Office Drama Unfolds: Her BF’s Affair with Coworker Exposed

After three years of dating, OP and her boyfriend finally moved in together. Things were going fine — or so she thought. But after spending three weeks away visiting her parents about four months ago, she noticed a change in his behavior. Suddenly, her boyfriend's cell phone was rarely out of his sight.

Jump to two months ago: OP finally went through her boyfriend's phone. There, she found conversations between him and a co-worker who he apparently had a crush on long before he started dating OP. To make matters worse, OP also works with her boyfriend and this other woman. These weren't just harmless flirting or boundaries being pushed too far with photos and texts either; OP's boyfriend told his co-worker he wanted a second chance with her and loved her.

OP had all the evidence she needed. After sending herself screenshots of the text messages, she told her boyfriend she was leaving him. But between his apology and the fact she was three months pregnant, OP decided to give her boyfriend a second chance.


OP didn't go back to trusting her boyfriend even though she decided to stay. Two weeks after their reconciliation, she went through his phone again. He had blocked his one co-worker like he told OP he would, but now there were much more explicit text messages between him and yet another co-worker.

Once again, OP sent screenshots of the conversations to herself, so she had evidence when she decided to confront him. But that was weeks ago, and now OP can't stop tracking the conversations and sending herself screenshots as her boyfriend's latest affair unfolds. The only thing that's bringing her comfort (maybe) is that it doesn't seem like anything has happened between her boyfriend and this new woman besides what goes on over text.

But since her boyfriend and their co-worker work the night shift together, she has no idea what they get up to at work. Thanks to those text messages, though, she has a pretty good idea of what could be happening.

To make matters worse, the other woman is trying to be friends with OP.

Should She Get Revenge?

OP is considering printing out and sharing her boyfriend's conversations with their co-worker at work. She knows her decision is being driven by anger, which means it could come back to bite her, but she doesn't seem to care.

One Redittor thinks that if OP spreads those messages around at work, it's not just them that will get hauled into HR. OP may also find herself on the chopping block for no reason other than the company being pissed she caused a scene. “Try not to shoot yourself in the foot,” they advised.

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