Boomers Strike Again, 10 Pieces of Advice From 20 Years Ago Not Relevant Today

Just because something was true yesterday doesn't mean it will be true tomorrow. I remember when Pluto was the ninth planet turned a moon turned dwarf planet. So can the same be said about advice? Of course, it can. After someone asked, “What was great advice 20 years ago but isn't now?” These were the top-voted responses.

10. You Need to Go to College

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One person volunteered, “Everyone needs a college degree.” Trade school is the way for some people, myself included. And I did both.” Many people discussed how they were told they could get any job with their degrees, but they are moving back in with their parents instead.

Another stated, “I like the message, ‘Everyone needs some kind of further education or training after high school.' Whether it be a college degree, completion of a trade school program, service in the military, etc., everyone needs a springboard of some kind. Each of these avenues has its pros and cons, but all can lead to good jobs in the future.”

9. Staying With the Same Company Forever

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“Stay at the same company for long periods – they show no loyalty or keep up in pay rises. If you want a pay increase and promotion, it's best to swap companies every one to three years,” one person shared.

“So, so true,” said another. “I stayed at the same company for nearly ten years. Left three months ago and now make 25% more with a solid signing bonus.” Manu users admitted they would make more if they left their current positions but enjoy the people they work with or the ability they've earned to slack off.

8. Don't Forget to Print MapQuest Directions

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Someone noted, “Don't forget to print out your directions from MapQuest before you leave. The first six steps were how to get out of your driveway. Though, it still makes sense to download maps before you set out in case you lose service.” Another person exclaimed, “Print them??? Shoot, I had to handwrite them down!”

7. You'll Never Be Successful Spending All Day Online

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One person said, “Spending a whole day on the internet would never make you successful in life.” “Spending the whole day on Reddit, however,” another joked. Finally, a third said, “I was told in high school that by the time I graduated, there wouldn't be any computer jobs left. So I should study something else,” one admitted.

6. Online Dating is Bad

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“You're searching for a soulmate on the internet? Lord, you must be insane,” one user joked. Another volunteered, “I remember when people were ashamed to admit that they met someone online. Now, people act like you've churned your own butter if you meet someone anywhere else.”

Several people shared their success stories. Many of them sounded like this, “I've been married for 16 years to my eHarmony match. We got a lot of weird looks in the early days when people asked us how we met.”

5. Don't Get in Cars of Strangers or Meet People Online

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One person said, “20 years ago: Don't meet up with people you met on the internet and don't get in cars with strangers. Today: Get into the car with a stranger you've summoned to your house using the internet.” 

4. No One Takes Online Applications Seriously

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Several users had stories about their daddies and grandaddies giving them this outdated advice. One stated, “It was good advice in, like, 1998. But, by 2002, we were already telling our parents that we couldn't just walk into places and demand a job with a firm handshake. Which is ironic because it was the same Boomers doing the hiring.”

As an employer, I'm incredibly irritated by applicants who show up in person unannounced. We have a process for applying and scheduling interviews via a remote admin team. If you show up with a piece of paper as an applicant who didn't take five minutes to learn about us and didn't follow directions, we'll throw it in the trash.”

3. Memorize Now Because You Can't Access it Later

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“You need to memorize this cause you won't have the info accessible later,” one said. Another shared, “The most critical skill isn't knowing the correct answer.- It is knowing how to find out the correct answer. And that's gotten much more accessible.

Another argued, “With how easy it is to find the right answer these days, I propose that it's much more important to identify the wrong answer.”

2. Girls Shouldn't Pursue Guys

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“I remember when my dad told me as a teenager never to be the one to pursue a guy,” Maybe that was to keep me safe in my youth,” one user admitted. But I've since realized that most men worth being with are either shy or oblivious, and I have no choice but to make the first move.”

A second person shared, “As a shy and oblivious guy who years later finds out he had interest from women he liked… I feel seen.” Another suggested, “I think we guys fall into one of two categories: Oblivious or completely shameless.”

1. Let Your Phone Batteries Die

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The number one voted response read, “To look after your phone battery, you should let it go down to 0% and then charge fully to 100%.” Phone batteries have changed over two decades, so the information is outdated. One user joked, “Finally, somebody who knows 20 years ago was not before cell phones and email.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of good advice from 20 years ago that isn't good today. Also, check out these things Americans aren't ready to hear, according to Non-Americans.

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