15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time

Black Butler is a supernatural anime genre that has many fans but do you know which are the best Black Butler characters of all time?
In this article, it will reveal 15 lists of the best black butler characters that we have prepared for you.

The following list is the best place to learn more about the characters from the black butler anime, whether you've just seen it or still have it on your watch-list. You can watch this anime series on several platforms such as Netflix, Crunchyroll and Apple TV.

The list of 15 best black butler characters of all time includes more than just names, as they include photos and character information as well.
Here is a list of the best black butler characters of all time:

15. Soma Asman Kadar or Prince Soma

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Prince Soma

Voice actor: Shinnosuke Tachiban

The 15th order of the list of best black butler characters is intended for Soma Asman Kadar or commonly known as Prince Soman is a prince and son of the 26th King of Bengal. He is a nobleman from India who has gold-colored eyes and the appearance of wavy, plum-colored hair and part of his hair in a ponytail.

Soma is a prince with a humble nature and is willing to lend a hand to people who need help. He is also a character who brings a cheerful atmosphere as well as a character who likes to socialize with other characters (especially with Ciel Phantomhive).

Besides the aforementioned traits, he is also a prince who is good at fighting.

14. Doll (Freckles)

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Doll

Voice Actor: Ayahi Takagaki

Doll or also known as freckles is a member of Noah's Ark Circus. As a member of the circus she was adept at walking on a single rope and had outstanding ballet skills.

Her appearance is described as a beautiful woman who is young and has brown hair. Her blue eyes and freckles on her nose add to the beauty of her.

When she became a doll, she had a serious personality and a straight expression on her face.
Meanwhile, if she is a freckles, she will be friendly and naive.

13. Beast

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Beast

Voice Actor: Yūko Kaida 

Beast is also the first member of Noah's Ark Circus and has the skill to tame animals so that she appears together with Betty the tiger.

She is a young girl who has black curly hair that is tightly styled and red eyes.
Beast is a highly popular circus star and has a sexy body with a plump chest.

The personality of this character is angry, aggressive and likes to dominate. Although she likes to use violence when attacking, on the other hand she has strong ties with other circus members. In addition, she also loves the Joker very much even though she actually knows that the Joker will never reciprocate her feelings.

12. Claude Faustus

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Claude Faustus

Voice Actor: Sakurai Takahiro

He is a demon butler with a spider demon form who serves the Trance family.
Claude Faustus has a tall body with a handsome face with short black hair and wears glasses that cover his golden eyes. Dressed in a butler's uniform and white gloves that covered his palms, he also had a tongue so long it could lick the tip of his nose.

He is a character without emotion, especially when he talks and behaves even becomes apathetic. But his personality changes rapidly when he has tasted Ciel's blood which makes him craving for Ciel's soul and turns him into a strange and unpredictable character.

Claude's obsession with getting Ciel's soul by justifying any means began there.

11. Lau

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Lau

Voice Actor: Yusa Kouji

As a Chinese aristocrat, Lau assigned as a manager at the British branch of the Kong-Rong trading company, as an operator in an opium den, as well as an executive at the Chinese syndicate Qīng Bāng as well as being an evil nobleman.

Lau is a noble with a tall body, has short black hair and dark brown eyes that he rarely shows. He is also known for a blue dragon tattoo drawn on the left arm of his body.
Lau's own personality is a quiet character who looks calm but in fact he is an angry person so he often spitting opinions that hurt others.

Although he is an aristocrat, Lau is actually a character who has no principles and is a mercenary. He will seek anyone who has the potential to benefit him and ambitiously use it to achieve his goals. In fact, he did not hesitate to commit violence in his actions.

10. Baldroy

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Baldroy

Voice Actor: Hiroki Tōchi

Tenth place in the list of best black butler characters goes to Baldroy or who is often called Baldo or Bard is a senior staff of the Phantomhive Household and assigned as a chef.

Having a built physique and turquoise-colored eyes, he has shabby blonde hair. His job as a chef makes his appearance often wears a chef's uniform with a long white apron. Not infrequently he also wears glasses that hang around his neck and he is a smoker.

