Bill Cosby Faces Serious Backlash After Announcing New ‘Comeback’ Tour

If Bill Cosby thought life was going to return to ‘normal' after his conviction was overturned in 2021, thanks to a deal he made with then-District Attorney Bruce Castor. In exchange for not being prosecuted in an assault case, Cosby agreed to testify in a civil suit brought by the same victim of the assault case.

Because Cosby had a written agreement with a former D.A. his charges were overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and subsequently released from prison. At the time of his release, he was two years into a 3-10 year sentence.

Feeling vindicated, Cosby announced he was ready for a ‘comeback' tour in 2023. Plans for his tour hit social media and people had thoughts to share with the disgraced comedian.

Twitter user @Pizza_Dad shared a short clip to show he felt about Cosby's proposed comedy tour.

@DArmstrong44 had some advice for anyone thinking about buying tickets for Cosby's comeback tour.

@BrooklynBoyB thought ‘Black Twitter' might have an opinion on Bill Cosby's tour.

Replying to RapTV, @princethemack thought it prudent to warn everyone.

User @3X3AnimalStyle thinks a cup of ‘puddin pop' might be key.

@bray_lo23 wants to know what sort of tour Cosby's planning.

@JohnnyCooper64 thinks Activision might show up.

@PreciTucker hopes the announcement is fake.

User @LeoDavi75839294 ‘can't wait to see him.'

@YPYD_5 thinks ‘this is gonna be good.'

@Lampoostt thinks no one cares.

@barretvhersh thinks there's no way anyone will buy a ticket, ‘Right?'

User @revydoe1 wants some VIP passes.

@johneeblaizeKC wants to know if advertising nursing homes will be part of the tour.

@MJsLoveSlave wants to know who's going to show up.

@ANTMEND97 wasn't the only one to speculate on a tour title.

Despite having his sentence overturned, the court of public opinion isn't cutting Bill Cosby any slack. His reputation may be irrevocably tarnished by the 2018 conviction that got him a prison term.

A documentary, The Case Against Cosby, was also released recently about the women who spoke out against the disgraced actor and comedian. And even if he's ready for a ‘comeback tour' that doesn't mean people are necessarily ready to listen to anything he has to say.

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