21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls

What is more fascinating about watching anime rather than fantasizing about yourself in their world. Anime has everything that you wish you have in real life. From becoming a princess, knight, elves, even as simple as colorful hair. Yes! Hair is one of the most eye-catching things from characters in anime, especially if they have bright colorful hair such as yellow, pink, orange, green even blue. Talking about blue hair, it can come in any shade from bright light sky blue to deep dark oceanic blue. Blue hair girls in anime are usually not the most common ones, but they are so pretty! So today we wanna list the 21 best anime girls with blue hair. Check them out.

Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls

21. Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Umi Ryuuzaki

Ryuuzaki is one of the blue hair goddess who can control water element. Her appearance with bRyuuzaki is one of the blue hair goddesses who can control water elements. Her appearance with blue eyes and long blue silver flowing hair really suits her water element. She also uses a blue headband and blue theme uniform which really suits her appearance. But her personality kinda contradicts the calmness of the water. Her short temperament, straightforward action, and selfish person come with a caring also protective personality towards her closest friends

20. Mio Naganohara from Nichijou

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Mio Naganohara
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 23

Mio is one of three bestie in Nichijou. She was usually spotted with light blue hair came in pigtails. She also has dark blue eyes. Her icon accessories are two wooden cubes that hold her hair. She is a cheerful and bright girl. Compare with her friends, you can say Mio is the most realistic and “normal” one in Nichijou. She sometimes comes with a short-tempered personality when she looks at her friend’s dumb actions. But deep inside, she also has her own hobby, which is drawing ecchi and yaoi poses.

19. Konan from Naruto

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Kanon
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 24

Konan known as kunoichi from Amegakure and a founding member of original Akatsuki. Konan has short blue hair with lavender eyes. She identic with the origami flower headpiece in her bun hair. Judging by her look, she is a very serious and mature woman. She is also a calm, quiet, and emphatic character in Naruto. But she is not always like that. In the flashback, she has a traumatic childhood that resulted in her current character. Later on, she also crosses patched with the main character, Naruto, and protected towards him

18. Aqua from Konosuba

Aqua from Konosuba
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 25

Aqua is also one of the water goddesses on this list. In Konosuba, she is also a goddess who guided humans to the afterlife. Her appearance consists of lots of blues! She has long sky blue hair, tied in the back. She also wearing a dark blue shirt, short skirt, and blue shoes completed with socks. Her personality is clearly an honest person. She can’t stand a lie because of her observant skills. Her skill is unspeakable. But sometimes, goddesses also can have a bad side. Her clumsiness and arrogance sometimes resulted in a bad ending.

17. Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Esdeath
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 26

Esdeath is known as a high-ranking general in Empire. Her appearance is a tall woman also with long blue hair. She wearing a general uniform that really suits her. Her aura emits leadership, strength, and passion with her job. Esdeath also likes to practice and have a fight with a strong opponent. She held her father’s motto that the weak will die and the strong survive. Esdeath take that motto deeply in her blood and towards her adventure

16. Konata Izumi from Lucky Star

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Konata Izumi
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 27

Konata is our chibi blue hair, anime girl. With her petite physic, she has extremely long hair that touches her calves. Her messy hair comes perfectly with her cat-kinda-looking mouth. It really suits her mischievous, sarcastic, and energetic personality. Konata likes to tease and prank her friend. But, she actually a very smart girl, just too lazy for studying. With influence from her dad, Konata really enjoys manga, anime, and adult video. What a girl!

15. Sayaka Maizono from Dangeropa

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Sayaka Maizono
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 28

Have you ever thought of the combination of thriller, pop, and psychopath at the same time? Sayaka is the answer! In the anime, she wearing a normal high school uniform with her long dark blue hair. She is also really pretty and has a beautiful voice due to her past career as an idol. Even though she only has a short episode, but her identity who is bright, cheerful, and spontaneous makes her fellow friends brighter during her first few days in the Dangeropa School

14. Nymph from Heaven Lost Property

Nymph from Heaven Lost Property 6
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 29

Nymph will remind us of Greek Mythology for nature spirit because of her long ears. In the Heaven Lost Property, she has a mission to return Ikaros to Synapses. For achieving that, she suddenly appears in Tomoki’s living room and eats his snack. Firstly she doesn’t really like humans because of their weak appearance and kinda annoying, according to Nymph. But her spontaneous and after spending some time with Tomoki, she begins to like humans. Even her form mimics humans with twin tails long blue hair. 

