Is She The Problem for Telling Son He ‘Overreacted’ To Stepdad’s Prank

Redditor D464277 posted a story to Reddit's AITA thread asking for advice about her son “Jacob.”

Recently Jacob turned 18. “Dale,” the OP's husband and Jacob's stepdad had ‘promised' Jacob a car for his birthday and commented that he'd been saving towards it for months.

When the big day came around, however, he handed Jacob a small box and told him to “open it.” Jacob's mother admits he did so, “thinking it was the key to his car.”

When Jacob opened the box, it was a toy car, instead of a key to the real one he'd had his heart set on. Furious, Jacob yelled at his stepdad and left the house.

Now, Jacob is staying with his grandparents and won't answer his mother's calls. Jacob says Dale, ‘made fun of and humiliated him in front of his friends.'

Jacob's mother wanted to know if she was wrong for telling Jacob he overreacted.

Plenty of Redditors had opinions on the behavior of the mother and clearly stated YTA.

User @Freya1390 said, ”

So Dale ruined your son‘s 18th birthday, such an important moment in his life, in front of friends and family, and then you, his mother, blame him for his totally justified emotions. This whole story made me so sad. Of course he’d be disappointed and feel betrayed and humiliated.

YTA, and so is Dale.”

Another Redditor @Saidthebeaver2 agreed. “Poor kid probably told all his friends about the car and they probably made fun plans to see some sights and go on adventures! Dale was bragging about it for months and amping up this kid.

Dale is definitely an AH, and OP obviously knew it was a toy car, like they would have talked about finances etc. if it were a real car, so to KNOW this for months and play along which obv resulted in crushing your sons dreams, then to ruin his party and scold him for overreacting… OP, you’re obviously the TA.”

User @alienabductionfan had a great question for OP. “Just hopping on this to ask u/D424677 what Jacob’s real gift was. You know, the real present you bought your son for his 18th? You didn’t mention it in your post for some reason.”

Reddit commenter @Different_Knee6201 thinks OP's husband needs therapy. “Right? He didn’t “develop a dark sense of humor” due to losing his family. He turned into a cruel AH who needs therapy to find out why he likes to humiliate other people for his own pleasure.

Pranks are almost never funny to the victim.”

User @MattJFarrell thinks the ‘fallout' from this so-called prank might be more and more ‘friends' not returning OP's calls. “Also, I'd love to hear what the other guests thought, OP said, “some guests laughed”. I'm guessing that was OP, Dale, and a person or two who don't do well in tense situations and nervously laughed. I don't think the fallout from this will be limited to damaging a relationship with her son. I think OP might find more and more people not returning their calls.”

Reddit poster @PhoeKui didn't hold back on OP. “YTA and that goes double for the sadist you married. That’s right he doesn’t have a dark sense of humor, he is a sadist who takes pleasure in humiliating others.

This wasn’t a prank it was a long con with the intent to hurt and humiliate your son in front of his friends and family. The worst part is you are defending the sadist and shaming the victim. I hope Dale is worth it because you likely just lost your son.”

Clearly, this ‘prank' wasn't so funny for Jacob. Pranks by nature are something everyone, including the person pranked, can laugh at. It doesn't seem as if Jacob will be laughing anytime soon. Many Redditors believed the mother knew exactly what Dale had planned and was definitely TA for not stepping up for her son.

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