How Has Bitcoin Impacted Aerospace Industry?

A question I got from a friend if Bitcoin impacted the Aerospace industry

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bitcoin impacted Aerospace industry

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Now let us discuss below ten ways for how Bitcoin impacted Aerospace industry

Ten ways by which bitcoin has impacted the aerospace industry

1) The SpaceX Reused Rocket

This is one of the most amazing things you can do with bitcoin

On December 22, 2017, Elon Musk's company successfully landed a rocket used for flying to space earlier

This has benefited the aerospace industry in so many ways

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2) The SpaceChain OS

In Feb 2018, SpaceChain released its open-source OS for any developer in the world to use in his satellite project

This OS is powered by Blockchain technology which helps developers build a space program

In addition, the blockchain can be used to track all the transactions taking place in the network

This project has leapt forward by providing open-source tools to develop things in space

3) The SpaceX Rocket Accident

To understand the impact of Bitcoin on Aerospace industry

On September 1, 2016, one of the Falcon 9 rockets owned by Space X exploded

While flying to space, losing millions of dollars

This accident had no connection with any bitcoin transaction

But this is an example of how digital currency can make an accident-free transaction

This is why people are now using bitcoins to buy things worldwide

4) The NASA GOES-R Satellite

In October 2016, one of the most expensive and sophisticated satellites was launched by NASA with only one purpose: to provide weather details

NASA has taken this initiative to reduce the weather forecasting time

5) SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

To understand the impact of Bitcoin on Aerospace industry

In September 2016, Elon Musk came up with a plan to colonize Mars, and people criticized him for his idea

However, later in 2017, he revealed a plan to create a transportation system that will deliver the people from Earth to Mars within 70-80 days

6) The SpaceX Mars Mission

Space X plans to send a couple of cargo ships to Mars in 2022, with people in 2024

This mission has been designed

Keeping all the safety measures in mind due to the lack of oxygen or water on Mars

By using bitcoins, we can make this mission successful and safe.

7) The Starships made by Relativity Space

Space X is not the only company making starships for interplanetary transportation

Many other companies like Relativity space and Blue origin are also developing space ships that will carry people to another area

8) The SpaceX Network

The impact of Bitcoin on Aerospace industry as per below

Elon Musk has also proposed a plan for building an internet network made up of thousands of satellites in space

With the help of this network, people will be able to connect using high-speed internet globally

This is one of the best projects that bitcoin and blockchain technology can bring in the future to stay connected to each other no matter where you live in the world

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9) The Satellite Constellation

In November 2017, SpaceX launched a secret satellite

Which was later identified as the most advanced and expensive spy satellite ever made

This satellite is now orbiting around our planet and can track anything happening on earth

People use this technology to track their stolen cars or other suspicious activities in their area

Bitcoins can also help people track terrorists or criminals before they plan to attack their site

10) Making life on Mars

In September 2016, Elon Musk announced that he wanted to colonize Mars for human beings, and this is why he founded Space X

Conclusion on Bitcoin Impact on Aerospace Industry

Bitcoin might sound like a bubble

But People won't stop to believe in cryptocurrencies

On the contrary, bitcoins can help improve our standard of living by improving the technology behind them

Next time you think about bitcoins, remember that this is just the beginning