Black Adam vs Superman strength

Black Adam vs Superman strength

When it comes to a battle of strength between Black Adam vs Superman, they are pretty evenly matched if you consider all of the different factors involved.

The new Black Adam film will introduce and reintroduce many fans of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) to Black Adam and his abilities.

However, while it is not yet clear how Black Adam’s strength will measure up to Superman in the films, we can deduce from the lore that they will be very evenly matched in a fight.

The resurgence of Black Adam

Even though Black Adam is one of the most prolific figures in the DC Universe, much like Superman, the Black Adam character may not be as well-known to the general public or to fans that are just beginning to uncover all of the stories within the DC multiverse.

However, with the announcement that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to star in Black Adam, one of DC’s latest live-action films that will air on 21 October 2022 in the United States, this will soon change.

This film will most likely introduce a whole new group of people to Black Adam and his abilities and weaknesses.

Black Adam vs Superman strength

Once you start delving deeper into Black Adam’s history and his power, one question always seems to come to mind; would Black Adam be able to beat Superman in a fight?

This question is not only spurred by the potential that this showdown would have for future DC live action films, but also because Black Adam is clearly extremely powerful and it is natural to wonder how he would square up to one of the other most powerful figures in the DC lore.

However, even though these characters are pretty evenly matched in terms of power and strength, the answer to this question becomes slightly more complicated when you take the differences into account between Black Adam and Superman.

Especially when you consider how they appear in the DC Extended Universe live action films and in the comics.

Although the full extent of Black Adam’s strength will be shown in the new film, it is known that Superman is considered the strongest and most powerful of all the heroes in the DCEU.

This makes it seem like Superman would also be stronger than Black Adam. However, Johnson also tweeted that this new movie could bring about a change in the power structure of the DCEU, which would indicate otherwise.

Until the movie is released, the only way to know how a fight between Black Adam and Superman would end is to examine each of their strengths separately, as well as what the lore has indicated would happen.

How strong is Black Adam?

Black Adam has more or less the same powers that Shazam has, except for the fact that he started worshipping the Egyptian gods instead of the Greek gods in modern iterations. This means that he also has superhuman strength.

To be precise, Black Adam has the strength of Amon, which allows him to lift 100 000 tons, bend steel, punch through barriers, and lift heavy object without exertion and he is regarded as the strongest meta-human on earth.

How strong is Superman?

Although the specifics of Superman’s powers shift and change a bit over time, his strength has always been one of his greatest assets.

Over the years, this superhuman strength has allowed Superman to move heavy objects like vehicles, trains, and ships, defeat imminent threats, move entire planets, and hence, it is assumed that he is the strongest hero in the DCEU.

However, in modern iterations, his strength is dependent on the amount of solar energy that he can store from the sun, which means that it is not limitless, but it is still incredible, with some comic books even stating that he can lift up to two billion tons.

Who would win in a fight with Black Adam versus Superman?

Since these two are so evenly matched in terms of strength and their other abilities, DC has put out an official statement to announce that Black Adam is not stronger than Superman, but he is more dangerous.

This is likely because of the complicated lore surrounding these characters.

That is to say that Black Adam may be able to beat Superman, because magic is the source of his powers and Superman’s weakness, but Superman can recharge endlessly in yellow sunlight and turn Black Adam back into a human by getting him to say the word “Shazam”.

However, Black Adam has defeated other members of the Justice Society of America and the entire Shazam Family at once in the lore. This makes it quite unclear who would win this fight.