12 Best Blogger Networks to Join to Make Money Blogging

Are you looking for the best blogger networks to find sponsored post opportunities?

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Blogging networks, also known as sponsored post networks, are like influencer marketplaces that act as the agency that brings brands and bloggers together, for networking and collaborations.

These blogging networks take up the responsibility of helping the blogger with the applications, the selection process among influencers, and keeping them on their toes especially if they have been chosen for a campaign and have requirements and deadlines they have to meet.

As a blogger, you first pick a blog network that has requirements that you have met and sign in by creating your bio with your details and details of your blog.

They love originality on the said blogs so you are urged to include a statement on what makes your blog unique.

Other details you have to key in could be your engagement information, contact information, and channels to all your social media accounts.

After settling in, brands can then find you and start working with you in sponsored post opportunities and campaigns that pay you.

Some of these blog networks allow you to start pitching yourself as soon as you sign in but others will have you waiting while creating content till a brand notices.

If you are a blogger working towards recognition and paid campaigns, you need to join blog networks to give you the lift you need.


Best Blogger Networks to Join to Make Money Blogging


1. Social fabric {SoFab}

The social fabric has a very active community that is well trained in matters of creating sponsored posts that are profitable.

To qualify to be a part of this blogger network, you need:

  • To have a blog that is at least 3 months old.
  • To have at least 1000 followers on a social platform which could be either YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.
  • Original content on your blog.
  • To be a resident of either USA or Canada.

Once you join, you will see that the budget for this network is already set. Once in a while, however, you will observe campaigns popping up to allow you to set the rates you wish to work with.

Compared to other blog networks, Social Fabric has the most campaigns and is recommended by most DIY bloggers, tech bloggers, and so forth.

Food bloggers are flocking in here it leans more on culinary blogging. There are other kinds of bloggers such as lifestyle bloggers.

Once settled, start creating content on your blog for brands you love or wish to work with.

Some of the brands that Social Fabric has worked with are as follows:

  • Walmart Auto Care
  • Smithfield pork
  • Maranatha


2. Activate

Activate by Bloglovn is quite competitive since literally, every blogger is on Blogland and for this, they offer both blog-based and social-only opportunities that will either offer their rate upfront or ask you for your rates. These earnings are paid monthly by Activate.

Other times these opportunities or campaigns can be ‘product-only' partnerships where you get products in return.

If willing, there are charity programs that are, as you guessed it, non-cash.

Here, you get to set your prices when signing in. You also have to customize your digital media kit for brands to see a visual representation of your work when assessing you.

There is also a Talent Management tool for bloggers being represented by an agent to negotiate for them when brands want to work with them.

Some of the brands Activate has worked with are as follows:

  • Tinder
  • Reebok
  • H&M
  • FabFitFun
  • NARS
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Aveda


3. Linqia

The campaigns offered through Linqia are always pay-per-click. Unlike other blog networks where you set your rates or they are suggested to you, Linqia lets the number of people who click on your link be the main and only determiner of your rates.

This means your rates get higher with each campaign click. Each campaign you get accepted in is sent via email so you can accept from there.

Other than the pay-per-click system, Linqia also offers flat rate campaigns that pay well. This pays better since, with the pay-per-click, it gets hard for bloggers to earn even with good content.

There are a bunch of bloggers who excel at this system though.

Some of the brands Linqia has worked with include:

  • McDonald's
  • Kotex
  • Foster farms


4. Aspire IQ

Immediately after you sign up for Aspire IQ, formerly known as Revfluence, you start to get campaigns and opportunities to earn from. If you are interested in a certain opportunity, you click to learn more to get to know more about the campaign.

It is in this step that you learn about their way of compensation i.e some compensate via cash and others are product-only. Whichever you are comfortable with, you apply.

After application, if the campaign is paying, you have to pitch the rates you want to work with. You are presented with an opportunity to personalize your pitch as much as you want.


If the campaign is interested in working with you, they like your profile.

Aspire IQ's unique system is a five-star feature that allows brands to rate you as per your performance.

You are also limited to the number of campaigns you can apply in a month which is 5 campaigns.