Bald is a strong-minded American veteran who is very loyal to his master Ciel Phantomhive and has great respect for Sebastian Michaelis as the head butler of the Phantomhive Household. He is a responsible butler because when Ciel and Sebastian are not at home then he can take over the task and complete it well.

Bald is a person who has sharp judgment and doesn't give up easily when faced with obstacles, so he never hesitates whenever he is faced with a complicated situation.

Along with the behaviors already mentioned, it can also strengthen bonds between butlers, as well as eliminate the fear they suffer.

9. Madame Red

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Madame Red

Voice Actor: Romi Park

The widow of Baron Burnett, Angeline Dalles, and the aunt of Ciel Phantomhive, are the same person. Moreover she is also known as Madam Red. She was able to become a noble of evil with Grelle Sutcliff.

The appearance of madam red comes with red eyes that match her bob hair. In addition to facial features, the lipstick, clothes and hat she uses are also red.
She is actually someone who loves her family and is friendly. This is shown in the Black Butler anime by the love and care she gives to her sister and Ciel Phantomhive.
A tough time in her life when her family members died traumatized her enough for her to turn into someone who was tough and cruel. The cruelty of holding a grudge, especially against prostitution because she really hates the act of abortion.

8. Snake

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Snake

Voice Actor: Takuma Terashima

Snake is a male servant or footman in Phantomhive Household. As a part of Noah's Ark Circus' first string, he tamed snakes, danced with snakes, and communicated with them before becoming a footman.

He is a young man with a thin body wrapped in pale skin and has scales, has golden eyes with short white hair that will react if he is nervous or surprised. Wherever he is, there is always at least one snake that will accompany him.

The personality of this character is a quiet and shy person who only talks as needed.
Even though he looks like he doesn't talk much or lacks enthusiasm, he actually really loves the first string members in Noah's Ark Circus and considers him like a brother even though he never shows it.

His life working for Ciel Phantomhive makes him a loyal footman and obeys all the rules in the Phantomhive household.

7. Tanaka

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Tanaka

Voice Actor: Shunji Fujimura

Tanaka is a senior staff member at Phantomhive Household. He always looks neat with a mustache and gray hair due to his eldery age. In addition he wears monocle, gloves that often hold a cup of tea and his body is covered by a black suit.

He is a dignified, loyal house steward and maintains the honor of the Phantomhive Household so that no one can destroy his loyalty.
Because he is a senior member, he has a lot of experience so that he can become a reliable advisor for the Phantomhive Household.
Even though he looks old , Tanaka is also a reliable fighter, especially if someone wants to hurt his master, Ciel, he will not hesitate to draw his katana.

6. Alois Trancy

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Alois Trancy

Voice Actor: Nana Mizuki

Born with the real name Jim Macken, Earl Alois Trancy or commonly known as Alois Trancy is the head of the Trancy household. He is a teenage boy who has platinum blonde hair with cowlick curls can be seen to the left, besides that, blue eyes add to the visuals of this character.

His appearance comes with a long plum purple frock coat and on his right forefinger he wears a gold ring with embellishments and a large ruby ​​stone resembling an eye.
Alois is an individual with a seemingly cheerful nature but he is also a sadistic person. He can quickly change his emotions in an unexpected way. That's why it's not surprising that he sometimes loses interest in something he's doing.

Since Alois is the Head of the Trancy Household, he is in a position of authority, and he often abuses it to carry out insulting, barbarous, and even cruel acts.

5. Mey-Rin

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Mey-Rin

Voice Actor: Emiri Katō

This is the number fifth of the best black butler characters of all time, and this time we have Mey-Rin is a young woman who becomes a housemaid at Phantomhive Household. She has maroon hair tied in a high ponytail and brown eyes and is covered by thick round glasses. Even though she is a housemaid, she has a sharp shooting ability because when she was a child she was a sniper.

