Bloom Into You Season 2: Will there ever be a sequel?

We reveal if the anime series Bloom Into You will get a 2nd season. Right up front, the odds are not necessarily good.

The end of Bloom Into You left some questions unanswered. Fans of the yuri anime are rightly wondering if there would ever be Bloom Into You Season 2. Although the first season aired four years ago, the creators have not yet announced any further episodes. Can we still hope?

What Are The Chances Of Bloom Into You Season 2?

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Bloom Into You Season 2: Will there ever be a sequel? 3

The anime is based on the manga of the same name by Nio Nakatani, which comprises eight volumes. With a little less than two-thirds, the story of the original was far from being completely adapted. So there is still some material left for emotional moments in Bloom Into You Season 2 or a movie.

The end of the series speaks against this. Even though some nuances point to the possibility of a cliffhanger, the last episode seems final and it doesn't seem like a sequel is needed. After their day together at the aquarium, Toko decides to take the hand of Yuu, who fell asleep next to her, on the train ride home.

You shouldn't get your hopes up too much if you're waiting for Bloom Into You Season 2. After all, the Japanese TV premiere of the anime was several years ago and we haven't heard a peep from the creators since. If you want to know how the plot continues, you'll have to read the manga original and get into it from the 25th chapter or volume 5.