Does Bill Gates Want To Put mRNA Vaccines Into Animals to ‘Get Them Into People’? People Think So

It seems as if billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates has set his sights on the animals Americans consume. Recent remarks by the wealthy philanthropist and population control advocate have given people pause.

While discussing his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation connections and infrastructure, he had this to say about his foundation's role in creating the COVID-19 vaccine and other ‘World Health Organization needed vaccines.'

“We know how to work with governments, we know how to work with pharma, we’ve thought about this scenario,” Mr. Gates said in a recent interview. “We need — at least in terms of expertise and relationships — to play a very, very key role here.”

Twitter user @DrLoupis posted a tweet that's getting a lot of attention.

To clarify, however, Gates doesn't make a statement about vaccinating animals to change or ‘give them better genetics.' Simply, making them better through vaccines or through better genetics would help to improve the world's food supply.

That of course did not stop social media from taking his words out of context and roasting the software creator. His integration into the pharmaceutical and food supply worlds through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, however, has given detractors plenty of fodder to work with.

@TomJohn15394888 posted an article about Gates and the mRNA vaccine delivery system.

The idea of a ‘forced jab' concerning vaccines doesn't sit well with plenty, even those who aren't necessarily in the ‘anti-vaxx' movement.

@vtfarmchick noted Gates' large purchases of farmland.

@Eve96880764 posted just one more reason not to eat at McDonald's if you believe the hype.

User @zeroxjf believes this is ‘blatant misinformation.'

@NicolasBoulay totes the use of microgreens.

Twitter user @howardzhao88 isn't a fan of Bill Gates but did note the difference between what Gates said and what was construed.

@dambaburgh posted a video about Gates' viewpoints on ‘reproductive health' and ‘population control.'

User @adjnszales, for one, is excited about what Bill Gates and DFID (Department of International Development) are doing.

For half a century, these two issues were used as euphemisms for Eugenics, a pseudo-science concerned with the genetic makeup of the ‘ruling class' and everyone else.

Gates has, on multiple occasions, been accused of being a eugenicist and following the teachings of Thomas Malthus. Even so, no concrete evidence has been given to support any claim that Gates is or adheres to the idea of Eugenics.

On the same token, his continuous work to push vaccine applications and depopulate the world doesn't often sit well with major portions of people, especially given the fact that while he holds no medical or scientific degree, his foundation is involved heavily in both scientific and medical research that affects the world.

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