13. Sonoda Umi from Love Live

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Sonoda Umi
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 30

Umi is one of the members of U’s. She also becomes the leader of this idol member. Her long dark blue hair represents her calmness. She is the type of girl who brings out Yamato Nadeshiko or proper traditional Japanese lady should behave. Her personality came from her linage, her father is a trainer of martial arts and her mother is a traditional Japanese dancer. As result, she also inherent that skill and become super talented in archery. But she also likes singing and dancing with her U’s member

12. Shino Asada from Sword Art Online

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Shino Asada
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 31

Shino first appears in Gun Gale Online which is the next chapter after SAO. She is a pro player of virtual games, especially in her sniper skills. In her reality, she is really scared to even hold a gun due to her bad experience. But, in VR she is the main character who later befriends Asuna, Kirito, and the gangs. Her appearance in VR, she has short light blue-greenish hair. She wears a green fighting uniform that fits her body. Later on in the next season of SAO, Alfheim Online, she became skilled archery with also a light short blue hair

11. Aki Adagaki from Masamune-kun no Revenge

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Aki Adagaki
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 32

In Masamune Kun no Revenge, Aki is the main protagonist in this anime.  she has long blue hair with two low messy pigtails. She has a nickname of the “cruel princess” because she rejects so many boys in her school because she just really like to tease them. Later on, she also likes to tease Masamune which letter turns into her crush. Aki has an eating disorder that she can eat a lot but still has a slim body. But no one wants to have an illness right?

10. Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Rikka Takanashi
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 33

Rikka is not the ordinary girl that you found every day. She has unique hobbies that turn the world into her own imagination. She is also The founder of the napping Club in her schools. She has a unique appearance while wearing a one-eyed blindfolded that she claims “cover her strength or her Tyrant eye”. She has dark blue-purple bob hair. Chuunibyou itself actually a common term used in middle schoolers for having drama and theatrical phenomena in their daily lives.

9. Sayaka Miki from Maadoka Magicia

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Sayaka Miki
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 34

Sayaka is a complete pack girl with a tomboyish and feminine personality. Actually Sayaka just an ordinary high schooler but due to her friend Madoka, she is willing to turn herself into a magical girl to save her. She has shoulder-length blue hair with an ignorant and careless personality. But she is willing to do anything to save her friends. Her main magic is her speed with sword skills and regenerative ability.

8. Kurumo Kurono from Rosario+Vampire

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Kurumo Kurono
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 35

Kurumo is your succubus with blue oceanic shoulder-length hair. Her ability and aura as a succubus make her easily seduce men. In the anime, she genuinely likes Tsukune who doesn’t want Kurumo to appear around him. But, Kurumo actually wants to win Tsukune’s heart with her beauty and personality but not with her power as a succubus, She looks cheerful and charming girls she can make you relax around her. She is also a kind-hearted girl to the people she cherishes the most.

7. Saya Sasamiya from Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Saya Sasamiya
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 36

Saya has light blue shoulder-length hair with choppy bangs and two short braids in her side cheeks. She has light blue hair that everybody wants in real life. Don’t be fooled by her looks, she actually has the ability to shoot and repair so many weapons with help from her father. She is a clever girl and has kawaii body length

6. Nevertari Vivi from One Piece

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Nevertari Vivi
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 37

Vivi is a princess from Arabasta that has long light wavy blue hair. She likes to put her hair in a ponytail or clipped to the back. She doesn't like to wear clothes that state her noble status. But her aura can't hide her loyalty. But she appears as a bounty hunter under the Baroque Works with code name Miss Wednesday

5. Yoshino Himekawa from Date a Live

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Yoshino Himekawa
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 38

Yoshino is a second spirit saved by Shido. She always carries her hand puppet named Yoshinon. Yoshino is a kawaii girl With blue eyes and long blue wavy curly hair. She is usually spotted with a beach long dress complete with a large beach hat. As a spirit, she looks like a lost child in the middle of nowhere and has a shy personality. Her personality comes with her power, rain. Rain represents sad, lonely and scared kinda feeling. Yoshinon later become her alter ego that speaks her other side that can’t come from her own mouth

4. Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Juvia Lockser
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 39

Juvia Has Azure blue hair and midnight blue eyes. In competition, she has snow skin complexions that really match her personality. In Fairy Tail, Juvia came as a former S-class Mage. But now she is disbanding from Phantom Lord Guild. During her service in the guild, she is part of an elite team, element 4 that corresponds to the water element.

3. Shiro from No Game No Life

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Shiro
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 40

Shiro is a smart young kid that together with her big brother, Sora beat all the players in every game. Her knowledge and tactical skills really match with her other intuition. Together, they come into the game world where in order to survive, you must play games. Shiro likes to wear sailor middle schoolers’ uniforms. She has really long whitish-blue hair with pale skin. Her cuteness really suits her imoutou roles.

2. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Asuna Yuuki
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 41

Not only Shino That has blue hair in Sword Art Online. Our main protagonist,  Asuna also has light long blue hair in Gun Gale Online. Her character which is elves, white uniforms, and her blue hairs release her waifu aura. But don’t be fooled because she is one of the best swordmasters in this anime and she has Kirito also her friends who willing to protect her

1. Rem from ReZero

Blue Hair Anime Girl: Ren
21 Gorgeous Blue Hair Anime Girls 42

Rem becomes the definition of people waifu. She is popular with her cuteness and her compatibility with maid uniforms. In this anime, Rem works with Ram, her twin demon sister, in lord Roswaal Mathers. Her signature of short blue hair with a pink knot on her head makes her charming and feminine aura so perceived. Rem willing to sacrifice to the one who she loves the most and Subaru, the main character in this anime, get that opportunity to have Rem charming surrounding him  

That’s our 21 best blue hair girl in anime. Do you want to dye your hair blue like in anime?