Top 10 Blogging Challenges All Bloggers Should Abandon

I will discuss now the top 10 blogging challenges all bloggers don't follow
When they start blogging
I bet you at least 2 or more I and you had fallen in

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I list them below in chronological order based on
How critical to your blogging success journey
Let me begin with

1) Blogging should be for niches with real passion

This is the biggest blogging challenges

If you start a new blog without a real passion on what you are writing about

I will state it clear here, if you don't like what you are doing, you would fail making money

Driving traffic to your blog takes a lot of time and energy

And if your only purpose for your blogging is to make money

Then you will definitely give up after 6 month

Because you will see very few money coming in from Ads and may be few affiliate sales

Right away you think to yourself why it is not working for me

And since you are not doing something you really love

So why bother when you see no quick benefits coming to you right away

I know you read a lot of posts from top bloggers saying you have to follow the niche

Where you will be able to make money from

Yes that's true but I say you have to follow your real passion

Bear with me I will explain it below

This is not supposed to be contradicting, they should be completing each other

Follow your real passion on one condition that it should be profitable

Niches with money to be made fall under these categories

  • How to make money
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal finance
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Relationships and personal development
  • Lifestyle (like survival, gardening, Women's lifestyle..etc.)

Again the above niches are not the only niches you can make money with

But they give you the best chances especially if you are just starting in blogging with no experience

If you have a real passion in one or more of the above niches then you are a winner

Because you followed your passion in a niche that can easily make money for you

I mean by following your passion is to be able to write 50 plus posts

And never get bored and to have a real passion to search about it on the internet and never fed up of reading more

I started before a blog about diet and because I am following a good diet

I thought that I would be able to write about diet, losing weight and fitness

First because of lack of experience and it was very broad topic

I was not able to focus and I completely gave up writing posts in my diet blog

After the fifth post and guess what no money was made at all

It was not convincing to visitors to click on my affiliate links

Because I really didn't have the passion nor experience to write about it

Especially when you are not running other profitable blogs to pay for professional freelancers to write for you

2) Blogging should target your audience problems (about your readers and not yourself)

Second mistake is to keep talking about yourself, your dog, and your family or about your own interests

Remember you are not Bill Gates you are someone who is completely unknown

And you want readers to listen to you

I only write about me if I am talking about how my audience's problem impacted me

And how I tried to solve it

And then my audience would listen to me as this relates to them

If you want to make money from your blog then you have to write about what your audience like

And how to benefit them

Once you provide them with valuable posts then they have no problem following your recommendations

And buying through your affiliate links or your own products

To provide them with what they really love to read about

Then you need to figure out how to do that?

You have to come up with a list of websites from your best influencers in your niche

Just go to and type your URLs which you collected earlier

It will display the top posts which got shared

Don't be afraid to write down the same ideas other bloggers wrote about

As in fact you can make it better

For example if the best shared posts on specific URL on buzzsumo is about top 10 tricks/ideas about so

And so then you can search other bloggers site

Then come with top 15 or whatever the number you come up with

Here you are adding value and educating yourself

And by doing that you can come later on with a better idea to represent your post as an infographic (long image) listing all your posts headlines and share it on Pinterest or Instagram

3) Blogging should be on a very narrow topic

One of the Blogging Challenges is to create a blog on broad topic like how to make money with all possible methods (Forex, Investment, Savings…etc.)

Always start very narrow, build your traffic then go broad if you want, you will be building an authority site

When I started my diet and fitness website the one I mentioned earlier which was a total failure

I wrote about different broad topics like diet, fitness, gym, exercise and training

So not only I did not connect to my readers' own problems

They were also not able to navigate my blog due to lack of relevant posts

Again I did not have any experience/passion about this topic I went very broad so readers were not able to find any related posts to keep them connected to my blog

Although there are so many examples

I recently found on some blogs about two or more broad topics like Making money, family finances and mommy tips but in fact every topic is relevantly covered by many linked posts very highly connected to each other

In fact, if I am able to write about different topics in different niches

I would rather create separate blogs for each one but again this is my opinion

4) Blogging should be about quality and not quantity

Fourth mistake is to write short posts not covering everything, I am not against short posts

if you decide overcome blogging challenges by writing your blog posts

Please make sure to cover everything and make it epic (quality)

Adding 50 posts to a blog with few contents due to the rush of completing your post and moving on to the next one (quantity) will not help you in SEO and even for your readers who are coming from social media sites

I remember a fellow blogger once said that he took 16 hours to write an epic post

