Bidgala Is Set To Become a Marketplace for Emerging Artists Around the Globe

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, two Montreal university students had an idea that is set to bring hope to emerging artists around the world who are looking for a place to display and sell their artwork. Bidgala founders, William Lande and Sam Tenenbaum, have a clear mission in mind for their platform.

Bidgala Is Set To Become a Marketplace for Emerging Artists Around the Globe

With so many artists dealing with cancelled events and gallery closures, Bidgala seeks to empower emerging artists with, as co-founder Lande says, “a safe and supportive place for creativity, empowerment, and social change.” As noted in the press release, Bidgala is also a strong supporter of social causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement and promotes the LGBTQ community. A fact that is reflected in the diversity of the over 700 artists that have signed-up for Bidgala ahead of it's January 2021 launch.

Speaking of signing up, Bidgala is currently accepting sign-ups from both prospective buyers and sellers. The platform's virtual gallery is already accessible pre-launch, and some of the stunning artwork can be found across Bidgala's social media presence. Lande and Tenenbaum have created a global marketplace that may just revolutionize the way artists sell their art.


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For art lovers who may miss the appeal of walking through a gallery and negotiating a price with the artists, Bidgala has you covered. You can browse through paintings, sculptures, prints, and more and buy them at the listed price or offer the artist a fair price and negotiate a deal. While nothing will be able to compete with the thrill of exploring galleries in new cities, Bidgala has found a way to introduce art collectors to artists around the world that they may otherwise never encounter.

Wealth of Geeks caught up with William Lande and Sam Tenenbaum to find out more about Bidgala.

Maggie Lovitt (ML): How would you describe Bidgala to a perspective artist that is looking for a place to sell their work? 

William Lande (WL): We are questioning the status-quo of the art market and creating opportunities for artists around the world. Overall, our mission is to break down barriers, bridge gaps in the market, and spark change through community. We are a community for emerging artists and we connect art-lovers with art they love

Bidgala Co-Founders
Bidgala Co-Founders William Lande (L) and Sam Tenenbaum (R).

ML: How does Bidgala differ from a site like Etsy, for instance, where artists can also sell their artwork? 

WL: Bidgala is different from any platform because:

    1. Community is at the centre of everything we do. We have a forum where artists host discussions, social media functions such as direct chats, likes, comments, and follows and we support social movements such as black lives matter. There is no other marketplace who’s core functions revolve around community.
    2. We have zero barriers to entry. Therefore, we support ALL emerging artists.
    3. We are one of the most accessible and intimate platform for buyers. When a visitor purchases from an artist, the entire transaction takes place though direct chat. Buyers can also digitally interact with the entire global arts community.
    4. We are obsessed with the artist whereas other platforms are obsessed with the buyer.

ML: What mediums of artwork are you hoping to see hosted on the site? Gallery-type work or any level of artistry? 

WL: We accept fine art from all mediums including but not limited to paintings, prints, sculptures, illustrations, photography and mixed media.

ML: What are your long term goals for Bidgala? How do you see it growing? 

Sam Tenenbaum (ST): We see Bidgala as being a welcoming and supportive community for artists around the world. In regard to growth, we want to create a community with millions of artists that is too big to ignore. We plan on continuously adding resources to the platform so that we are eventually a vertically and horizontally integrated ecosystem for emerging artists.

ML: How did this entrepreneurial endeavor begin? 

ST: We started this entrepreneurial endeavour when we noticed friends of ours struggling to sell their art. We asked ourselves, “why isn’t there an online platform to sell art and be part of community no matter who you are and where you’re located.” The problem escalated during the pandemic when many galleries closed down. We wanted to do something to challenge the status quo of the art market.

Bidgala will launch in January 2021. To find out more about the platform check out their website.

Maggie Lovitt is a writer at Wealth of Geeks where she covers her favorite topics: Star Wars and pop culture nerdery.

In her free time, she is also a novelist, screenwriter, actor, and member of the Screen Actors Guild.