Best Parenting Books for Brand New Parents

Recent studies show that millennials are waiting until later in their 20's and early 30's to have their first child. Wisdom may come with age, but it's never easy being a first-time parent. There's no instruction book for “what to do after having your baby.”

There are, however, informative and relatable books that can give you great tips and advice on how to care for your baby properly. Here are the top five parenting books for new parents on

Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide To Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids

This book was written by Hunter Clarke – Fields and is a surprisingly easy read! This book is all about practicing mindfulness and growing awareness of your reactive parenting style so you can catch yourself, take a deep breath, and calmly communicate with your child.

In Hunter's book “Raising Good Humans,” the reader enjoys Hunter's witty solutions and her relatable parenting experience. All-in-all, this book is an easy read and keeps you captivated and wanting more!

You can find this book on for $15.26 paperback or $9.99 with the Amazon Kindle app.

The Newborn Handbook: Your Guide to Bringing Home Baby

Dr. Smita Malhotra, MD, writes this next book. Malhotra provides readers with highly advanced tips and parenting advice because she doubles as both a parent and a pediatrician. Her book provides readers with a wealth of information from page one. She arms you with all the knowledge you'll ever need as a new parent.

You'll find her book hard to put down once you read her practical and statistically proven dos and don'ts of parenting with your newborn baby while covering the next three months of your baby's life. If it's a “how-to” parenting book you're looking for, this is the one for you!

You can find this book on Amazon at a low cost of $10.99. It's also available in the Amazon Kindle or Amazon Audible apps.

Succeeding as a First-time Parent: Hbr Working Parent Series

Another fantastic book found on is “Succeeding as a First-Time Parent,” written by Harvard Review Business, Daisy Dowling – series editor et al. For those who are preparing to continue life as a working parent post-pregnancy, as many do, this is your go-to parenting book.

The authors of this book have put together a real, down-to-Earth, informative book for parents of all backgrounds. Allow this book to reel you in as it covers real working parenthood problems and solutions. Learn about planning meals and breast milk storage! The authors spare no expense when it comes down to educating their readers.

You can find this book online (paperback) for $24.95. Also available in Amazon Kindle and Audible apps.

Newborn 101: Secrets From Expert Nurses on Preparing and Caring for Your Baby at Home

This book was written by a highly experienced nurse who spent many years in the medical field, working in the hospital Labor and Delivery unit and as a Certified Lactation Consultant. Her name is Carol Kramer Arsenault.

As an experienced parent and nurse, she tells you everything you need to know about prenatal care, labor/delivery, and newborn care! If you want to learn more about her book, visit the Amazon website, and check it out!

You can find it for the low cost of $12.49 paperback or purchase it through the Kindle or Audible apps.

The Montessori Baby: Parent's Guide To Nurturing Your Baby With Love, Respect, and Understanding

This book was written by two parents: Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike and illustrated by Sanny van Loon. It covers everything you need to know about raising a baby using the Montessori method of teaching.

Montessori is “a system of education for young children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods.” The authors are themselves Montessori teachers, and inform readers of the positive effects Montessori methods can have on both mother and child.

You can find this book on Amazon for only $12.90, and it's also available in the Kindle and Audible apps.

Good luck on your new parenting journey!

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