Black Bullet Season 2: What We Know So Far

Black Bullet season 2 is back after a long wait and fans have been anticipating its return since season 1 has finished airing. But even after the announcement was aired back in 2020, its season 2 has yet to return to the screen. So, is Black Bullet season 2 still possible? 

Black Bullet, A Quick Recap

Black Bullet started in the year 2021, where a parasitic virus called “Gastrea” infected and turned humans into monsters. To counter this, humanity is driven to a city behind the Monolith walls, walls made of Varanium, a material that can harm Gastrea. 

To counter the Gastreas. They send out “Cursed Children”, young girls whose body contains a small amount of the virus and give them supernatural abilities, to fight them off. The “Cursed Children” are called Initiators, who are partnered with Promoters, the one responsible to guide and protect the children. Together, they are tasked to eliminate the threats of Gastrea. 

The story revolves around Rentarou Satomi, a Promoter, who lost his arm, leg and eye due to an attack by Gastreas and Enju Aihara, his Initiator. Together, they fight together to eliminate Gastrea in Tokyo, their hometown. 

Will There be Black Bullet Season 2?

Black Bullet Season 2 Visual

Black Bullet started as a light novel prior to becoming an anime and manga alike. The anime was adapted by Kinema Citrus Studio back in 2014. The light novel is written by Shiden Kanzaki and illustrated by Saki Ukai. It’s published by ASCII Media Work’s Dengeki Bunko as the series began publication in July 2011.  

Up to this moment, Black Bullet received a rating of 7.13 among more than 400,000 MyAnimeList users. It’s ranked 147 on popularity, which is quite impressive as the anime was released seven years ago. Despite the long wait, fans are still looking forward to Black Bullet season 2 and the challenges that Rentarou and Enju are going to face.

So far, there are seven volumes of the light novel. With the anime already covered up the first four volumes which left three more volumes to be animated. Unfortunately, the light novel author, Shiden Kanzaki, has taken a hiatus due to the intense pressure of writing the series that it’s affecting his mental health. There are rumors about the author running a restaurant at this moment but there doesn't seem to be a definitive reason for the long hiatus online. Whatever it is, fans are still looking forward to the continuation of the light novel and anime alike. 

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date

Black Bullet Season 2 Release

With the lack of source material, Kinema Citrus Studio is having difficulty adapting Black Bullet to the screen. There hasn’t been an official statement made by Kinema Citrus of the upcoming Black Bullet season 2 just yet. 

Kinema Citrus Studio has made an impressive impression with Black Bullet season 1, managing to gain new fans to the series. The opening song is titled “black bullet” by fripSide while the ending theme is titled “Tokohana” sung by Yanagi Nagi. 

In conclusion, Kinema Citrus Studio hasn’t yet made another announcement of Black Bullet season 2. There are rumors of it to be released in July 2020 but due to the Covid-19, all productions came to an indefinite halt. With the author no longer writing any new material or light novel for Black Bullet season 2 and has taken an indefinite hiatus, fans would have to wait a little bit longer for Rentarou and Enju adventure on the screen. 

Black Bullet Characters and Cast

Rentaro SatomiKaji Yuuki (Nisekoi)
Enju AiharaHidaka Rina
Kisara TendoHorie Yui
Tina SproutKurosawa Tomoyo
SeitenshiToyosaki Aki
Kagetane HirukoKoyama Rikiya
Kohina HirukoYuuki Aoi (Magia Record)

Black Bullet serves vast and interesting characters, from the main characters and antagonist alike who might reappear for Black Bullet season 2. Here are the list of recurring characters of Black Bullet: 

Rentaro Satomi: a Promoter in Tendo Civil Security. His parents died because of a Gastrea attack and he’s adopted to the Tendo family. He lost his right leg, right arm and left eye in a fight against Gastrea to protect Kisara. His lost limbs are replaced by prosthetic limbs made from Varanium. 

Enju Aihara: Rentaro’s Initiator Model Rabbit, she used to have severe trust issues and act stand off towards strangers. But after meeting Rentaro and their bond continues to grow, Enju becomes an easy going and energetic girl. She went to primary school with other humans until her identity as a Cursed Child was exposed and forced her to transfer school. 

Kisara Tendo: The president of Tendo Civil Security, she left the Tendo clan with Rentaro after a conflict. Her kidney is barely functioning due to the trauma of seeing her parents getting eaten by a Gastrea. She’s a skilled Tendo style material artist and later became Tina Sprout’s Promoter.  

Tina Sprout: she was ordered to assassinate Seitenshi but the plan is foiled by Rentaro. She became Kisara’s Initiator after she’s released under close observation after her assasination attempt. 

Seitenshi: the ruler of Tokyo Area, she’s idealistic and wishes for nothing but harmony. 

Kagetane Hiruko: A Promoter under the Civil Security but defected due to his excessive killing. 

Kohina Hiruko: Kagetane’s bloodthirsty daughter and Initiator.