If you get a four to five-star rating which is the measure of a positive review, you can take on as many campaigns as you want in a month.

Before the four to five-star rating, if a company or brand approaches you, you can take it on even though you have reached the maximum number of campaigns in a month.

Some of the brands Aspire IQ has worked with are as follows:

  • Walmart
  • Bed Bath
  • LL Bean
  • Beyond
  • Marriot


5. Clever

Clever has its rates set when you sign in but they are fairly higher than the ones offered by other blog networks. All opportunities presented here are set on the prices, and starting and ending dates.

Pretty much everything is set which makes it easier for bloggers to choose the one that interests them the most.

One of the requirements for joining Clever is being active on at least two social media platforms.

All kinds of bloggers are logged in such as culinary blogging, lifestyle blogging, parenting or household blogging and so much more.

Once you apply for a certain campaign, it can take one to three weeks to get it approved so you have to be patient when working with Clever.

Their payment period takes 60 days after the campaign has ended which is yet another reason to be patient with it.

Some of the brands Clever has worked with are as follows:

  • Lenovo
  • Bobs Red Mill
  • Kimberly Clark
  • California Closets
  • Clif
  • Rescue Remedy


6. Massive Sway

Sway offers different blogging topics such as healthy or culinary. Each topic has its specific requirements that differ from the others.

So the requirements you have to meet as a lifestyle blogger are not the same as those of a food blogger.

They reach bloggers in parenting, lifestyle, culinary, fashion, art & crafts, design, fitness, and beauty.

Sway highly favors those with a massive Instagram following even though your blog is averagely followed. Most of their opportunities lately are more Instagram-related.

The pitches can be really short too which is favorable to most bloggers.

Each campaign includes a phone number to call if you have any campaign-related questions, especially issues to do with the licensing.

This is because most bloggers are not okay with the kind of licensing Sway gives most brands which is a license to use your content forever.

If the fee is really good though, go for it unless you think that that may affect your future collaborations or campaigns with other brands.

Some of the brands Seay has worked with include:

  • Aroma Joe
  • Wells Fargo
  • Home Depot
  • Clorox
  • CVS


7. Acorn

Brands working with Acorn only send campaigns to bloggers they are interested in. The rates are therefore quite competitive so make sure you have every bit of information about you and your blog filled in.

Their licensing is similar to that of Sway which includes full and long-term ownership of your content which is, of course, paid.

As mentioned before, some bloggers may seem skeptical about this to avoid limiting their other campaigns but some are quite okay with it.

If you are fine with this, then dive right in since their rates are pretty good.

Any experience blogger or influencer with a following from 1000 and above can sign in listing their details and Acorn will align this information to the right brand.

That's how a brand spots you and sends you its campaign. Your posts at the time have to be tailored to that audience.

Some of the brands Acorn has connected bloggers to include:

  • Nickelodeon
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • P & G
  • Kraft
  • NBC Universal
  • Crest
  • Dasani
  • Bounty
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Cheerios


8. Tap Influence / Izea

Once you get signed in Tap Influence, it might take some time before you get the ball rolling. You have to be active at first to get started on offers.

Once you are signed in though and have connected your socials and your blog, you will get to see your estimated influencer earnings immediately.

If you are chosen for a campaign, the brand sends you an email instead.

The influencer categories on Tap Influence are food, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and they get offered both social (short content) posts and sponsored posts type of campaigns.

Izea maintains the largest blog network for bloggers, tubers, Instagrammers, photographers, and journalists. It is the best marketplace to monetize your content.

Brands that have worked with Izea or Tap Influence include:

  • Target
  • Mercedes Benz
  • The Home Depot
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Mattel
  • HGTV


9. Blog Meets Brand

Blog meets Brands works with widely known brands and small companies altogether. This blog network specializes in marketing your content, marketing in social media, influencer marketing, running contests, and blogger amplification.

Signing up for Blog meets Brand is pretty simple in that you just need to key in your username, email, and password, and you are set.

The other thing that needs setting or modification once in a while is your bio. It has to define you and your blog which has to be active and has quite a following to make it in Blog Meets Brand.

