A Couple’s Engagement Is Off After Beyoncé Proves More Important Than Dream Home!

Everyone who knows me knows I'm probably the biggest Beyoncé fan. However, after reading this story we're about to share, I'm second-guessing my status as the self-acclaimed president of the Beyhive. 

It's ironic how one can destroy a relationship that took years to build in the blink of an eye with one wrong choice. Here's the story of two people in love — one more in love with Beyoncé, perhaps. Who can blame her? 

For the sake of this post, we'll call them Gemma and Joe. 

The Request 

It started with a text message. Gemma sent a text to Joe that read “Babe” with five puppy eyes emojis. Joe texted back, “Yeah, babe.” 

“I love you,” she said, accompanied by the three hearts smiling face emojis. From my experience, her first two messages were the random reaffirmation of love before one pulls out the big gun. That man should have run for cover. 

What's Going On?

After her “I love you” message, Joe replied, “I love you, too. What's going on?” At least he figured out something was up. He just never could have guessed what would come next. 

The Big Gun

Here is where she pulled out the big gun on her unsuspecting partner. 

She told him, “Babe, I really want to go to the Bey concert. It's in July, and presale for tickets is February 16th. You don't have to get me a Valentine's Day gift or a birthday gift, I just want to see Beyoncé, please.” 

With extra e's to emphasize the “please.” 

She also sent him a screenshot of the concert locations, highlighting “Nashville, TN,” where they must live. 

No Can Do

If wishes were horses, we would all be stars in a Western flick.

Joe wasn't as excited as Gemma about the concert; instead, he reminded her of a promise. “Come on now,” he said. “We agreed not to spend money on entertainment until we save enough money for our house. We have been saving for ten months. Can't do it, babe. Sorry.”

If you heard a sound and wondered what it was, it was the sound of Gemma's heart exploding into confetti. 

Once in a Lifetime

… means there's no second chance. High School Musical was right. Sandra didn't give up easily. She continued pleading. “I'm begging you. She doesn't do concerts often; this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This would really make me happy, babe! Please?”

Again, she added extra exclamation and question marks for emphasis. Still, he refused. 

Sandra's Happiness

Joe said, “You told me last year, an engagement would make you happy, I did that. Then you said a house would really make you happy. We made a deal to NOT waste money on stuff like that. Her tickets start at $600 for nosebleed without taxes and fees.”

He stood firm on his decision and advised her to do the same, saying, “We can't do it. Once we get this house, we can have fun. Stay focused, babe!”

A Solid No

Hearing no can be devastating, especially from loved ones, who expect to be the last to refuse our requests. “So, it's a no?” Gemma asked. “When the tickets go on sale, they won't last long. She will be sold out in hours. I'm begging, and you're still saying no?”

No, No, No

Joe ran out of ways to say no. Still, he repeated, “No,” and added, “Stay on course, babe. We will talk about this later. Love you.” Then he blew her a kiss. 

What Belongs to Caesar

Since Joe was adamant in his refusal, Gemma took a different route. “Wait,” she stopped him. “Some of that money is mine. Though I know I gave you at least $1000 towards the house fund.”

She said, “Please give me my money, and I'll pay it back later.”

Beyoncé Vs. Dream House 

“Are you serious, Gemma? Tell me you're joking.”

“I'm very serious,” she replied. “When can I pick it up?”

“You're telling me Beyoncé is more important than our dream house we have been saving more than ten months for? You contributed $710 to the fund; the rest is me. You promised to be responsible.”

They say promises are made to be broken, and bees are known to bite, Bey sang. 

“I want my money,” she demanded. 

A Break 

Joe agreed to her offer. He said, “Okay. I'll withdraw it today, and you can pick it up.” Adding, “The engagement is off. I need a break.”

“What?” she asked. “So you're breaking up with me for MY money! Fine! Text me when I can pick up. Bye.”

The End

There you have it, folks. One relationship headed for the rocks over Beyoncé concert tickets. Was it worth it?

She may have dreamed of meeting Beyoncé and saw this as a golden opportunity, but fighting over it was only one way they could have resolved it. What are your two cents?

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