What’s the Best WordPress Hosting for SEO?

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If your target is high-traffic WordPress web hosting, your focus must be unique. Pricing might be a relatively less important factor compared to performance and reliability.

To help you get the best hosting services for your high-traffic WordPress websites, we have gathered five hosts that are used by real high-traffic sites.

These WordPress hosting service providers aren't the cheapest around. However, they offer value for money when it comes to performance, and they can help ensure that your site loads fast site for hundreds or thousands of visitors. You can expect to pay over 50 USD a month for these hosts.

So, here are the five best WordPress hosting service providers for SEO.


What Hosting Is Best For SEO?

Kinsta is the best hosting service for SEO. Despite its highly priced plans, it offers a fast, reliable managed WordPress hosting based on the Google Cloud Platform.


1. Kinsta (kinsta.com)


Kinsta is a renowned managed WordPress hosting service. It uses infrastructure that has the back of the top-tier Google Cloud Platform-the same infrastructure that Google uses for its services.

Kinsta is designed to work well for Seo optimized websites websites and with a lot of traffic, and it also has features that make life easier for WordPress users, like automatic daily backups, easy staging, and a custom hosting dashboard.


Key characteristics of high-traffic websites:

  • The Google Cloud Platform infrastructure includes
  • Nginx is a web server.
  • Caching at server level through Nginx FastCGI cache
  • Built-in CDN powered by KeyCDN
  • There is seamless scalability as Kinsta allows you to downgrade or upgrade your plan.
  • Add-ons such as Elasticsearch and Cloudflare Railgun for enhanced performance.
  • Kinsta will never cut off your website for a traffic spike. You will only have to pay a transparent overage fee per your usage.
  • An SLA guarantees monthly 99.9% uptime.
  • Dashboard with detailed analytics to monitor usage and New Relic monitoring.


Kinsta-hosted high-traffic WordPress websites

TripAdvisor, Ubisoft, FreshBooks, Buffer




Kinsta has hundreds of plans for multiple needs. Like other managed WordPress hosts, each plan comes with a monthly visit restriction. Kinsta will not close your website if you exceed the limit. However, you will have to pay overages or higher tier up-gradation.

  • Starter—29.17 USD per month for 25,000 visits (an entry-level plan)
  • Business 1 – 100 USD per month for 100,000 visits
  •    Enterprise 1 –600 USD per month for 1,000,000 visits
  • Business 3 –300 USD per month for 400,000 visits


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2. Pagely (pagely.com)


Pagely is a pioneer and among the oldest managed WordPress hosts. While different WordPress hosts went “downmarket” to offer affordable plans for casual users, Pagely chose “upmarket” and focused on quality rather than price.

Pagely's prices are not low. However, no one would go for the cheapest option if they wanted the best WordPress hosting services for SEO.


Key Features for High-Traffic Sites:

  • The infrastructure is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Amazon Route 53 powers Premium DNS for quicker page load times.
  • Nginx web server; however, you can use Apache too with Nginx in front to act as a reverse proxy.
  • Uptime is 100% guaranteed through an SLA. This is the maximum uptime guarantee of any host we have covered here.
  • PressCache serves cached content from a worldwide network of edge servers. Think of it kind of like caching and a CDN combined.
  • On-demand photo optimization to quicken load times.
  • Serverless WordPress hosting option


High-traffic WordPress websites hosted at Pagely:

Booking.com, Virgin Atlantic, Visa, Garmin, Nginx



Pagely offers both VPS and enterprise plans. Here's a sample of the prices:

  • VBURST-1 – 199 USD per month
  • VPS-1 –499 USD per month
  • VPS-1+ (High Availability) –1,249 USD per month
  • Preconfigured Enterprise plan – begins at 2,500 USD/month
  • Custom clusters – start at $5,000 per month

You can get 5% off if you pay annually. Also, Pagely does not believe in any arbitrary limits on the number of visitors per month.

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3. WP Engine (wpengine.com)


WP Engine has cemented its spot as one of the renowned and popular managed WordPress hosting services. WP Engine proclaims itself as a “WordPress Digital Experience Platform.” It's a signal that it's more than hosting.

For instance, you get the well-known child themes and Genesis framework for free, and credit goes to WP Engine's acquisition of StudioPress.