A necessity for success in Blog meets Brand is a well-defined niche.

Any campaign you get has a statement of how much of a budget they need. You also need to set your prices.

Some of the brands that have worked with Blog meets Brand is as follows:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • M&Ms
  • Walmart
  • Hallmark
  • Neutrogena
  • Motorola
  • Swissôtel
  • Nutrisystem
  • BBVA
  • American Heart Association


10. Influence Central

Influence Central has one the high-quality campaigns but they are few. They can either pay in cash or in loads of products that are essential.

The unique aspect of their system is that they analyze your profile before letting in or suggesting brands and companies work with you.

This way, they get to only recommend brands and companies that fit your profile description therefore when creating your profile, you need to include every detail there is about you and your blog.

Remember to also include all your social connections and exhaust all the information necessary.

You will be sure to not have an opportunity that would fit you, and pass you by.

If an opportunity is recommended, apply with accurate information because it does not mean that you are in yet.

Once you are accepted, payment is usually set upfront.

Some of the brands that have worked with Influence Central include:

  • Green Giant
  • Starkist
  • Barilla


11. Fohr Card

Fohr Card is US-based and gives opportunities for US-based influencers to give the value of their blog by connecting with brands.

Fohr has social networks on Instagram, Youtube, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

It has over 12,000 influencers and their campaigns are managed by the Fohr card team.

The Fohr card team chooses the influencers it wants to work with, picks out influencers for brands, negotiates for them, and excites a follow-up.

It gains full access to the bloggers' or influencers' blogs, social media accounts, and analytics.

Their unique system (they are popularly known for this) is the feature that can perceive fake profiles. Most of the influencers use fake followers that they have bought and boast of it through campaigns. Well, Fohr Card performs a crackdown and they do not get away with it once they have signed in.

This way, they have provided the best and quality profiles to the advertisers and received recognition for it.

Fohr Card has worked with brands like:

  • American Eagle
  • Sephora
  • Lilly Pulitzer
  • Dyson
  • Costco


12. BrandConnect (Famebit)

BrandConnect, formerly and popularly known as Famebit, was bought by Google and remains to be one of the biggest marketplaces for brands and bloggers to work together.

It has an impressive history of working with remarkable companies and creating big opportunities for its influencers and bloggers.

With social networks on Youtube which is by far the largest team here, Facebook, and Twitter, it has gotten over 300,000,000 influencers.

Even with this following, the registration is free and they have a flexible budget.

The influencer campaigns are fairly easy to make as compared to most blog networks where you just need to choose the type of partnership you want right after choosing a platform on which the proposals will be procured.

BrandConnect has worked with big brands like:

  • Adidas
  • Sony
  • Paramount
  • Marvel
  • L'Orèal
  • Canon
  • Activision
  • Rovio
  • Conair

Conclusion: Best Blogger Networks to Join to Make Money Blogging

Not all brands here look for a large following on social platforms though. They might look for influence in a certain geographical area or a specific location so in case you have a massive following but are not connected to that location, you will most likely not be chosen.

It is a light disadvantage when you are signed in these blog networks since they tend to filter out campaigns that don't fit you.

The only disadvantage with working with these blog networks is the pay coming in fewer amounts than when you would have worked with the brands and companies directly.

This is one of those situations where the pros outweigh the cons. With the best easy blog networks mentioned above, you do not have to worry about things like dealing with contracts, creating invoices for each campaign, or chasing after your money when a campaign is done.

It also cuts down on the amount of research you have to do. Sometimes influencers without a blog network as the middleman have to study and try out with so many brands and companies before getting the right one. Most of the time, the brands they are after might not need an influencer or have a budget set aside for such and have to wait a long time to eventually work with them.

All in all, brands have a certain demographic they want to attract and only influencers such as bloggers can fill in the gap to act as the middlemen between the brand and the target audience.

If you believe you have an effect on the purchasing decisions of people or have a passion for blogging, take it up full time, join any of the easy blog network blogs and start earning.

I hope you found this article on the best blogger networks where you can find various sponsored work opportunities helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

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