How To Find The Best Suitable Blogging Course Right Now

You buy a blogging course
After you try blogging on your own with no success

Unfortunately you and me buy any blogging course
Based on the sales page or number of positive reviews
Usually all positive reviews are affiliate
Who wrote their good reviews for the sake of commissions
Some of them they even haven't tried the blogging course itself

I will talk here about finding best blogging course

Why all blogging courses fail to deliver what they promise

Because blogging itself is a complete set of
Behavior, knowledge, persistence and continuous support
Early when bloggers started to build courses on blogging

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how to find the best blogging course

They covered in their blogging courses
The behavior part
Which is the mindset and discipline like
Finding the reason why you want to blog?
Is it for Passion or money?
As you have to stay motivated
Since blogging is a long process
You have to be very patient

Then they taught the knowledge
Which covers how to find your web hosting?
What are the steps to build your blog on WordPress?
How to install and configure your theme and plugins?
What are all the methods to start monetizing your blog?
How to write your contents?
Do you know ways to drive traffic?
What about doing SEO properly?
On-page SEO and off-page SEO
That’s it

What happens after buying any blogging course?

You buy it and start studying then
You get hundreds of blogging questions
Popping up in your head

You think you need to attend a blogging workshop
To cover your design needs because
If it is recommended to use a specific WordPress theme
Everybody can still configure it according to his/her own specific criteria and need

What you think about what all blogging courses cover?

Is that enough in any course on blogging?

No you still need a mentor to help you
To stay motivated and persistent
And also provide you support till you make it online

To recap it, the ideal blogging course that guarantees your success
It should be an online blogging course
Where you read the material online
You can download it offline to read it on the go
It should be updated when new factors come into play
Like new Google update algorithm
As it does not make sense
You keep optimizing your blog with an outdated SEO Technique

It should cover the behavior and knowledge
When accessing the training materials online
Then when it comes to persistence and support
You should be able to access a forum
Preferably on a mobile app like Slack
Where you meet with all members
You help each other and then
Your mentor or owner of the blogging course online
Comes in the right time to settle the battle for any debates

My personal experience about my own blogging course

Anyway this is my own personal experience
I joined in March 2019 what I consider
The best blogging course ever
I will tell you why shortly

First it is called Dare To Conquer by Paul Scrivs
I liked this guy when I joined his blogging bootcamp email list
I kept resisting not joining his program
Because I always believed all gurus put your expectation in the sky
They play with your curiosity
They write professional sales pages
Only to find that their products cover the mindset and blogging knowledge

With Dare To Conquer as known as DTC (merged into BSF)
You get Scrivs brain into new blogging experiments
You get a highly motivated group of bloggers on mobile app called Slack
They are committed to help each other

When I first joined it was DTC only (merged into BSF)
Now there is also Blogging Simple Framework as known as BSF

What are DTC and BSF about?
Because I see Scrivs as the blogger genius of 21 century
He managed to build more than 15 blogs in different niches
Testing things on multiple platforms or tools Like Pinterest, YouTube, SEO and content creation

Scrivs realized that bloggers need to
Adapt one or both of these mindsets

First mindset in the DTC program

Which relies on investing in your Audience
He teaches you how to think about your Audience
From the external side like the challenges they are facing
To the internal side like their fears and concerns and
Finally from the philosophical side

For example if you are targeting your audience on
How to save for your children's universities
Your audience external problem can be that
They work for less paying jobs

Your audience internal problem can be that
They don't feel confident to cut some expenses
They barely make ends meet
From Philosophical side they believe that
Universities are only for rich parents

First mindset teaches you How to build a brand
Focus on your hero as your hero needs a guide
You are their guide and you are able to do the transformation
To transform your audience from the initial state to your state
Your audience will be exactly like you

Second mindset is the BSF program

Which relies in investing in the traffic game
The more traffic you get the more revenue you generate
It is a number game and so
It teaches you the mindset of
Turning a new blog to make $1,000 in 6 months period
You main focus is on writing contents that bring traffic
Through SEO and Pinterest

Although some blogging courses are common
Between DTC and BSF like SEO and Pinterest
But the overall courses in each program are framed either for building brand or traffic

Dare to conquer blogging bootcamp free email course

Finally make up your mind by joining his mailing list
You can judge the quality of his emails by yourself
It is a pure indication of what you will get
I was very skeptical until I knocked down
My fears and joined his courses

I have to admit it never crossed my mind
That I would invest $599 in any blogging membership course
I like this guy he is a legend

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