WP Engine comes with many convenient managed WordPress features, such as staging sites and automatic backups.


Key features for high-traffic sites:

  • Server-level caching via Varnish and Memcached
  • Performance monitoring via New Relic and a dedicated Page Performance tool to find weak points when your site is under load.
  • Built-in CDN service for faster global load times and reduced server load.
  • Nginx server stack.
  • AWS is the cloud infrastructure that
  • 95% uptime guarantee via an SLA (excluding any “excused downtime,” including scheduled and emergency maintenance).


High-traffic WP websites hosted at WP Engine:

Under Armour, AMD Developer Central, Jobvite



WP Engine provides three pre-set plans and a custom plan for extensive requirements.

Similar to Kinsta, every plan has a monthly visit limit. You will also need to upgrade if you cross that limit. The overage fee of WP Engine is identical to Kinsta's at $1 for every 1,000 visitors over your limit:

  • Startup – 20 USD/month for up to 25,000 visits
  • Growth – 86.25 USD/month for up to 100,000 visits
  • Scale – 217.50 USD/month for up to 400,000 visits
  • Custom – contact sales for handling more visitors

Get two months free if you want to pay annually.


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4. Pantheon (pantheon.io)



Pantheon is a well-known WordPress host that provides scalable infrastructure developed on the Google Cloud Platform. Pantheon is similar to Kinsta, but it uses a slightly different technology stack on the Google Cloud Platform.

Apart from a high-performing technology stack, Pantheon carries a lot of convenient features like automatic updates and backups, different staging environments, and more.


Key characteristics of high-traffic websites:

  • Nginx web server.
  • Caching at the server level through Redis and Varnish
  • Elastic hosting makes it seamless to scale your website and handle traffic spikes.
  • Global CDN developed into hosting, powered by Fastly.
  • Monitoring of application performance using New Relic
  • Over 99% guaranteed monthly uptime through an SLA (only for Elite plans).

High-traffic WordPress sites hosted at Pantheon:

MIT, Patagonia, SendGrid.



Like WP Engine or Kinsta, Pantheon offers a traffic limit, and you will need to pay overages for limit breaches. Overage charges are significantly higher than those two hosts, at $2.50/1,000.

  • Basic –41 USD/month for up to 25,000 visits
  • Performance: four slabs, beginning at 160 USD/month and 916 USD/month.
  • Elite – you need to contact sales. Elite can handle up to 10 million visits per month.

All prices are prepaid annually, which can be a hefty investment.


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5. SiteGround (siteground.com)


SiteGround is known for its budget-friendly plans regarding managed WordPress hosting. The advanced features, like server-level caching, staging, automatic updates, and more, are packed into one low-priced package.

Shared plans for SiteGround work for high-traffic WP sites to a point. GoGeek, the highest-tier plan, supports around 100,000 monthly visits. Moreover, smart caching or optimization can aid you in going beyond that.

However, a better alternative for high-traffic websites may be SiteGround's cloud hosting plans, which offer dedicated resources at an affordable price.



Key features for high-traffic sites:

  • Caching at the server level with Memcached and Nginx
  • Dedicated and managed resources and seamless scalability are part of the cloud plans.
  • 9% uptime guarantee (annually) via an SLA.
  • Free CDN integration through Cloudflare.


High-traffic WP sites hosted at SiteGround:

WPShout, WPLift



No arbitrary limits on SiteGround. However, it lists estimated visits for its shared plans; there are no hard limits.

SiteGround's actual limits (on shared plans) involve CPU usage, while cloud plans don't have arbitrary limits because you're paying for dedicated resources:

  • GoGeek shared plan – 10.69 USD/month promotional pricing.for up to 100,000 monthly visits.
  • Cloud hosting ranges from $100/month to $240/month, depending on what resources your website requires.


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Final Thoughts: Best WordPress Hosting For SEO.   

WordPress hosting services play a key role in the success of any online business.

And for that reason my friends at WP Experts have compiled the best premium WordPress hosting services for high-traffic websites. They are all top-quality hosts. However, your choice comes down to specific needs of your business as well as your budget.

The overall best hosting service for SEO is Kinsta.

But if you are running a tight ship and only have a few cents to spare for your web hosting needs then you can also choose from;

I do hope you found this blog post on the best hosting services for SEO helpful.

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