Better Call Saul: Why did Saul confess in the end?

Better Call Saul: Why did Saul confess in the end?

Saul confessed to everything that he had done in the final of Better Call Saul out of regret and to get redemption for himself in some way.

Better Call Saul is one of the rare instances where the spin-off of a series is just as good as the original and has a stellar reputation that makes it worth the watch.

Even though show has come to an end, Saul’s final confession, where he searched for redemption, delivered enough intrigue to make viewers feel like the show went out with a bang.

Is Better Call Saul worth the watch?

When Better Call Saul started airing on 8 February 2015, many people expected this prequel to be no more than a typical spin-off series that would just not be quite as good as the original show.

However, Better Call Saul managed to exceed these expectations and, in fact, many fans of the show consider it to be better than the original Breaking Bad show that it is based on.

This series follows lawyer Jimmy McGill, who is also known as Saul Goodman as he tries to navigate the complicated world of doing what he thinks is right.

Throughout its six seasons, Better Call Saul has managed to gain a reputation for exquisite writing, intricate and complicated plotlines and beautiful cinematography and is definitely worth the watch if you are a fan of Breaking Bad or crime and legal drama shows in general.

Better Call Saul: Why did Saul confess in the end?

Since Better Call Saul has managed to create such a good reputation for itself outside of the show’s connection to Breaking Bad, the finale to the series, which aired on 15 August 2022 after six seasons and a total of 63 episodes, was a bitter-sweet episode for many fans to watch.

Even though it was sad that the “Saul Gone” episode marked the end of this show, the intrigue of this episode did not disappoint. In the episode, Saul Goodman represents himself in court after finally being caught by the authorities.

After some clever manoeuvring, Saul manages to orchestrate a plea-deal for himself where he would only have to serve a prison sentence of seven years.

However, in a move that shocked everyone, Saul decides to confess about the fact that he was an integral part of Walter’s drug empire and even asks to be recognised on record as Jimmy McGill.

He also confesses about other things like Kim not being involved in Howard’s death and his own involvement in pushing his brother to commit suicide.

Although the fact that Saul, or in this case, Jimmy would abandon his plea deal and confess to all of this is shocking, his motivations for why he confessed on the end are clear, he is filled with regret and wants redemption in Kim’s eyes, by proving that he could escape from facing any of the repercussions of his actions, but chose not to and that he could face these repercussions as Jimmy.

Why does Saul want to be sentenced as Jimmy?

This final court hearing can be seen as Saul’s best con yet. He manages to argue his case and justify a plea deal in which the jail sentence that he will have to serve is drastically reduced and it becomes plausible that Saul is a redeemable person.

However, throughout the episode we see various flashbacks to Saul’s past life as Jimmy and when he finally insists on being sentenced as James “Jimmy” McGill, it is clear that he has moved on from his persona as Saul Goodman and wants to show Kim that he can answer for his crimes as Jimmy and not hide behind Saul.

Why does Jimmy lie about Howard’s death in his confession?

It seems out of place that Jimmy would be so honest about all of the bad things that he has done during his confession, but still sneak in one lie about Kim not being involved in Howard’s death.

However, this shows how much regret Jimmy has about initially teaching Kim how to lie and scam her way through life and how he ultimately feels responsible for how her life turned out.

What happens after Jimmy confesses?

After Jimmy confesses to pretty much all of the things that he has had a hand in and some of the things that he did not really have a hand in, his plea deal is obviously taken off the table.

This leads to Jimmy being sentenced to 86 years in prison. The show’s creators confirmed that they purposefully made this decision so that the audience will never find out whether he ends up serving this life sentence in full.