And when I heard this I went to my blog log (excel file where I keep track of my daily activities) I found that I have posts that took 20 hours to complete

Assuming you work 2 hours daily (undivided attention) then you need 10 days to complete one post

I sometimes visit my existing posts and I try to make them more perfect as when I write my posts

I read others so I may come to something I wrote before

But I missed a point or an idea so I return back to my existing post and try to make it perfect

5) Blogging is not only about writing but also promoting your contents

Fifth mistake is to only focus on writing and you think that traffic will come through search engines

Always plan for driving traffic to your posts unless you are very talented in SEO and you know what you are doing

If you write very long epic posts with fantastic images and you stay there hoping visitors will come to your blog

Then good luck as nobody is going to see it, you should plan for driving traffic and promoting your blog

I would rather say when you start a new blog your focus will be 100% on writing your contents and after reaching a certain limit (I would rather say 35+ posts)

You should start switching your time to 80% promoting your blog and keeping 20% to writing new posts

When you start promotion especially on social media sites you will completely be surprised by finding your hard work being perceptively shared less than you expected

Based on your readers combined opinions which you cannot deny

I go to Google analytics and I find some posts which I really put great efforts in to perform OK

And the posts which I spent less time and wrote them without diligent research perform very well

By the way that's a good sign because you still have to room to enhance them

You will end up to getting a sense of what you will work on more and what your readers would like you to write about


In reality, you will find yourself writing some posts again from different angles

For example I started my first post on WordPress website setup process 

I found it useful to my readers so I wrote 5 simple easy steps to start blogging in an hour where I am writing the same post but from different angle

6) Blogging is about consistent writing (stick to a schedule)

Sixth mistake is to write lot of blog posts when you start

Stop for a month or two then write again, this is a fatal mistake

Although I talked above about giving 80% of your time to promotion

You should still dedicate consistent time to writing new contents

Sticking to a realistic schedule for posts writing will help you with search engine traffic to stay steady as blogs which don't get updated frequently lose all the search engine traffic gradually

So stay focus as I mentioned earlier you will end up writing fresh contents based on your visitors' engagements

Meaning every time you write a new post and share it on social media sites

Your visitors will reply with remarks, questions and notes that would give you an idea of what they really expect from you

Actually some bloggers take the contents creation to a new level

They add a survey link on their blogs to collect their visitors feedback as not all visitors will leave a comment (SurveyMonkey is an example of survey sites to gather your visitors feedback)

7) Blogging should be engaging your readers (allowing comments on posts)

Seventh mistake if you don't see your blog posts from readers' perspectives

I never thought why would someone create a blog and remove the comments from their posts

But what happens few bloggers cannot handle criticism

I keep all opinions and I remove only comments which carry bad language and off points comments

You have to approve all comments (called comments moderation)

Before they get published on your blog and if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform

You can go to Settings –> Discussion –> Comment Moderation and check your settings to make sure you have full control on your visitors' comments

08) Blogging is not free, there is a cost

Eighth mistake when you start blogging on a free blog platform without realizing that the best way to start blogging is by buying your own web hosting

Yes, not much cost but there is

If you are building your blog without any intention to make money from then it does not matter if you run it on free blogging site like Tumblr or Google Blogger

But if your plan is to make money

Then keep in mind that free bloggers will not let you put any advertisement on their sites nor affiliate links (free WordPress sites allow some affiliate links like Amazon and eBay)

You will be very limited in your options to choose your affiliate links

So why the hassle when you can buy affordable hosting like Siteground (that's the one I am using)

You can save with this offer for 3.95$ you can get a StartUp plan

Which covers you with hosting one website plus your domain name (name of your website)

Remember starting with the right web hosting will help you down the road

When your site gets some traffic from search engines like Google and Bing who knows and you don't want to lose all traffic coming from search engines because of your slow page load speed

I have a detailed post on Google page load speed and that's why I changed my web hosting

9) Blogging time is always unlimited

Ninth mistake when you think that one day you will not put any effort in your blog

I hope I can explain this better

First I will start with the fact that blogging is never ending journey

If you write a book you know that one day you can finish it but when you begin blogging there is no end

When you start a new blog there is certain steps to follow to start making money from your blog

These steps are

1: What your blog with be about

2: Choosing your blogging platform (I use and teach WordPress)

3: Choosing your domain name

4: Find a web hosting (I recommend Siteground as best web hosting)

5: Installing WordPress (I recommend WP101 course to fast track your WordPress learning process).