She is a person with a strong-willed personality and persistent in proving her loyalty. She is a very obedient and loyal housemaid to Ciel Phantomhive and to the head butler Sebastian Michaelis whom she actually has a crush on.

Though she seems awkward, she is a responsible housemaid and can act both as a guard and a sniper when Phantomhive Manor is threatened.

4. Undertaker

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Undertaker

Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe

Undertaker is a character who assigned a grim reaper in this anime. He has also been part of the Aristocrat of Evil as well as an informant for the Phantomhive Household. In addition, he used to work as a funeral director for a common society.

His appearance is visualized with a thin body and long gray hair with some hair tied in a braid stretching to the right side of his head. As a grim reaper he is bestowed with eyes that shine with a reddish-yellow color that is not very visible because they are covered by his hair. He has jagged scars on his left little finger, neck, and face, in addition to his appearance.

Likewise, the nature of this character is also unpredictable and eccentric, because he is an individual who often scares others, but who also laughs a lot.

3. Ciel Phantomhive

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Ciel Phantomhive

Voice Actor: Maaya Sakamoto

Ciel Phanatomhive is the current head of the Phantomhive Household. He is a young boy who is short in stature and has beautiful peacock blue eyes with blue-black gray hair that adds to his appearance. On the left side of his body he has the mark of a “noble beast” which symbolizes that he is a slave in a sect.

Because of his noble social status, he often wears a formal dress like a noble and has a very large collection of noble clothes. His appearance as a noble is also complemented by a black eye patch that is used to cover one of his eyes to hide the location of his Faustian contract with Sebastian.

Although still a teenager, he has a proud and intelligent personality coupled with a sharp intuition for a leader. This attitude was formed because he wanted to take revenge for the person who had destroyed his family.

Ciel is not a character who will show his emotions and affection, but actually he really cares about people who always help him with behavior that pays attention to any needs that members of the Phantomhive Household want.

Even as a teenager, he still shows values such as those mentioned, it is making him to be thee one of the best black butler characters of all time.

2. Sebastian Michaelis

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Sebastian Michaelis

Voice Actor: Daisuke Ono

Sebastian Michaelis is a character, specifically the demon's butler as well as a senior staff member at Phantomhive Household. He has a tall, mature appearance with his red eyes. This appearance is described in a body that has pale skin along with black nails and hair. On the back of the left hand is hidden the Faustian contract with his master, Ciel Phantomhive.

He often wears formal butler attire such as a tailcoat top and black trousers. Furthermore his outfit is matched with a tie and the emblem of the Phantomhive household.

Sebastian has a cunning character so it is not difficult for him to seduce or lie to someone so that he can achieve his goals. But even so, he is a butler which is loyal to his master and always carries out Ciel's orders. Moreover, Phantomhive Household's affairs are never neglected and all of this is the result of Sebastian's hard work.

Apart from being able to handle household, Sebastian is a character who is fluent in more than one language, namely French, Latin, and Deutsch.

Although he looks like a polite and harmless character, Bastian can be a cruel demon when Ciel tells him to attack other people or if someone tries to harm his master.
This diversity of character traits makes it number 2 on the list of best black butler characters.

1. Grelle Sutcliff

15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time
Best Black Butler Characters of All Time: Grelle Sutcliff

Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama

This character was originally the butler of Angelina Dalles and then Grelle is in charge of being the grim reaper. Their appearance is visualized in a red suit, long dark red hair, and sharp teeth like a shark. Grelle also wear red glasses with a chain that is adorned with a skull and hides their chartreuse phosphorescent eyes.

As a grim reaper they had a straightforward nature and doesn't hold back in saying whatever is on their mind. In addition, Grelle is a character who is never self-sufficient in doing something because it is in accordance with their wishes.
Grelle also has an impatient side like Sebastian, which often causes them to get into events that end up solving problems with violence.

Despite having chartreuse phosphorescent eyes like a common Grim Reaper, Grelle became an inept, clumsy, and shy person at work when she was Angelina's head butler.
The character development of Grelle exceeds expectations, and this places Grelle at number one on the list of 15 best black butler characters of all time.