Black Lagoon Season 4: Delayed or Confirmed?

One of excellent series in its genre; fans have been waiting for Black Lagoon Season 4, even if it is a decade long. Yes, it's been that long since we saw the last episode of this masterpiece.

Black Lagoon is an anime adaptation of the same name manga, written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe. It is one of the old series, began its serialization in 2002 and is still ongoing until now. While it is old, surprisingly, Rei Hiroe only published 12 volumes between 2002 and 2021. We will tell you the reason in the next section.

Madhouse (Death Note, No Game No Life) later produced the first season of Black Lagoon in 2006, aired from April 9 to June 25. It only took them around three months to release the second season. However, fans had to wait a bit longer, approximately four years, to watch the third season.

After that, Madhouse has not touched the series again. So, is Black Lagoon Season 4 forever gone? Or can we see it next year? Here is everything we know about the beloved series.

Will there be Black Lagoon Season 4?

Black Lagoon Season 4

The chance for Black Lagoon Season 4 is not high, but not even low. We believe it is one of the popular series, and Madhouse might get profit if they produce another season, but there are some problems that we need to tackle.

The first, of course, is the source material. As we mentioned, Rei Hiroe has only published 12 volumes since 2002, with some chapters have not being compiled into a book yet. There is a reason for that seems like a lack of manga, which is hiatus.

Rei Hiroe took several hiatus in the past. The first one was in mid-2010, and the second one was in 2018. The author started to resume the series in 2019, with a total of ten chapters until now.

The lack of content may affect the production of Black Lagoon Season 4. From what we know, Madhouse adapted most of the manga, leaving only three volumes. However, it might not be a problem.

The third season had a different format than the other two seasons. While the first two seasons' format was 12 television series episodes, the third was five OVA. It focused only on an arc too.

It may not be an entire fourth season, but we should take and be pleased if there is any.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date

For now, there is no official announcement about the release date of Black Lagoon Season 4. You may want to look it out next year, though.

Looking at Madhouse's schedule in 2022, there are only two anime that they will release. The first is a movie called “Goodbye, DonGlees,” and the second is Police in a Pod anime television series.

The big gap between the third and fourth seasons might be concerning, but we already saw some cases that could increase the chance for it to happen. Also, keep in mind that the manga is still ongoing, so there will be a reason to make anime adaptations again to promote and boost its sales.

Plot of Black Lagoon

The story sets in Roanapur, Thailand, a crime-ridden city and haven for syndicates to operate. Rokurou Okajima, an average Japanese businessman, suddenly gets involved in Roanupur activity when captured by a mercenary group while going on his business trip. The group is called Black Lagoon, and they use Rokurou as a bargaining chip, which sadly failed.

Abandoned by his company, Rokurou then chooses to join Black Lagoon. Thus, he began his story in the new, dangerous life in Roanapur.