Here’s Why BMW Vehicles Are Thriving in the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Over the past few months, there’s been no shortage of ups and downs in the electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States, with automakers like Ford and GM slowing down EV production or even temporarily halting the construction of a billion-dollar EV production facility in Tennessee. 

However, other automakers, like Hyundai, have continued with their EV plans, hoping that consumer demand will justify all this big spending down the road. 

That hope is justified if recent sales data is anything to go by. According to a third quarter sales analysis from Cox Automotive, EV sales are showing record growth, with over one million EVs expected to be sold in the US for the first time this year. Compare that with the fact EV sales were only eclipsing the 250,000 mark in the US in 2020, and it becomes apparent how much potential the North American EV market has in the years to come. 

Regarding third quarter sales, the most prominent brand share for total EV sales (by a non-EV-only automaker, like Tesla) belonged to BMW totally 15.6%. 

But why BMW? 

Quality Leads the Way for BMW

One only has to look at the glowing review that the new BMW i5 has received to understand that anyone who can afford to purchase this vehicle will do so. With a “blend of a spacious, airy cabin, a new user-friendly infotainment system,” Emmet White of Autoweek writes that the all-electric i5 offers a “captivating” ride. Add in what are reported to be the new 5-Series “best attributes” of “dynamic yet supple on-road behavior” of its “light, responsive steering,” and it’s clear why this “generation” of BMW is being lauded as “better than nearly everyone before it.”

To top it off, the 2024 BMW i5 M60 XDrive also comes with nearly 600 horsepower and over 250 miles of driving range. 

Moving up to the BMW i7, the trappings get so luxurious that the backset is nicer than most hotel suites. Or maybe we should say the i7’s backset is what you would get if you crossed a five-star hotel with a private movie-going experience. Toggling through the screen accompanying the large backseat armrest reveals an option to turn the i7’s backset into a literal movie theater

With the press of a button, shades descend to blackout the backseat windows while a behemoth movie screen slowly drops down from the headliner. Basically, the excellence of German engineering found a way to take Netflix and chill to a whole new level. 

However, chill doesn’t quite describe a ride that smooth and quiet — “silky” is the word that Autoweek used.  

Just imagine a silky smooth ride while you watch a movie of your choice without being bothered by your fellow film goer in the row ahead of you because they decided to take a phone call in the middle of the Trinity Test sequence in Oppenheimer

With dual electric motors powered by a 105.7-kWh lithium-ion battery, the i7 is, unsurprisingly, not for car shoppers on a tight budget. The starting price for decadence on four wheels is just under $170,000.  

But hey, if you’re a millionaire looking for a new daily driver for your chauffeur to take you around, it’s an enticing option. And given the growth that BMW is experiencing in EV sales, it’s clear that their electrified offerings are enticing high-end buyers.