Better Call Saul: Palm Coast Sprinklers and its representation of Kim Wexler

Better Call Saul: Palm Coast Sprinklers and its representation of Kim Wexler

Better Call Saul conclusion revealed Kim Wexler fate after Breaking Bad working at the Palm Coast Sprinklers, which represented how her life was worse than being in jail.

Better Call Saul concluded its six-season run in August 2022. The episodes leading to the series finale revealed the fate of the show’s characters after the events that took place in Breaking Bad, as the series was a prequel-sequel to the hit AMC original show.

As such, it revealed the fate of Kim Wexler and why she did not appear on Breaking Bad. The character started working at the Palm Coast Sprinklers with a new partner and a new life.

But while she did escape imprisonment, it seemed that her new life was worse than a life of imprisonment, as she was a completely different person.

Was Better Call Saul cancelled?

Better Call Saul was the much-anticipated sequel to Breaking Bad. However, technically the sequel was touted as a prequel as the events of the series take place six years before Jimmy McGill or Saul Goodman meet Walter White.

Whether the series was cancelled or not is unclear as season five of the show had seen a nine percent drop in total viewership from to the previous season.

However, even as the news of the drop in viewership numbers was circulated, the series was already confirmed for its sixth and final season, which has since concluded.

Better Call Saul: Palm Coast Sprinklers and its representation of Kim Wexler

The final episodes of Better Call Saul helped tie the loose ends that had fascinated many who watched Breaking Bad before watching Better Call Saul.

One of the biggest answers that the final episodes provided viewers was why Kim Wexler was not a part of Breaking Bad.

This is as Kim Wexler had left Jimmy McGill and looked to start a completely new life in Florida, working at Palm Coast Sprinklers’ advertising department on their brochures and copy.

Besides the new job, Kim Wexler’s character was completely different from her previous persona when she was still married to Jimmy McGill and working as a public defender in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She exchanged her signature ponytailed blonde hair and formal pant suits for a more drab, understated look with brunette hair.

It was believed that since she had managed to escape prosecution for her crimes and her involvement in the crimes committed by Jimmy McGill, her new life would be better.

But as the conclusive episodes of Better Call Saul played out, we realised that this was far from the reality, as it seemed that Kim’s new life was more of another version of imprisonment than the freedom viewers had supposed she would have.

Kim Wexler’s new life as another form of imprisonment

One of the revelations of what happened to Kim Wexler after she left Albuquerque, New Mexico and her subsequent divorce from Jimmy McGill after one of their schemes went wrong, was that her life was not as rosy as it was assumed to be before.

This is as this new Kim was a shadow of her former self. She did not have the autonomy that the old Kim had as most of her decisions were based on the desires of her new partner rather than on what she wanted.

Whether it is helping June decide on a flavour of ice-cream or answering a TV-related question, Kim was always undecided.

This was emphasised by her decision to confess to her previous crimes and risk actual imprisonment as it seemed like that would be better than her current life.

Is Palm Coast Sprinklers real?

One of the fascinations for fans of Better Call Saul is finding out which locations that are featured in the series are actual existing locations, and which are fabricated.

In most instances, while the series does shoot on location, it does alter the names of the locations. Hence, Palm Coast Sprinklers is not a real irrigation company.

The location of the fictional business was shot in a place where there are a number of irrigation companies, which makes the existence of the company more believable for viewers who know where the fictional company was meant to be located.

Reddit users on Palm Coast Sprinklers

In light of the Palm Coast Sprinklers being a fictional company that was shot on location in Florida, fans of the series shared information about where it is located via their Reddit community page.

One community member wrote, “I live in Saint Augustine just north of Palm Coast. That sh*t was pretty cool. Looks like she was actually in Cape Canaveral which is only like 2 hours or less from here. I wonder if they actually filmed there.”

While another added, “I live in Palm Coast, and I was like hey that's where I live!”