  • Very good pay
  • Flexible work schedule for tutors
  • Easy to join the tutoring community



  • May not be so cheap for some students