6: Installing essential plugins after WordPress installation

7: Choosing your WordPress theme

8: Creating your contents (this is an ongoing process)

9: Monetizing your blog

10: Promoting your bog (driving traffic to your website)

You cannot shortcut some steps or skip few of them

Steps from 2 to 5 are covered in my previous post 5 simple easy steps to start blogging in an hour

Step 5 regarding installing WordPress can be overwhelming for non-technical users

But WordPress is not intended for technical users

It is easy platform where few courses like WP101 managed to explain it in 3 to 4 hours and you can easily fast track your WordPress learning process

Steps from 8 to 10 are always ongoing steps and they never end

You always need fresh contents to add to your blog, keep looking for new affiliate programs to try and keep promoting your blog

Successful bloggers always tend to write good contents in short period of time to minimize the time required to establish their blogs before they start the promotion step

Creating 35 to 50 new fully researched contents like roundups, How Tos, long list posts, cheat sheet posts…etc. takes lot of time and energy

If you remember the roughly 20 hours range which I estimated earlier for each post and multiply it by 50 posts this means you need 1000 hours of hard work

Assuming you work 3 hours per day so you need one full year for writing good contents only

I am not putting these numbers to discourage you, absolutely not

What I am trying to do is to make sure you realize how important not to get distracted by any activities but to focus on writing your contents and putting your best effort to deliver long posts in a short period of time

The good thing is that you actually don't need 1000 hours because if you start writing and avoid all distraction at all levels (putting your cell phone on mute, closing your email program…etc.) you will end up writing more than 2000 words in less than 4 hours

I created 10 long posts around 2000+ in less than a month with images while working 2 hours a day, keep in mind that English is not my native language and my English level is like grade 9 students

Yes you can do it too but having said the above, always keep in mind to give yourself 6 months before you start making money as writing contents alone can take 3 to 4 months alone

Here is a hint for you, always try to come up with 3 to 4 blog posts so you move from one post to another without wasting time on what to write about when you finish your current post

I learned this when I found that I can spend like 2 – 3 days doing nothing because I have no idea what to write about so don't fall in this trap

10) Blogging perfection can waste your precious time

You waste lot of time on making everything perfect, please this habit as it is one of the blogging challenges that take you nowhere

This is my top weakness; I spent one day almost 4 hours looking for a simple theme with full page width and another day testing all of them to choose the best one and another 3 to 4 hours just trying all possible plugins for Google ads and other ads network

Top one priority is to write your blog contents and when you get tired/bored of writing and think about switching tasks, you can look at what you have on your list by using a website called Trello where you can keep track of all your wish list and track your accomplishments

Another big time waster is to stop in the middle of writing to search for topic on internet only to find yourself moving from one page to another losing track of what you were initially doing (this is called analysis paralysis)

Then followed by the comparison trap where you watch other bloggers' website comparing their contents, images and layouts to yours leading you to being discouraged

Another big time waster is not having a plan for your current week ahead of time, keeping a plan with your progress (percentage of tasks completion) will make you focus on completing your tasks before your due dates

Always make sure your weekly plan is very reasonable in time and never miss a week without having the content creation on your list

To summarize the above post, I talked about the top 10 blogging challenges all bloggers abandon

Blogging should be for niches with real passion

Look for you passion in niches that make money like

  • How to make money
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal finance
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Relationships and personal development
  • Lifestyle (like survival, gardening, Women's lifestyle..etc.)

Blogging should target your audience problems

Don't write about your own interests but write about your audience problems, you can write about yourself on how you solved these problems

Blogging should be on a very narrow topic

Always start very narrow, build traffic then go broad if you want (building authority site)

Blogging should be about quality and not quantity

Try to write long posts, make it epic, do lot of research and always keep your posts on mind, if you find something to add to existing posts, go and edit them

Blogging is not only about writing but also promoting your contents

Excellent blog posts without traffic are useless

Blogging is about consistent writing

Best way is to stick to schedule like 1 post every week or 2 but always try to be consistent

Blogging should be engaging your readers

There is nothing wrong about allow commenting on your blog

It is OK to do comments moderation (approving all comments before being published)

Blogging is not free, there is a cost

Yes expect to pay reasonable fee like any other thing in life we pursue

Blogging time is always unlimited

There will never be that one day where you will stop touching your blog

Blogging perfection can waste your precious time

Wasting time on tiny details as this will distract you

Just focus on your task at hand

Finally I listed the 10 blogging challenges for you to follow, please share it with your friends using social media to the left hand side or bottom (mobile)

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