She Didn’t Know How To Tell Her Boyfriend About His Bad Breath and Feared That It Might Be a Cause of Embarrassment but She Finally Found The Way To Tell Him

The girl is 24 years old, and her boyfriend is 30. She thinks the world of him, calling him the nicest and most honest man she's ever known, who is also quite supportive whenever she needs him. But she did see that he doesn't brush his teeth first thing in the morning and instead does it right before bed.

When he brushes, he also does not brush his tongue. After brushing and flossing, that's all he does. Unlike him, she brushes her teeth both in the morning and at night to keep bad breath away(tongue brushing included).

She seems to have picked up this healthy habit after learning a hard lesson the hard way when she was younger. She brushed her teeth, but not her tongue. When she was talking to her sisters, they smelled her breath and made fun of how bad it still smelled.

They made fun of her and told her she needed to brush her tongue, too. She went back and did it, and she's been doing it ever since. Even after a long time, they still made fun of her and called her names like “stank breath” and other mean things. If they smelled something bad, they would say, “It's probably her breath,” and then laugh.

This hurt her a lot, and even though she brushes her teeth and tongue twice a day now, she still lives in fear of having bad breath, so she's always chewing gum or carrying a breath mint.

Now the problem is, she doesn't want to give her boyfriend that same fear or embarrass him. They’ve talked about it slightly but from his perspective. She however wants him to brush his tongue not just because it’s healthy. But in truth, more out of concern for the bad breath. He told her he would start brushing his tongue every time he flossed.

She agreed and was happy that he was willing to change. But that is only half of the problem though. The other half is that she doesn’t know how to tell him that his breath smells bad and he should brush in the mornings too as well as at night like he currently does.

She’s trying not to be mean and shame him but she finds herself avoiding him in the morning when he gets out of bed and starts his day with morning breath. It is not a pleasant smell and she wants him to know without hurting or embarrassing him.

So, she took the blunt route that people recommended. She was really nervous about embarrassing him but she sat him down and told him that he knows she loves him to death and that I wasn’t trying to hurt or embarrass him, but she needed to tell him this one thing.

She told him about her past embarrassing experiences with her bad breath and how she was shamed for it and still lives in fear of having bad breath. She explained that she was reluctant to tell him because she didn’t want to cause the same fear in him, but it was something that was negatively affecting her.

She told him that his breath is often off-putting and smells unsettling, which makes her not want to be as affectionate with him, and he took it fine. He said he understood and hugged her, saying he was happy that she even brought it up. He said he appreciated her honesty and will begin brushing in the mornings too.

He asked if it was ok for him to ask her for breath checks to let him know if his efforts are working. If it doesn’t work, he said we will figure it out, but overall he was just happy that she had the courage to communicate that with him.

The fact that he was so sweet about it all made her feel so bad that she started to cry. Amidst the tears, she told him that she hated that she had to tell him that, but she loved him and wanted to be open and honest. He reassured her that it was completely fine.

He went and brushed his teeth, came back, and let her smell it (it smelled WAY better!). All in all, it was a pretty good turnout!

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