Cookie Fiasco: How One Innocent Mistake Led to a Major Marital Meltdown

Most people have a sweet tooth, which sometimes makes it quite challenging to follow through with their weight loss journey, and who can judge them? Sometimes, drastic measures have to be taken to avoid falling into the temptation of indulging in any kind of temptation.

In an attempt to lose extra, unwanted baby weight, one mother implemented a strict “no sweets” rule. It was meant to help her reach her weight goals so she could feel better about herself.

No Sweets at Home

During a visit at her mother-in-law's, she was given five cookies to take home. Thankfully, her son ate two — which meant three cookies remained.

Not only is OP trying to lose baby weight, she struggles with binge eating. Her “no sweets” rule is supposed to help her stay healthy — and it applies only to her. Her husband keeps anything with sugar he wants in his office or other spots of the house she's not constantly running into.

Just One Cookie

After over an hour of shopping, she returned home tired and hungry, only to find some dirty dishes in the sink. She started doing the dishes, and when she opened the cabinet for cups, she saw two cookies sitting pretty. This is where temptation came calling…

And this time, she doesn't resist.

So, she ate one quickly, mad at her husband for leaving the cookies in the open. Luckily, she caught herself in time before she ate the second one and she threw it away instead.

When her husband got home, she explained to him why kitchen cabinets where they keep cups — someplace she regularly has to check — is a really unhealthy place to leave sweets for her. She admitted she ate one cookie, but not both.

Relieved, he asked for the second cookie.

But when she told him she threw the cookie out, he got upset. Now he thinks she's awful for throwing away the cookie and she's upset he'd leave something like cookies somewhere so public to begin with.

Now, she's wondering if she overreacted for throwing out the cookie. Should she have tried to put it somewhere else until he got home?

Food Addiction Is Real

Redditors don't think OP is at fault. They think the matter runs way deeper, and her husband could be more considerate.

One Redditor says that OP is NTA and that her husband is wrong because OP was trying to not give in to her binging craving,

“NTA. Suppose the husband knows OP has a problem with binging (which is disordered eating behavior). In that case, it's also not hard for him to just move the cookie to his office/gaming area/snack shelf if he wanted the last cookie so badly.

As someone who also struggles with binging, I'd rather chuck one cookie in the bin to maintain self-control than eat it and trigger a binge. Binging is horrible, and once a cycle begins, it's hard to get out of. It is literally one cookie. If you wanted a cookie so bad you'd hit the point of anger knowing someone threw it away to prevent a binge, that makes you a bit weird in my opinion.”

u/But_Why0108 mentions that the issue in question is that OP is trying to lose weight and has self-control issues with food which her husband is aware of, but he ignored her struggles and left them out. That's kind of insensitive on his part if you ask me.

In the end, the majority of Redditors support OP in this cookie dilemma. She is trying to lose baby weight and battling food addiction. Her husband could help by putting snacks where they're supposed to be, but maybe she could also play a bigger part?

What do you think?

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